BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Lesnick Squanders Ethics for Job Opportunity By HEZI ARIS

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LOWEY_NitaWHITE PLAINS, NY and YONKERS, NY – April 22, 2013 — Politician
have traded and bartered favor among one another for gain for years. Wednesday,
April 24, 2013 is the venue for upcoming intrigue. The slight of hand is
supposed to be quick, so quick in fact, that none are supposed to know what is
up. No such luck with the Yonkers Tribune
prowling the corridors of intrigue and voyeuristically opening the doors to the
political orgy consummated within that backroom. Who do we find? Femme fatale Congresswoman
Nita Lowey and term-limited Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick.

guttural expression of "sweet nothings" is overheard upon Mr Lesnick agreeing to
Congresswoman Lowey’s desire. She wants present New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson
to be the standard bearer of the Westchester County Democratic Committee for Westchester County Executive over Mssrs Jenkins and County Legislator Bill Ryan. Mr
Lesnick often sporting a flaccid spine discovered the joy of serving a woman
who gets what she wants has agreed to do his best to deliver Mr Bramson 50 percent plus one on the first vote. 

Mr Lesnick has been quick to drop his so-called political
ally, Westchester County Board Chairman Ken Jenkins, for a political lifeline
from his political “sugar mommy”. Mr Lesnick has no shame. One must admit every
man will submit to the demands and desires of a powerful woman. To submit to
her and to satisfy his one want and need to maintain his political viability is

Alas, the schism and subsequent Jewish – Black divide is as
embarrassing as it is denigrating and bigoted in demeanor and intent.

At issue now is who will call this scam /scheme for what it

eHeziBREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Lesnick Squanders Ethics for Job Opportunity By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Cannot stomach the BS, you were saying? Astorino took away civil service(tested for) jobs while giving raises to his amin. and taking on more(appoined postions). Thats the ones where you are a friend and dont need any credentials and DO NOT have to vie against your fellow citizens for the job.
    As for Nita up to her old tricks, circle gets the square sir you are correct. No way else it happened. Federal monies go a long way to a certain locality soon.

  2. Ironically it was the 20% of Mt. Vernon – mostly African American that put Noam over the top. Over 90% of Yonkers voted for the home town guy even though more than half were not African American. The convention is over and all are pledged to work together.

  3. Wow what a load of crap from most of you. True Hezi is playing games as always and loves to drive wedges and create controversies. It is good for his business, but bad for everyone else.
    However, Ken Jenkins is no friend of anyone but himself. Just look at his record on the County Legislature. HE causes turmoil reflexively to damage Astorino, the public be dammed. He wants to be County Executive, or when he is thrown out this week, Yonkers Council President. This behavior does not speak well of a person who “cares’ about groups different from him, whether Jewish groups or others.
    There is no way I would consider him pro-Israel or anything else. He is pro-Ken.
    As far as Lesnick is concerned, his comments above are disreputable. He has spent the last 7.25 years playing politics to the detriment of Yonkers, and has damaged us for years to come. Bees, chicken crap, taking parking for bicycles and more speaks to a mind that is only concerned about his legacy, and he could give a rats you know what for us. His comments above are disingenuous at best, and lies at the worst.
    To throw up (literally) the schism between the two communities (and unfortunately in some areas it most certainly exists) does nothing but makes matters worse. What we really need are hacks like Jenkins and Lesnick to go away forever on Jan 1, 2014.

  4. Hezi’s column regarding Congresswoman Nita Lowey and Chuck Lesnick and the contest for Westchester County Executive is untrue on many levels and troubling on other levels. He tries to drive a wedge between the African-American and Jewish communities that does not exist. Our communities were partners in the civil rights movement starting in the 1950’s and until today we are strongest when that bond is unbroken.
    Ken Jenkins has been a friend to the Jewish community, has traveled to Israel and has supported policies supported by the Jewish community. He has many Jewish supporters including Richard Brodsky and Shelley Mayer. Noam Bramson has been a friend to the African American community, has traveled to Africa and has supported policies supported by the African American community. He has many African American supporters including Jared Rice and Steve Horton. Even Bill Ryan has Jewish supporters like Marty Rogowsky and African American supporters like Ben Boykin. Congresswoman Lowey has directed foreign aid throughout Africa and Israel and has also devoted a career to domestic anti-poverty programs that have helped both communities immeasurably. Lesnick has also supported all efforts to improve education, provide fair and affordable housing and end discrimination and has enjoyed support from the African American community each time he runs.
    The convention will be decided upon many factors and to their credit the three candidates have all pledged to work together. Lets move beyond the superficial and all work for the betterment of the county and victory in November.

  5. When Ken the Clown gets his walking papers from the County Dems, he will come RACING down to Yonkers to announce his candidacy for Chuck’s seat.
    Why do you think the timing of certain events have been changed from their normal time slots?
    Let’s replace one bag of excrement with another.

  6. Not a problem if a Jewish elected official supports a Jewish candidate. But, do it publicly so that all of your supporters know where you stand. And it is not appropriate if she gets elected with support of all and yet uses her position to secretly always support Jewish candidates v Non Jewish candidates.

  7. Shut up Chuck! You are a pandering pussy! I can’t wait for you to be history! You and your ego have done way too much damage to this city! Why don’t you start a chicken and bee farm or something!
    Hey Pimple Head, I hear there is free food at next announcement! Why don’t you go down there and stuff your face like you have always done!
    My joy and elation of you leaving has now been overshadowed by the announcement of that little Red Headed Weasel who wants to try to take your seat.
    This city needs new blood, not the same old hacks such as yourself! I can’t wait to see what parting shots you have in store for this city as you are being dragged out of Shitty Haul kicking and screaming like a little girl.
    You suck!

  8. The comments posted today on the Yonkers Tribune by Hezi Aris are based solely on his opinion and conjecture.
    Throughout my career, I have worked tirelessly as an advocate for all people and am proud of the relationships I have fostered between the diverse communities of Yonkers, New York State and during my tenure with the federal government. It is a record validated by legislation and action over the course of some 25 years in government and my law practice.
    I am insulted and outraged by Mr. Aris’ allegations that I have somehow created a divide between the African-American and Jewish communities in the race for the democratic nomination for county executive. It is shameful and completely untrue. I ask that Mr. Aris retract his story and apologize to me immediately.
    -Chuck Lesnick, Council President

  9. So if Jenkins gets the nomination for County Executive, Janet DiFiore the nomination for District Attorney, and Tim Iodoni the nomination for County Clerk, they can bill themselves as the “MOD SQUAD”….one white, one black, one blonde………………

  10. Hezi
    Why did you call refer to Nita Lowey as the “Femme Fatale?” That seems totally inappropriate to me.
    Why is Chuck Lesnick squandering his ethics? Isn’t it possible that he thinks Bramson might be a better County Executive?
    It was just a short time ago that you played up the fact that Jenkins did not live in his district. Isn’t it possible that Lesnick and other Democrats remember this and don’t feel any necessity to back a candidate who has always put his own interests first, second and third?
    I am very surprised to read such unsubstantiated and amnestic reporting by you.

  11. When an african american candidate tries to bring out his base by talking about the historic opportunity to elect an african american candidate that is OK. But when a jewish official supports another one that is not kosher? Why?

  12. Nita Lowey is a sneak. She takes support from ethnic people but backs Jewish over non jewish candidates. She does it on the sly thinking that no one will figure it out but it is rather obvious. She even crossed party lines and supported Mike Bloomberg in the last election. How is that possible? Arrogance.

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