NCC Executive Director Bostic Refuses to Pay Staff By HEZI ARIS

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Bostic_Dr. JimThe March 8th and 22nd checks bounced; the April 8th check was not disbursed. The Yonkers Tribune gave notice of Rev. Dr. Jim Bostic’s yearly modus operandi of NOT paying the staff that
work by gipping them out of their bi-monthly check payments toward the end of
the school year. On April 5th, in the article: [ EXCLUSIVE BREAKING
NEWS: Nepperhan Community Center Executive Director Dr. Bostic Busted Again
Amid Community and Government Silence By HEZI ARIS
,  notice to his continuing legacy of subterfuge was revealed. Within days
of the Yonkers Tribune exposing his conduct, Bostic covered the checks that had
bounced. He also advised the people attending the meeting he called, that of
Friday, April 12, 2013, “here and now,” Bostic asserted, “you will get your
money on Friday. Alas, Friday, April 12th came and went, no one got paid
for those two weeks. Earlier this week, Bostic advised that no one should
expect to get paid for the days that are due to have been paid for on April 5th.
People are owed for services rendered to the Nepperhan Community Center. They are
not being paid. Where did the money go? It does seem as though Bostic is
deflected from righting the financial crisis he caused at NCC. Instead of
dealing with the fiduciary responsibility he has to pay the NCC employees that
do the work, as opposed to the “friends and family” no shows, vis-à-vis the
money entrusted by grantors to benefit the Nepperhan Community Center. It does
seem as though Bostic has forgotten that the grant money directed to NCC is for
the community’s benefit and not for his growing patronage mill of no shows.

Pastor James Hassel, who drives a luxury Jaguar sedan gets paid
by NCC, despite not rendering any service(s) for the benefit of the Nepperhan
Community Center.  Does Pastor Hassel
also get paid to be a spokesman / advocate for Ron Shemesh’s Glenwood Power
Station – Trevor Park Development Project? It is interesting to note that
Bostic is also a spokesman / advocate for the project. Is Bostic getting paid? 

While Councilman Johnson (D-1st District) is immersed in Shemesh’s Glenwood Power
Station / Trevor Park Development Project, Johnson pretends to be defending the
community’s interest while instead, he pushes the Glenwood Power Station –
Trevor Park Development by working with Mayor Spano’s City Hall, yet keeping
all but a select few in the community aware of all the aspects and
ramifications of the development.

Yonkers City Hall funds NCC to some respect; if Bostic is
incapable of managing the money NCC receives to benefit the community interests,
despite having the latest software to make the planning of what he needs and
how many people he can hire based on the grants NCC receives, he must be
curtailed by Yonkers City Hall.

eHeziNCC Executive Director Bostic Refuses to Pay Staff By HEZI ARIS

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  1. who sits, and reads this garbage? character assassination at best. I thought media was for respectable publication

  2. Dr.?
    Dr. of what?
    He must of got his credentials they way Obama got his citizenship (sarc.)
    This clown is right up there with the Rev(s) Sharpton and Jackson.
    Anyone else see a pattern here?

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