Statement From Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins

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details emerge it is clear that the current minimum wage proposal has some
serious issues. While increasing the minimum wage to $9.00 is something that
the Senate Democrats have long supported, we are disappointed that the current
proposal doesn't reach this level for three years, is not indexed to the rate
of inflation and does not raise the wages of certain service workers. The
Governor and the Assembly all originally proposed acceptable proposals,
unfortunately the Senate Republicans have blocked these efforts. We  propose removing this discussion from the
budget and we stand ready to provide 27 votes for raising the minimum wage
quicker, with indexing and for all low wage workers.”

eHeziStatement From Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins

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  1. Everything is going to be alright.
    The Scarf is now going to play Symra Brandon as her next card up at Westchester County……or maybe even Yonkers again.
    Just recycle these hacks from one position to another.

  2. well , we will be hearing from the ” senate democratic conference leader ” more often now that she has risen to such lofty heights. whats the next announcement , that you are traveling on a fact finding mission around the world , on our dollar? she has learned a lesson , from that great legislator , Nita lowey, always show a smily face…
    and the people will love you.

  3. Wow! Great job Scarf Lady!
    The sad thing is you actually believe in the shit you try to force down our throats!
    You propose more and more bullshit everyday!
    What a Pandering Pussy.

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