Health Care – Pain In The Posterior By Dr. GLENN MOLLETTE

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MOLLETTE_GlennMy mother used to take me to see Doc Ford in Inez,
. He would give me a shot in my sitting place. It hurt. He would then
give my mother a package of pills, charge her a couple of dollars and send us
out the door.

Today health
care continues to be painful. Yes, you know where and everywhere else.

It is no fun to be without health care insurance. My first wife died from
multiple sclerosis. We battled the disease for 12 years.

Some people live a very functional life with MS while others have
progressive MS. She had progressive MS.

After teaching school for many years and taking leave, the system found a
way to eliminate her health care insurance. This was during a time that her
medications were a minimum of $1,200 to $1,500 per month. My job at the time
paid a total of about $35,000. While my two young sons and I could buy health
care insurance, we could find no one to insure her.

The financial toll was staggering. We were eventually able to work with
Medicare via Social Security Disability and we were able to survive. Yet, we
experienced the pressures and distress from the weight of lots of medical
bills. We were willing to pay for health care insurance by whatever means it
would take to scrape together the premium. However, no insurer would take on
someone diagnosed with MS.

Health care insurance should be available to everyone who wants to buy
it. The government should never mandate that anyone "must" buy it.
Where is the liberty in that? However, we live in a day where you will be
financially devastated without health care insurance. Therefore health care
insurance needs to become competitive. 

We should be able to cross state lines to buy insurance. Someone in
Florida should be able to buy in California or someone in Indiana should be
able to buy in Texas. New insurance companies must be encouraged to grow and
develop. Can you imagine our country with only one health care insurance
company? The premiums are already staggering. The fewer insurance companies we
have, the higher our medical costs.

Can you imagine our country with only federal insurance? We will sit in
doctors' offices for hours. We will wait for weeks and maybe months while
bureaucrats make a determination. Taxes to cover such federal insurance will
only increase to pay for less and less coverage.

As Americans we must have the freedom and liberty to choose. In most
cases the only reason any American would choose not to have health care
insurance is because of outrageous costs.

We must lower the cost of insurance and medical care. Competition on all
sides of the spectrum is imperative.

Our government must guarantee that what is taken from taxpayers to pay
for Medicare and Medicaid is not raided for other purposes.

All Americans should be eligible for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and
any government-imposed barriers should be eliminated.

Government must provide tax credits and deductions for all medical

Government should eliminate the employee's portion of payroll taxes if
diagnosed with a terminal illness. If a spouse is a caregiver to a spouse or
child with a terminal illness also eliminate the spouse's portion of payroll
taxes. This would allow the family to retain a little extra money that would help
pay for needed health care.

Government has a bad track record with how it has handled the U.S. Post Office,
Social Security and Medicare. We can keep Social Security and Medicare. All
citizens have the right to provide for their own long-term health care
insurance. One problem we get into with Medicare is the government making
decisions about whether or not you will be allowed to have a particular
surgery. When you become a certain age it may be determined that you are too
old to have a certain medical surgery. Therefore the government will choose to
just let you die. 

Medical decisions need to be made between the patient and the doctor
without the dictates of the government. If medical attention is necessary, it
should never be the decision of a government worker in a state or federal
office to decide if it's okay or not based on cost. This must be decided
between the patient and the doctor, not the government. 

Medicaid should exist for those who cannot take care of themselves. If
someone is truly medically disabled from doing any kind of work then it's
appropriate, as a society, that we help. Medicaid should not be given out carte
blanche to people who are able to do something for a living. While you may no
longer be able to do one type of job there are often other kinds of jobs that
an individual can do. The invalids of our society should never be turned away
and refused medical attention.

Finding cures – We must work to find cures for diabetes, cancer,
Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, eye diseases and more. Can you imagine the
savings on health care when a cure for cancer is discovered? Our government
should invest money into finding cures for diseases such as cancer,
neurological diseases and others. This would be money wisely spent.

Socialized Medicine is a bad idea. This will entail taking too
long to receive treatment. Doctors have to play the insurance game and hope to
gain approval before they treat a patient. We must keep government out of the
doctor's offices and fight for the patient/doctor decision about treatment and

Health care doesn't have to be painful all the way around.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is
the author of “American Issues: Every American Has An Opinion”, and nine other
books. He grew up in Martin County, Kentucky, and was a child 1964
when President Lyndon B. Johnson visited the county
seat of Inez to begin his campaign on poverty.  You can hear Dr. Glenn
Mollette each Sunday night on XM Radio on channel 131 at 8:00 p.m. EST.
Find him on Facebook and direct email to



eHeziHealth Care – Pain In The Posterior By Dr. GLENN MOLLETTE

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