Westchester Legislators Chairman Jenkins Proposes Site Swap at Austin Avenue for Ferncliff

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Jenkins_Ken4White Plains, NY – April 26, 2013 —  Westchester County Board of Legislators
Chairman Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers) today proposed for  the County to swap properties at Austin Avenue
in Yonkers with the Morris Group, the developer, in order to provide a future
home for the developmentally disabled residents of Ferncliff Manor.

proposal by Jenkins comes after a decision earlier this month by the New York
State Office of Children & Family Services
to not allow Ferncliff Manor to
build its future residence at the former WestHELP site in Greenburgh, which is
owned by the County, and where there are 108 units of housing, empty for the
past 18 months, that formerly served homeless and low-income residents.

Board of Legislators has been active all along in helping Ferncliff Manor find
a suitable piece of property on which to build, and my proposal further
underscores the commitment we made to help this worthy organization,” said
Jenkins. “If everything works out, there is no reason why Ferncliff cannot have
shovels in the ground this year.”

property that Jenkins is proposing for the swap, owned by Morrsi Group, is off
Sprain Road in Yonkers and comprised of eleven acres of undeveloped land in a
residential area, where the topography of the property includes a natural berm
rising up from Austin Avenue. The developer already has the necessary
connections to water and sewer service for the property, and has worked with
Ferncliff in the past, Jenkins noted.

per Jenkins’ proposal, the developer would receive a similar-sized property
owned by Westchester County, also on Austin Avenue, a portion which was
previously offered to Ferncliff. This swap is estimated to bring $10 million
dollars of revenue to Westchester County and Yonkers. In addition, the
developer would guarantee to build and maintain a park. 

advantage of this site swap, said Jenkins, would be lowering of the height of
the proposed retail development for the property, which will please the owners
of nearby residences.

“This will be big win all around—for Yonkers and
Westchester, and especially for the children being served by Ferncliff,”
remarked Jenkins. “It also offers the residents of the area around the property
a good deal of comfort knowing that their homes would not be adversely affected
by future development of the land.”


eHeziWestchester Legislators Chairman Jenkins Proposes Site Swap at Austin Avenue for Ferncliff

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  1. At face value, this fluff piece reads well, however, it was written with BROAD STROKES in order for Ken Jenkins to gain favor. What remains to be seen is if Ken decides to take a run for Lesnick’s seat. If not, then why is he putting this piece out? He is a Lame Duck at best! This question should be asked of ANY politician over any “hot issue”, and boy oh boy, Austin Avenue is a very HOT ISSUE!
    There is much more than meets the eye on Austin Avenue and there have been many power moves by DelBello and the Spano(s). Nick was the one that lead Ferncliff away (and astray) up to Westhab.
    That did not work out all that well for Ferncliff.
    The neighborhood and Ferncliff have been existing peacefully for many years. They have been, and still are, good neighbors. As a matter of fact, a meeting was held by Ferncliff’s owners a few years ago and practically all the home owners in the immediate area showed up. It was a pleasant meeting and all of the homeowners supported Ferncliff’s development proposal on the Austin Avenue Site.
    Enter Nick Spano and Al DelBello! Everything went south real fast because of those two. Now, Ferncliff is no where closer to realizing their dreams and presently, they now have some lobbying issues to straighten out with the federal government. Thanks Nick, Thanks Al.
    The real victims here are the special needs children that reside in Ferncliff. It would break your heart to see those beautiful children that are virtually helpless, and what they are living in. The facility is old and the owners/employees are working tirelessly trying to maintain and upkeep these structures. But that does not stop people like Nick Spano and Al DelBello. They are motivated by greed, and greed alone.
    Ken: “If everything works out, there is no reason why Ferncliff cannot have shovels in the ground this year.”
    This is a pipe dream Ken! Part of Austin Avenue is a “DUMP”! Literally, it was used by Yonkers as a dump. This dump has been capped by several feet of dirt that came from Ridge Hill (this was another scam perpetrated by our city officials against the taxpayers, but that is another story for yet another time. I will stay on point.)
    This dump has many toxic chemicals deep in the ground. This dump was on fire for months at a time! Seriously! The fire department used to leave a pumper truck there for weeks at a time trying to extinguish the fire deep in the ground!
    Residents surrounding this “brown field” (PC terminology real estate agents use describing this residential area) have died from cancer, and quite a few have cancer as I type this. Ferncliff has a major concern over this fact (as would you or I.)
    Not all of this land is a dump, therefore, Ferncliff can build a nice complex for their children without having to break the bank on site preperations.
    I wish Ferncliff well but it is going to be a David and Goliath type of fight. You see, Target wants to throw a 180,000 square foot “super Store” on this site. They had gross sales of over 73-BILLION dollars last year.
    That’s a lot of money.
    Folks, “follow the money” and you will see the “true motives” from our “leaders!”
    Get involved and “push back” on these issues. There is so much about this site that they are NOT telling you.

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