BREAKING NEWS: Westchester County D.A. DiFiore Resigns JCOPE Chair By HEZI ARIS

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DiFiore_Janet - blue jacketALBANY, NY and YONKERS, NY — April 22, 2013
New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo tis afternoon announced
that Joint Commission on Public Ethics Chairwoman Janet DiFiore had stepped
down. Gov. Cuomo appointed New York City attorney Daniel Horwitz to succeed
DiFiore. Horwitz has served as a member of the JCOPE board since its formation
in December 2011.

The suggestion by other media that she resigned, in order to
more fully devote time to her re-election effort for another term, as
Westchester County District Attorney is a ruse. Only days ago she held a
private fundraising effort among a few select and elite supporters, but that
too cannot deflect from the allegations that have for too long swirled about
her. DiFiore’s ethical standards came into question when it was alleged that
DiFiore influenced the Department of Social Services Commissioner Kevin McGuire
to taking a fourth look at affording her live-in housekeeper, Marina Buchanan
receiving good stamps, cash assistance, and Medicaid benefits for which DiFiore
is alleged to have suggested Ms Buchanan was entitled to receive. Westchester
D.A. DiFiore was at first dismissive of the claims hurled against her
reputation by Dhyalma Vazquez, a county anti-fraud investigator, which DiFiore
asserted was a vindictive act by a person with an axe to grind against her. Further
complicating the scenario described above is that taxes were alleged not tohave
been paid with regard to Ms Buchanan’s employment.

Yonkers Tribune has heard that federal
authorities began an investigation of DiFiore upon learning of the allegations
first revealed by the New York Post
in an article written by Chuck Bennett on May 29, 2012. Gov. Cuomo today said, “For the past 16 months, Chair DiFiore
has shown real dedication and commitment in her leadership of the Joint
Commission on Public Ethics. I am deeply grateful for her service and am
confident that under Chair Horwitz, this commission will continue to hold our
public officials accountable to the state’s ethics standards and help give New
the government they deserve.”

DiFiore issued a statement extolling her time on the 14-member
board: “It has been a privilege and an honor to serve the people of the State
of New York as chair of JCOPE. I am grateful to Governor Cuomo for the
opportunity to serve and for the leadership he has demonstrated in the area of
ethics reform.”


eHeziBREAKING NEWS: Westchester County D.A. DiFiore Resigns JCOPE Chair By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Dhyalma Vazquez and her smear squad are at it again. When you simply spout utter nonsense again, again, and again, people begin to wonder if you need a check-up from the neck-up.
    Our DA Janet DiFiore is firmly rooted in truth and justice. Vazquez is not.

  2. Sounds like Sammy boy is trying to discredit our DA once again. This guy hasn’t figured it out yet. I suppose the profoundly ignorant just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Sam get a life.

  3. Janet DiFiore is probably the best DA that Westchester has ever had. Blowing smoke will be seen for what it is and no false blips on the screen (created by folks with an agenda) will alter the focus of one smart, ethical, and fair District Attorney. Janet DiFiore deserves another term as our DA. She has my vote.

  4. ms difiore is assuredly not under federal investigation and in fact the only issue is whether
    or not the maid was entitled to receive benefits and
    the answer to that question is YES…so whether or not difiore called anyone is irrelevant…what is more relevant is the fact that the maid’s private
    information was leaked by someone working in the DSS
    which is clearly a violation of ethics

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