Dr. Jim Bostic’s Book Signing: “Daily Words of Encouragement To Live By” – April 19, 2013

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BOSTIC-Daily Words ofEncouragement to Live By
Bostic_Dr. Jim"I am honored to say
there have been a lot of requests for copies of my new book, 'Daily Words
of Encouragement To Live By'. Therefore, at the request of friends and colleagues,
I have decided to have another Book Signing Event, Friday evening, April 19th,
at 7:30pm, at the Nepperhan Community Center, 342 Warburton Avenue, in Yonkers.
Please join me on that evening; I'd love to share my book with you,” Dr. Jim
Bostic said.

eHeziDr. Jim Bostic’s Book Signing: “Daily Words of Encouragement To Live By” – April 19, 2013

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  1. you have to wonder why… why so many haters? and no one steps up to the plate to take leadership in helping the youngsters in our community… Thank you Dr. Bostic for being courageous, and determined to help our young people despite the people who hate themselves aka haters.

  2. He got his degree from some business with an LLC, not a real college. What school do you know who brings the degree to you? None! It’s worth nothing.

  3. Jim Bostic is for drug dealers in his community. He tells the drug dealers to run to the commuinty center to be safe when the police move in on them.

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