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Spano_nick22YONKERS, NY — Former NYS Senator Nick Spano is home. He was released from jail today and will serve the balance of his prison sentence confined to his residence which ends on May 22, 2013. Welcome home!


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  1. to clarify it was ment for the commish before kielb. kielb is an polock not a goombah .I don’t know what Vinnie your talking about but their was a Vinnie and she was somebodys goomada reputed alleged close to this story

  2. I can see that all the anti Spano posters are really coming out…..Nick is a good man who has done alot for Yonkers and Vinnie was there before Mike got into office so get your facts straight…….the only reason you bash them is because you either lost an election or did not get the job you wanted… can also get a 100k job take a test you fool…….

  3. he aint as dumb as you think he managed to weasel himself into the hundred thousand dollar club with out ever taking a promotional test . courtesy of his goombahs.and if you were his BUDDY he would let you play the system for a couple of build ups aint that right captain asshole?

  4. I agree also don’t forget the previous Fire commish was as dumb as a rock. It could only happen in Yonkers home of the crooks.

  5. Vincent Spano needs a lot more then 4 votes to get the ok to be City Clerk!!! He needs to start by getting a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, which he DOES NOT have, then he may want to work some overtime covering up all his lies and all his dirty dealings, how is it possible that our acting city clerk does not have a high school education, and why does HEZY refuse to address the issue!!! show us the diploma! bad enough we have a deputy Mayor that lives upstate! now a clerk that can’t read or write!!!

  6. it’s hard to believe this is breaking news
    Yonkers is in a state of ruin.
    a felon comes home and this is news!
    why don’t we think about presenting a fucking budget that works as breaking news
    this is one sick city

  7. Great news?
    Bend over taxpayers, here it comes………..
    Saint Nick will be burning up many “throw away” cell phones planning many pocket lining deals with his “developer buddies” at the taxpayers’ expense!!!!
    I absolutely guarantee it!
    Ladies and gentleman, the “Don” is back.
    Why do you think there is an unbelievable push to get that lying lawyer scumbag Liam into the City Council Presidents seat?
    Can you say “green light” for anything the Spano’s want to do?
    I knew you could.
    Now, go back to sleep “sheeple” the Spano’s have everything under control!

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