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eHeziRead The Westchester Guardian – March 7, 2013 Edition

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  1. Here we go again with the single minded pension attack.
    To hell with the pensions, that is cover fire for all the other problems our leaders dont want to talk about because they cause most of it.
    Balance the budget, cut cops, fireman,sanitation,teachers and maybe some people will wake up to the DEALS that cost us and we gain nothing from. Watch and see how many political/redundant jobs go away, how many ida deals are revoked.
    Get a control board in, but first fire all the people who are supposed to be doing what the control board will take over and roll that into the budget.
    But first, get somebody with the leadership to balance the budget,that what they are supposed to do.Sound silly, just as silly as a control board or bankruptcy.
    Just balance the budget.

    What a roller coaster ride for the men and woman of the Fourth Police Precinct this week. One of the finest Yonkers Police Department’s Commissioners recognized the fact that Captain John Mueller’s boyish smile was just not enough to accomplish the goals of the City, and the department. It was evident that Mueller was pushing his own hidden agenda, and conspiring with his disgraceful friend, P.B.A. President Keith Olson, but that agenda was not cutting it with the department heads.
    Knowing the Commissioner’s unblemished, and unprecedented leadership skills exhibited throughout his entire career, moves were necessary for the good of the department. Reports were that Mueller was constantly over budget, and his summonses were in line with Keith Olson’s shadow job action in which the personnel were purportedly told not to issue summons that would benefit the City. There were also reports that the Captain requested his men and women to contribute to the purchase of a barbecue grill, and requested for certain work orders to be performed within the precinct claiming to the men and woman that it was P.B.A. President Olson that got it done.
    If that were not enough for the transfer, Mueller’s uncanny behavior in the precinct was very noticeable. On occasion, he was spotted washing dishes, cleaning floors, and sitting with the men and woman on all tour, and holidays, attempting to gain their confidence for his own insecurities. He purposely would attend high level meetings dressed in a patrols officer dress shirt, instead of the required Captains’ attire. He also would not attend police ceremonies, or promotions to clearly demonstrate his arrogance toward his superiors. I think any reasonable person would say that his behavior was unusual to say the least.
    So it was clear, that a transfer was necessary for the sake of the precinct, and the community. However, he and Olson did not take the news well, and they acted in concert with each other, and told every deceitful lie they could conjure up to the community, as well as politicians to get a temporary stay of the transfer. A stay that if scrutinized is clearly necessary for the city. The politicians, and the citizens, as well as the members of the P.B.A. will be better served without the despicable behavior of Mueller and Olson. The city and the community were short changed. What they have now is a precinct full of relatively new police officers being cultivated, misled, and lied to every day by these unscrupulous persons.
    Blue Truth

  3. with a control board or a bankruptcy contracts will
    be reopened and provisions which are void as against
    public policy like the provisions allowing
    overtime to be counted toward retirement will be
    negated..there may even be clawback if a federal
    master is involved…but in any event what will
    happen is that money will be spent properly and
    pensions will be made affordable

  4. I have been listening to this management ploy for 30 years. It is a propaganda campaign to scare the working men and woman to feel blessed that they have a job, while the greedy bastards in city haul get raises. ALL unions big and small Stick together and force the city to show you how the teachers got a raise with such a deficit and they want you to give back. Maybe just maybe the control board is the answer to see where the money trail leads.

  5. Its impossible that Yonkers is in the hole. 3 commissioners got raises,most of whom don’t even live here, right Sue, more incompetant people at city hall than ever, Poorazio got a raise, the teachers got raises, the mayor wasted millions with the FD, real estate taxes are being manipulated by friends of the mayor and he knows all about it but does nothing. How could we possibly be in a hole!!

  6. How does anyone believe these idiots. I wonder if these officials have ever balanced a checkbook. The state will be a welcome oversight.

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