Senator Latimer Passes Bill to Increase Accountability in State Agencies

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–  On
the afternoon of Wednesday, June 12, 2013, the New York State Senate passed a
bill sponsored by Senator George Latimer that would require State agencies to
furnish the legislature and governor any strategic plans or performance reports
prepared during the prior fiscal year

Latimer says the bill would add another mechanism for
holding agencies accountable, 'Implementing performance indicators facilitates
better discussion among legislators, the public, and agencies about what is
working and what is not regarding state programs and policies,' Latimer advised.     

The legislation, should it be signed into law, would
require the head of each State agency to release any strategic plans and
performance reports annually by October 15th. 

Latimer noted, 'Performance measurement can provide
useful information about how well services are provided, whether targets are
being met, and generally assist in the examination and modification of agency

The bill passed the Senate with overwhelming bipartisan
support, which Latimer attributed to the current climate in Albany.  'The
recent scandals coming out of Albany have painted many of us with the same
brush and shown the public that the culture of self interest is unfortunately
alive and well.  It's incumbent upon us, in all political parties, to do
our best to make sure that the taxpayers know that we are here with their
interests in mind.  The bill we passed today is a helpful step towards
showing New Yorkers that the government is functioning and that we will not let
the bad actors among us derail our progress.'  

eHeziSenator Latimer Passes Bill to Increase Accountability in State Agencies

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