BLUE TRUTH: A Trio’s Demise Exacerbated by Their Questionable Conduct By HEZI ARIS

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IMCob-SurveillanceYonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Keith Olson,
Detective Sergeant Brian Moran, and Fourth Precinct Captain John Mueller are no
strangers to controversy. Each has individually and collectively fixated over many
years in controlling the Yonkers Police Department as they envision it. The
three are longtime friends having allegedly engaged in unsavory conduct that
had them insinuate themselves into gaining information to which they should not
have had access. Even so, it seems that each had allegedly engaged in conduct
that would violate the rights and protections afforded every person under law. Driven
by a lust to control the system from within, seemingly undeterred by protocol,
ethical standards, privacy rights, or their respective station within the
Yonkers Police Department (YPD) hierarchy, they would come to allegedly target
political adversaries, Yonkers PBA union members, and members of the Captains,
Lieutenants, Sergeants Association (CLSA).

PBA President Keith Olson began his police career in the
Fourth Precinct as a Patrol Officer in the mid-nineties with his two friends
and alleged accomplices: Detective Brian Moran, and present Captain John
Mueller. From the onset, Olson questioned the conduct of precinct supervisors.
This was Olson’s way of shirking and escaping his responsibilities as a Patrol
Officer. Keith Olson’s days as a Patrol Officer are rumored to have been spent
playing video games with a former partner rather than actually answering radio
calls. Their alleged conduct would thereby cause responsibility to fall unto
the backs of the other patrolling sector cars. Patrol Officer Olson also worked
in the Housing Unit with his friend Brian Moran, where they would come to be infamously
branded, the “red ants” by the housing supervisors. “Red ants” refer to people
who expend all their time and energy on challenging every initiative, policy, among
other concerns, as set forth by their supervisors.   

That persona led Keith Olson into the realm of union activity.
Olson was quick to aggressively insinuate himself into situations that defeated
his perceived opponents by strong-arming colleagues whose demeanor was less
confrontational than his own. Supervisors would come to overlook policies and
procedures they had in place in order to placate the passive / aggressive belligerency
of Keith Olson. The kindness shown to Olson by his supervisors, meant to
ameliorate any bad feelings among YPD personnel, was judged to exhibit weakness
by Olson.  Unbeknown to supervisory
personnel, their appeasement of Olson would not earn his respect; instead, it
would come to fuel Olson’s disdain for them. Olson’s insecurity consumed him. No
matter his obsession, Olson would lose his way to the top because he created a
paper trail of his own, alleged, wrong-doings; the fodder for Olson’s self
doubt and loathing distilled deep-rooted insecurity within him; disdain for
supervisors, perhaps because he could not fill their shoes or because he was
inept at scoring high enough on supervisory exam.

Olson would, like a chrysalis, be transformed into what many
have described him to be, that is, an introverted and arrogant person whose
misinterpretation of the purpose and well-meaning directives of his supervisors
for the sake of YPD decorum and for his benefit was misconstrued by him
instead. His lack of self-respect and self-doubt early on in his career is
unlikely to now change course. Olson would carry both his attributes and
demerits to his growing leadership role as a union leader. He was adept at
bullying and instilling fear among the PBA membership to gain the votes to
acceded to the position of president of the Yonkers PBA.

That persona has caught up with Olson of late. He finds himself
shadowed by controversy within the department over allegations of his allegedly
targeting his union membership, and non-PBA members; over allegations of
conducting unauthorized investigations, obtaining and copying police files,
searching police personnel work space, and offices; using his close friends to
set discipline notices, and even to allegedly sending text messages interpreted
by many to have overtones of veiled threats to the membership of the PBA and

Olson’s conduct was almost totally overlooked by former Yonkers
Police Commissioner (PC) Edmund Hartnett under former Mayor Phil Amicone’s Administration.
The passage of time would come to eclipse the issues for just so long. They are
coming to light in recent months falling into the lap of Mayor Mike Spano’s
appointment some 19 months ago, that of Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner.
Olson is currently being dogged by a series of Internal Affairs Investigations.

Olson has few supervisory friends in the CLSA Union. Det.
Sgt. Brian Moran seems to have flourished under the allegedly injudicious conduct
and decisions espoused and promoted by Olson. 
Brian Moran came to the YPD after a year with NYPD. He was stationed in
the Fourth Precinct. He would come to be quickly influenced by Olson. The duo
consistently challenged the methodology and protocol of the Yonkers Police Department’s
structure and style.  Moran was less open
about his comments and ideology but clearly contributed and fed into Olson’s
backroom precinct politics. Moran would come to join Olson into the Housing
Unit, becoming a boss’s nightmare. During the entire time they were in the
Housing Unit they engaged in complaining, and labeling the housing supervisors
as incompetent leaders. After the Housing Unit detail, Moran would go to work
in the Special Investigation Unit. He used his time there to study, and was
promoted to sergeant. When Moran became sergeant, he was transferred to the Second
Precinct, where he complained about working in uniform after two months, and
used his connection with the Rooney family, who own Yonkers Raceway, to exert
pressure on the city to push him into the position of Detective Sergeant of the
Narcotics Unit under former PC Edmund Hartnett. Moran eventually went on to
Special Investigation under then Lieutenant John Mueller after the trio
conspired to get rid of an existing Det. Sgt. already assigned to the Intel
Unit (Intelligence Unit). That sergeant was transferred out to the Detective
Division where he eventually retired.

Moran is the most private of the trio. Brian Moran is the guy
that Olson conspires with when they needed to collect and gather personal
information against union members. Sgt. Moran presents himself as quiet, low
key, and reserved. Despite his appearance, he is regarded the most devious.
People are impressed with his rarely entering through a front door, preferring
entry through the back door, having allegedly plotted to discredit, undermine,
and manipulate good, decent, hardworking, highly-respected men and women.

The only time PBA President Keith Olson and Brian Moran ever
complained about a supervisor’s demeanor is when they briefly worked under then
Sergeant John Mueller during their days in the Housing Unit.  John Mueller came to Yonkers Police
Department after a short stay with the NYPD. He was assigned to the Fourth Precinct
where he too was quick to rub shoulders with Olson, and Moran, and quickly
drank the Kool-Aid over how the YPD was antiquated, and how, after a few years,
they could change the evolution of the department, emulating the NYPD. The trio
had big dreams, and Mueller seemed to be their only hope because he was strategically
astute. Moran and Mueller are both college graduates; Olson a high school graduate.

The three became good friends and their police careers seem
to intersect. Mueller did not spend much time on patrol, and was promoted to
the rank of sergeant where he landed in the now defunct Domestic Violence Unit.
Mueller then went on to work in the Housing Unit where Olson and Moran were

After a short time in the Housing Unit, Mueller was promoted
to the rank of lieutenant and transferred to Central Booking. Then as a
lieutenant he became the president of the Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants
Association (CLSA) just about the time Hartnett would take the helm as police
commissioner.  Shortly thereafter
Hartnett ironically promoted John Mueller to Special Investigation Unit Commander.
Mueller answered only to Harnett. Mueller then smeared the reputation of a
former Police Detective Sergeant, allegedly for the purpose of moving Moran
forward. Mueller was then promoted to captain, and convinced Hartnett to leave
him in the Intel Unit.

Imagine, a former union president that purposely took the
spot away from another CLSA Lieutenant so he could cut his own deal.  Thereafter, under Hartnett, they
systematically took apart a highly respected police department for their God,
the policies of NYPD’s “trial and error” policies.  They did whatever the Amicone regime asked of
them and by any means.

John Mueller’s downfall is his lack of experience as a street
cop. He had no concept over how the average street cop thinks. Despite the
image he pretends, he is, like Moran, a follower. At first glance, Mueller’s
“boyish grin”, and jovial demeanor are disarming, but his approach is to fool
adversaries for his gaining more power and feeding greed for more power. Like
Olson, Mueller has an appetite for control, and will destroy anyone in his way.
Mueller’s demeanor is aloof; giving little consideration to the men and woman
who work under his command.  He surrounds
himself with a select handful that agree he is an exemplary supervisor.

Both Mueller and Moran take orders from Keith Olson, and they
all beat to their own drum. In an effort to convince themselves and others, they
cheer and clap for each other. They now find themselves clearly ostracized by
their peers. Although Mueller is a captain, he is insecure, as are his two
friends. Perhaps it is their lack of assertiveness for the betterment of the
department that attracts negative attention. While their leadership attributes
have climbed ever higher by their summation, others have judged their influence
diminished and conduct questionable. The trio commands no respect from the rank
and file due to their alleged unethical conduct against their own membership. To
date, the members of the YPD and the CLSA have isolated them for a variety of
internal matters that will come to light. They have lost the confidence of
their peers, and are clearly not trusted among many in the YPD.

Those who wish
to contest any “facts” herein are asked to do so by directing email to Blue Truth.

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: A Trio’s Demise Exacerbated by Their Questionable Conduct By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Keith, you will never be able to exact revenge on your adversary’s! The people against you are to strong and men and woman of great character. More importantly the persons you suspect of being against you are people you should’ve never crossed. They are people that will never let you get away with what you have done. Any time you are feeling strong you can step to them but I know you will get knocked down. We all saw what happened at the promotional ceremony today. The mayor, bosses and cops all stood a far distance from you. Thankfully for you, two of your partners in crime, “Lou Venturino and John the Joker Mueller” were the only ones that actually would acknowledge you today. All we can say is what has been said the last several months, step down and get out before you are in serious trouble. All your dirty deeds will be coming to light and you will not be going down in a blaze of glory. You will be going down in a cloud of shame, humiliation and dishonor. All we wish from you these days is to step down and fade away into the shadows. After all there is a huge shadow that you have cast over yourself the last few years. For once in your life man up, be a man and do what is best for this great P.B.A., STEP DOWN AND RESIGN. We will not further investigate your unethical and criminal behavior. But you must step down immediately or the offer we set forth today will be nule and void.

  2. Noticed no postings today, good give it a break guys. I got a little flack for my only post the other day, I guess that audio tape wasn’t shown to as many people as I thought so they knew it was me that posted that. Anyway, Keith I didn’t say anything out of line. I just said you lost me because I don’t like that you admitted that you secretly recorded the IAD interview. And now that you reached out to me for posting that, I just want you to know that lots of guys on our job are glad that you might be on your way out. You have a lot of nerve coming after anyone. You really lost me now.

  3. Members just wanted to say i will be a way with a few of my friends,The informer,Sepico,The Insider,The Rat cather, on vacation,I know i will miss the PBA picnic this week ,please tell me how it was.
    ciao…. GOD BLESS THE YPD!!!


  5. well some more interesting comments from the RATS old bosses, do you know not one of his old supervisors have any thing good to say about keith???funny not one retired boss!!!!!! as matter fact they all say he tried to fuck with them ,one boss was actually transferred because they all ganged up on him, The RED ANTS is real all ko did with his cronies was try to give bosses a hard time and do things the red ant way, in other word against department protocols and procedure, Keith you have no vital signs left you don’t exist anymore bye bye

  6. wow today I was on the phone with some retired guys on the job, and not one had any sympathy for the thief, seems like the word has reached down south along the eastern sea board all the way to Florida that ko stole mismanaged his position and was clearly not looking out for us. I got a call from s.carolina, Sarasota, myrtle beach, even some guys in LBI,not one would defend the RAT!!! amazing, The one main topic is how we let him do it to us for so long, when you steal money from a fundraiser that is a crime keith ,Wayne needed that money jimmy needed that money. How do you live with your self? How do you look members in the eye and lie to their face???
    Really ko how do you sleep lately???

  7. We are all shocked and in awe that you keep on talking your shit about all your members. You continue to speak and talk about members, and regardless of what is said or done; you pres are suppose to stand behind us!. You are a self serving hypocrite, and need to step down.

  8. I have been following all of blue truths columns. This lethal, corrupt union pres needs to go. He conspired against his very own and got caught. He should not be serving as pres of anybody. He is a no good, lying, sell out. Disgusting you are and we want a contract. Please step down KO.

  9. I am a proud 9 year member and would not think of attending a picnic hosted by our lmao president ko. You speak about cowards and morons. They say its you to laugh at.. Everybodys laughing at you in our precinct.

  10. by the way I was doing some research and I couldn’t find why a pba pres would let the vice pres become the leader than he would become the treasurer in the same year?????something smells rotten in Denmark……..where is that dammmm boat…………..

  11. well folks there you have it looks like 4 past pba leaders were either locked up or thrown out,for the same shit BLUE TRUTH has been saying,just read the links they all have something to do with what the RAT is been doing,ko step down or be thrown out????time is running out and not on your side!!!!

  12. the RAT also keeps cash in his pockets from members fundraisers………..eddie where is that boat these days inquiring minds want to know…….

  13. Nobody wants to listen. We told you a blue truth ago that tape recorders are one of the many things Keith keeps in his pockets. After all when you have a size 60 waist the pockets are def going to be big.

  14. Whoever posted this one its worth reposting. very funny.
    What Keith Olson keeps in his pocket:
    PBA Credit Card
    PBA cash
    Tape Recorder
    Dozen Donuts
    Extra chunky cheese
    Just have to add one more…. Quinn’s phone number. Lol

  15. This message is for KO. The other day when I went into your office you played an audio tape recording of I.A.D. Interviewing you. I’m sure you played the tape for many people trying to show us that even I.A.D. Is messing with you. At first I sympathized with you but after thinking about it I realized you are giving credibility to what these blue truth guys are saying that you secretly record conversations. I would give you advice about not playing that tape anymore but I’m sure you know it doesn’t make you look good when you admit you have a hidden recorder on you. You kinda lost me with that one. Sorry.

  16. You don’t need a forensic audit to know our fundraiser money never made it to the people it was meant for. That’s quite obvious. But I guess an audit would be in order to expose how our PBA money is being looted. Unlimited spending accounts for Keith and Eddie, really nice. Ladies and gentlemen, we are being robbed!

  17. relax members now a days they have a thing to find out how funds are being spent,its called forensic accounting and there are experts out there that do it great,we will let the RAT squirm a little bit longer,and comes election time thats what we will be demanding,boy would i like to see the RATS face when he gets served with that demand…..

  18. Those two bums got some dam nerve. And then have bigger nerve to talk about guys like Ray, Mingy, Hector and Bryant. Those guys would never blacklist or steal from cops that need assistance. Time for change guys and it starts with ridding ourselves of union leaders that think they are above us members. I also encourage the readers to read up on the links posted. Whoever is doing that is a genius. I actually took time for the first time today and read up on them. Great stuff! Corruption is unacceptable! Rosenthal reminds me of someone we know. Lmao. And if what they say, and I think it’s fact, that these guys are now trying to intimidate the one they stole from, there is definitely gonna be a problem.

  19. Wow! When will Keith and Eddie learn? Don’t you guys realize that your days of trying to bully cops is over! Now we’re hearing that you guys tried confronting one of your victims for not keeping shut about your fund raising theft!! You guys are disgusting! Let me get this straight, you steal tens of thousands of dollars in fund raising money that was supposed to go to a cop in financial need. Then several months later when us members found out what you did, you then go back to The cop you stole from with your pompous bullshit intimidation and try to make him a victim again for not staying quiet about it?!?!? You guys are fucking sick! Your intimidation tactic doesn’t scare no one., you especially didn’t scare him, right Eddie. You guys both have over 20 years in, get out of town already you crooks!!!

  20. Okay since you asked so nicely we will stop posting the truth on here. We don’t even want Keith to fix all the dirty deeds he’s done to this union, it’s members and even non-union members. His dirty deeds are already in motion to being rectified and a new union President will handle the rest. All Keith Olson has to do is step down as union President and give back the fund raiser money we raised for McCabe and Simoes. That’s it, very simple.

  21. Guys, just stop. I get that you’re tired of them hiding behind a keyboard and doing it in this way, but just stop. It’s not gonna change anything. This will come to a head, one way or another, so for now, let it go.

  22. The “Old Guard”comment spoke volumes. Its Definitely time for change. There should be a special election to decide this once and for all. Forget the airwaves, forget the suggestions of a face to face meeting. Lets cut through the b/s and vote on it. We’ve never been afraid to show ourselves, we’ve just been waiting for the right time, and just like its time for ko to step down, so is it now the time for something new. Knocking stand up guys like rs wont work, and despite the comments that he’s scared to come out on the side of the blue truth because of his ties to GS, believe me, he’s anything BUT scared. Do you think ANY of us are scared just because we haven’t revealed ourselves? Were we scared when we called out the three blind mice, or a chief, or a det. lt, or a City Hall who isnt giving us a fair shake at a long-overdue contract. No, we’ve called ALL of them to the carpet, and we will not stop supporting people like the blue truth until change comes to this city. in 2014 = landslide victory.

  23. The only people that ruined anyone’s credibility is Fat Olson, and his two Pit-bull supervisors, B. Moran, and John Mueller. Lets go back down memory lane you rat;
    W.S. is still missing his money.
    J.M. cash was still in your draw.
    You go after and set up union members from Firefighters to DPW workers.
    You and your two buddies tampered, and stole, and copied Official Police files on Police personnel, and who knows who else.
    You and your two rat friends have used IAD personnel in the past to target and set up cops, and CLS members’.
    You and your two rat friends carry tape recorders.
    You and you two rat friends cut off overtime against your own personnel.
    You and your two rat friends wrote up the same guy twice in nine months.
    You are making a $4000.00 a month stipend, and yet drive a city own car, and get city gas.
    You went around the whole City and sprayed painted all the city own walls and gas pumps.
    You and your friends just made another IAD complaint against two members.
    You and your friends have filed false complaints against members of your department, just to gain sympathy.
    You have called everyone and their mother looking for help.
    You and your friends have conducted illegal searches of personnel offices and desks.
    You and your friends continue to look for illegal ways to get peoples phone records, and IP addresses.
    You are manipulating the PBA attorneys for your own personal needs, and they are servicing your friends, which is clearly a conflict against your own members.
    You have just harassed a longtime City of Yonkers female you low life “bully”, just because she talks with certain people.
    That report like many others are on file with the department.
    So pie face rat, who is the shit bird rat that ruined this job? Step down, or be pushed aside. The members of this job, did not break the golden rule. ” You don’t eat your own” Buy a chunk of cheese. Get it puffy.

  24. Amen to the last posted comment. This is about Keith Olson who ruined this job and stole fund raiser money from cops that needed our help. Keith will have to answer for that come election time unless he steps down before then.
    All the other nonsense that gets posted on here is just a distraction. Keith is very diesperate now, he will do anything to take the spotlight off of himself. He is now employing an old “Hartnett” tactic called “divide and conquer.” Meaning he’s now posting as if he were one of us regular cops bashing good guys like Joe “Moc.” I’m sure “Moc” knows better than to believe Keith’s crap. There’s only one target as far as the PBA is concerned and he weighs about 500 lbs. Yea I know, Moran and Mueller are his co-cospirators but they are harmless now. We can only address our so-called president by voting him out. End of story.

  25. Keith Olson is finally shedding his skin. Pretty clever posting about Joe and then trying to pawn it off on the blue truth. Talk about sick people, when you post and then answer your own posts can only mean one thing. 10-2 Joe’s with a very large EDP, send truck 4 to assist empress with lifting this lard ass. Talking to yourself is one thing, but one has to worry when you answer yourself back.

  26. 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  27. Hey Mr. Keith Olson, enough of the bullshit. Lets put aside what guys like Ray, Mingy, Tinker, Roy, Walsh, Pete, Gerard, Bryant, Hecter, Stacy, Linda, Joe, Mike, Roco, Etc, etc. are saying about you. Basically they’re saying what 90% of the city is thinking. But put all the bullshit aside. All we want to know now is why didn’t you give Jimmy McCabe the money we collected for him while he was alive?? Also why didn’t you give Wayne Simoes the money we collected for him?? This is not hearsay, we know for sure they never got the money; we just wanna know why didn’t you give them their money and what did you do with the money Keith?? Simple question.

  28. Rmruinedyourcredibility sounds pretty upset. Funny thing is that poster is so insignificant that even on his best day couldn’t find a criminal in prison. Boy the characters on this job are comical. Go back in your hole sonny boy and don’t come out until we tell you. You are an incredibly ignorant individual. Take a long hard look in the mirror and hopefully you will see what everyone else sees. You are a pathetic person. The only one that thinks highly of you, is “YOU.” Repeat this ten times and you will be absolved, “I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE A LOSER.”

  29. Who, oh who will be the next one exposed in the blue truth chronicles. This site has proven to be a valuable tool with identifying and eradicating many adversary’s that are not good for the Y.P.D. As far as certain postings go, all members that are fed up need to take a stand and speak their piece. Don’t rely on other members to fight battles that everyone should be involved in. After all this is not a fast food restaurant that we are working in, this is a career path that many of us will spend the better parts of our lives doing. As a pretty new guy on the job, I say I’ve seen and heard enough to know that without the right leadership we are headed for hard times. Lets unite and stand by the ones that are right to lead. At this current point in time we are far from there and have been left to fend for ourselves for now. Hopefully in the coming months we will be able to rid ourselves of all the self serving leaders that we are currently stuck with. I have no choice to hang on and hope for better days.

  30. lol. Pushing for people with ‘issues’?? If that’s the case, mingy should have been a shoe-in. I mean, you wanna talk about someone with issues! Guy never did anything for the pba in his life but bitches like its going out of style; he’s got a tit gig but STILL can’t shut his mouth; He swwwwwears up n down that he’s not part of ray’s blue truth camp when we all know that’s a bold face lie; he’s following a guy who went from a well respected cop to a sick (literally) bitter man who decided to drag us all into his personal crusade; and now, he’s attacking brass in the same dept that he works for ??? Nah, mingy has no issues whatsoever. Riiiiiiight. And, for the love of god, please dont tell us about people being “easy to control”, because we dont need to look any farther than monte’s own crew: BP, who says “yeah, yeah” and “right , right” as if he’s agreeing with you – yet will cut your throat behind your back in a second? HC, who cried like a lil bitch during the campaign and who sits in on the PBA meetings as if he actually is there to be supportive when we all know he’s there to listen and report back to the BT?? That follower never said peep about anything until monte got in his ear and strung him along. Nah, those guys would never be easy to control. LMFAO. Good one…

  31. Joe Monaco is one of a few remaining members of the “OLD GUARD.”Heard he was pushing hard for people that have issues. Guess he is looking for easily controllable people to supervise! I figured that much, guy has an ego bigger that Keith Olson. Unfortunately he has the cop skills of a toddler. Good luck to him in his future endeavors. Detective Lieutenant, lmao. What a joke!

  32. lol. Vid clips are classsic, keep em coming. The blue truth will ‘exterminate’ the problem. Monte, we stand behind you, Hector, BP, and mingy. Just give us the word and we’re all in…

  33. The ‘rat cage’ must be cleaned, and like previous bloggers have stated, a RS / Spano ticket would be just what the doctor ordered. A new infusion of blood is needed to right this ship. Many also feel that if stand up guys like BP take a more active role in CLS affairs, maybe we can right the wrongs of the 3rd floor as well. If those two things happened, it would create a two headed monster that would fix a half decade worth of negative under-currents. Like RM and HC said during their campaign, before they were bamboozled, sometimes change is necessary.

  34. Come on fat boy where your answers to the articles. The whole City is still waiting. I guess we will have to say more about your thieving hide. What’s the issue Olson? Your attorneys out of town, and can’t write a response for you. Let me say for you. I Keith Olson have unleashed my two best, best friends on union members across this city. From Firefighters to Police Officers to CLS members to etc… who opposed our cynical ideology for power. Now as my two friends and I scurry along the curbs we feel left out. No one is leaving any cheese out for us. I guess I will just wait for the investigators to get here. Maybe they give us some. What’s the big deal? My friends and I were running our own department under our Uncle Hartnett.

  35. heard a lot of buzzing arround all the precints over the week end,and the only thing that was clear as day is the RAT is caught!!!!.he cant get out of the trap,waynes money was never handed over to him,and God rest his soul Jimmy monies where all not handed over,how dfo you sleep at night keith stealing from members????bad enough you sold out the department ,but bow your stealing from them,you are really sinking to an all time low how could you?????

  36. The Truth has been right on the money this entire time. From Mingy getting screwed by Joe Moc and the DD board, to KO, to Chief FI screwing our housing unit out of funds and siding with JM; this whole thing is a farce. missing funds? are you kidding me? what type of b/s is that? cutting specialized units? what a god damn joke. Enough is enough already. Truth, you called it ; all we need is GS and his family to step in, and things will return to normal. RAY, fight the fight and never give up! MING, you don’t need a gold shield to prove your worth, you’ve earned it, and the men of patrol agree. HEC, kudos to you for calling the rat out at the 1st pct last week. your voice is important and its good to see that you’re stepping to the forefront and taking it to them head-on. And PAPPY, going to IAD was the right thing to do. No one, regardless of their standing, should be allowed to intimidate you, and you handled it in a manner that is professional and honorable. To you truthers, we stand behind you.

  37. You would think that Keith Olson would think long and hard before he tells on another union worker. He and John Mueller as well as Brian Moran are still making complaints against descent cops. We see the game your playing and its not going to work. You see all three of you rat faces ” stand alone in this” , and the rest of us will always know what you are up too. We know you violated many internal rules, as well as laws. The City and County Politicians’ know too. As for fund money not going where it should have, you guys alone will have to deal with the NY State on that.

  38. It is very clear that Keith Olson will never answer any of the facts set forth in all of Hezi’s articles. Olson’s propaganda article did nothing but support that he is in fact very friendly with two other rats,that did what? Investigate union members, destroy police files, move personnel police files in the back of their radio car, copy police official files, and much more.
    Now he and his two friends are running around the city telling on cops they suspect are spreading the word about the hump on their back, or the lie on their nose, or the tails that protrude from under their shirts.
    Either way, they are washed up amongst their peers, and will forever give off a nasty rancid odor. None of the three will ever be able to repair their image again in this great city. The latest revelation of not making good on fundraiser money has broken the backs of the three rats. They can run from hole to hole for a while more, but in the end, sooner or later, they will have to eat the cheese that will be laid for them. The members of all Yonkers Unions must rid themselves of ego maniacs like Olson, B. Moran, and ” cry baby I don’t want to transfer J. Mueller.

  39. ole doughboy looks like his hand got caught in two cookie jars….an all time low steeling directly from members…..bad enough you sild out the members but now stealing….what will you do next ???

  40. I could care less about the 4th precinct C.O. taking Housing Unit Grant money. Lets stick to the main topic here. Our PBA president has been screwing us members over for years, he sold us out, set some of us up, and ratted on some for his own benefit. And now we have proof that he’s been taking money we raised for cops in need. He has to go!!

  41. That’s because Chief F.I. took it from the H.U.and gave it to the 4th. How stupid is he the Capt who talks crap about him every day in front of the cops got sucked in my the 4th pct Capt, beware Chief and Commish you guys should not be letting your guard down that’s his “MO” he will befriend you then when the time is right he will cut your heads off you are playing with fire he is smarter than you think. If you guys get sucked by him then you get what you deserve when he crushes you guys.
    Wake up already and beware….
    Another scam here people. Heard the city’s housing unit is getting duped yet again. Why is 400K that is supposed to be allotted for HU going to the 4th. Pct.? Rumor has it the forth already got to the tune of 200K in grant money. What is going on here? We all know that the CO of the forth is a great friend of the thieving rat. So why the hell would anyone in this city let money that is supposed to be for HU go there? Really people, someone anyone, please intervene here. What are the HU bosses doing about this? How can you guys allow this to happen to your unit? Enough of selling out your people. Does the federal gov’t know that this money will be handled by a precinct commander rather than the HU commander? Hope there’s no hanky Panky going on here folks? A lot of butt lips gonna be soaking up the fruits of HU labor. What a shame. Looks like business as usual in this God forsaken dept. If I had to go out on a limb, I would say the same guy that told the mayor 19 months ago that they could get rid of HU is the same person behind this travesty. – See more at:–1/comments/page/11/#comments

  42. Keith Olson proved only one thing this past week when he called for a union meeting in the First Precinct. He proved that he is a liar, and a rat for what he and his two low life friends did to union members around this City. Most of his executive board sat silent, because they too now know what he and his two sack of shit friend’s did to the members’ of the CLS, and PBA.
    His V.P. Dale Hughes attempted to sugar coat, and explain that the members’ were misinformed, and that they did not know all the facts. He too was misled by the head cheese maker. Now, members have to figure out why Hughes would be so bold as to support a guy that purposely went after union members, did unauthorized investigations against “cops”, and stands accuse of shorting Officers’ of funds that were suppose to be for them, and their families.Well the answer is simple. The VP like most of the executive board is spineless, because they have watched, and heard that the head cheese maker was out of control, and they chose not to say anything. They all sat by and chose to ignore what the halls in the whole department was saying about Olson. They all sat back as door, after door closed on Olson not calling his actions into question. Now he along with the board have egg on their face, placing their future under the “Rogue Olson Regime” in jeopardy. After all how could one re-elect board members that sat on their hands and ate from the pockets of the membership. We know for sure that Olson will never make another term, and is a laughing stock in the county. We know, he set up union members, removed and received Official Police records, and never give W.S., and the late J.M. the rest of funds that were owed to him. Just for that alone Keith the Rat Olson must step down. ” The Truth and nothing but the Truth was proven in the meeting at the First Precinct, where the first spark was ignited to remove the head cheese maker”


  44. In case you don’t know this is not Facebook. Stop posting the same teenager crap you post on Facebook. How many times are you going to say “stay thirsty”? If you don’t have anything to contribute to the topics being discussed then do us a favor and post your crap on Facebook only. Thank you!

  45. Why don’t squirrels eat birds…….??
    Because the squirrels are not nuts or because the birds are not nuts or because the birds don’t taste like nuts…..??….. I’m confused….( can’t wait for the redness now——-lololol)…..hope everyone is enjoying the weekend…..and as always…….stay thirsty my friends…..!!


  47. Pretty funny whoever posted in Spanish that we should support Rupertp lol. Posting in Spanish is funny but Rob being out of work is not funny at all, I think we should do a fund raiser for him. But if we do, Keith has to promise beforehand not to touch the money! Seriously, we know of two fund raisers where the money never made it to the intended recipient ( McCabe and Simoes ), so if we do a fundraiser in the future for Rob (Ruperto) we give him the proceeds the same night! Keith could explain all he wants what happened to the money from previous fund raisers months after it was collected, the bottom line is that the money should’ve went to McCabe and Simoes right after it was collected so we wouldn’t be here now wondering what Keith did with it.
    And as long as we’re on the subject of Rob; I can’t help but wonder if he would still have his job now if we had a different PBA president? Rob allegedly got into an altercation off duty, if we had a PBA president that was humble, had some class, people skills, good rapport, and integrity, he could’ve had a meeting with city hall and the commissioner and maybe they could’ve agreed on a short suspension and desk duty or something. But no, we have a President that is a pompous arrogant loud mouth that throws his weight around and burns bridges with everyone. So no one wants to sit down with him to discuss anything. And who suffers? We do, no contract 5 years! Rob I wish you luck brother, the rest of us haven’t forgot about you.

  48. This is for “Concerned”, the answer to your question is yes S.G is our welfare chair. Keith is toying with a few ideas on how to explain where the money went and I heard our welfare fund was an idea he mentioned to his circle. I hope they don’t go that route because they would be taking S.G down with them when it’s proven that the money never went there.

  49. I would say do a fundraiser for Ruperto but we know there is this huge shadow lingering over where is Wayne’s money. I’m not saying I’m on blue truths side but I would really like to know what happened. Keith, I’ve always supported you. You have to answer these questions before we could move forward as a union.

  50. What we need to worry about is how our brother in blue (RM) got fired. He has a family to feed and nobody is fighting for him. We should use the Wayne money to help our brother.

  51. Another scam here people. Heard the city’s housing unit is getting duped yet again. Why is 400K that is supposed to be allotted for HU going to the 4th. Pct.? Rumor has it the forth already got to the tune of 200K in grant money. What is going on here? We all know that the CO of the forth is a great friend of the thieving rat. So why the hell would anyone in this city let money that is supposed to be for HU go there? Really people, someone anyone, please intervene here. What are the HU bosses doing about this? How can you guys allow this to happen to your unit? Enough of selling out your people. Does the federal gov’t know that this money will be handled by a precinct commander rather than the HU commander? Hope there’s no hanky Panky going on here folks? A lot of butt lips gonna be soaking up the fruits of HU labor. What a shame. Looks like business as usual in this God forsaken dept. If I had to go out on a limb, I would say the same guy that told the mayor 19 months ago that they could get rid of HU is the same person behind this travesty.

  52. Ok Roy who are you talking about? You have been hooked up since you came on YPD. ……You always got what you wanted but haven’t always done the right thing……Get a clue Roy……ROTFLMAO……..
    your at the bottom….things can only go up….. The only time to think pesamitcaly is civil service…. Holla——seriously though….life is a roller coaster —- has its ups & downs (parenthood——-great movie). If your mother is so smart about life why is she sitting in the next door neighbors car….. True to life—–WATCH IT—-old school 80’s …… Be safe, have a great weekend……..and as always……stay thirsty my friends!

  53. UPDATE: New information is KO might claim he never received fund raiser money from the precincts. Talk about throwing Trustees under the bus!!! I guess he expects the trustees to come up with the funds or good explanations. This is not funny anymore folks. In the 3rd precinct alone there was $10,000.00 raised for Simoes family. Where did it go??

  54. Very nice retirement party the other night, no sign of the Rat or mice any where. We’re hearing some of the ideas the rat is kicking around for explaining what he did with the fund raiser money. Again can’t stress enough to those who help him try to cover his tracks- DON’T DO IT! Especially you S.G., don’t get caught up in his trap.

  55. Hey you Shem losers, someone asked some recently retired cops who were total zeroes when they were on the job “who pissed in their cornflakes and how they have room to slam anyone who made detective ?”

  56. not for nothing recently i looked at fat rats face book page ,and the more i look at him the more he looks like a rat, he is really starting to look like a RAT seriousily,you too louiiiieee lou your a rat too…

  57. keith fess up to the money and admit you where on a cheese binge and spent it you FAT RAT…, hey spider make me another drink LOL

  58. Sadly, one of the cops he stole from is no longer with us. The 2nd cop (that we know of, there may be more ) that he allegedly stole from is still around and has since been promoted. That cop may not wish to make a formal complaint at this time. We still have hope that the money may appear soon.

  59. hey to cat in the hat, if what you are saying here is true and can be proved with donors I think the RAT has committed fraud. Time for the city inspector to look into this matter, Kitty Covill is her name, How can a RAT steal funds meant for another member????

  60. Keith Olson got knock out with the “truth’ against his monotone voice as he tried to lie his way out of his actions. One of the lies that rolled off of his spilt tongue was that Brian Moran his good, good, good, and greatest friend was RM immediate supervisor and just happened to show up with an IAD Lt. to write RM up for campaigning during the last PBA election.
    The facts are that Olson texted Moran to come, Moran called his good friend from IAD, and they came down together to commence a unauthorized investigation against a guy that was under medical control. Then they all did not tell anyone for a week or so… Nice try fat neck….no one believes a word that spews from those fat lying lips. So take your uninformed board and peddle your story on a street corner. You may draw a bigger audience then the First Precinct. As for the contract talks, no one believed you when you said that you are two meeting behind the CLS. Since when do we count meetings, and this is the First time we are not negotiating first. The ” truth ‘ is cut a deal for your friends, and family. Your sister got a $64,400 job, and your great greatest friend B. Moran’s mother also got her job back. What did the members’ get…one zero, two zero’s , or maybe an extra personal day if we swallow your peddled plan of evaluations for our troops. Hey, Fat lips listen to this; we want money and no zero’s, we want our units back, and no changes to a fair existing contract unless its money. Eat that you pie face liar.

  61. Hey “Velveetcheese” we don’t have to take a pole and compare what we donated with what Wayne received. It’s a whole lot simpler than that, he didn’t receive ANY of what the rest of the members raised! He only got wet the 4th pct raised and handed him in person. The entire rest of the department handed in their fund raising money to KO and NONE of that money ever got to Wayne. And now they’re scurrying to come up with an excuse of where the money went. This really is a shame.

  62. ko the RAT daily menu
    Breakfast land o lakes American cheese
    Lunch Finlandia swiss sliced thinly
    Dinner cracker barrel cheddar blocks
    late night snack Polly O cheese strings
    late late late night snack cheese wiz….
    Spider make me a drink ….VODKANTONIC lol lol

  63. Its very simple to catch a RAT, you put a lil chunk of velveta cheese and guaranteed you will catch him, so in regard’s to Wayne and Jimmy fundraiser circulate a petition and have all the members honestly put down what they gave, compare it to what the RAT gave and there you go, and I know what the RAT must be saying….how about if the members lie about what they donated ???I have complete faith in our members that when it comes out to helping another member they will always be honest,unlike the RAT PACK ……back to my VODKANTONIC…

  64. Word is KO has been meeting with his mice discussing how to explain Simoes missing money. KO is feeling the heat, it’s not going away. Just want to give heads up to anyone who helps him cover it up after the fact, its just as bad as if you were in on it the whole time. I would love to hear what explanation they come up with this time. Be very careful guys (and creative). Once you go with one explanation you have to own it if you know what I mean.
    That’s the main problem with pulling off elaborate schemes such as making funds disappear or even fixing PBA elections; you have to involve others in order to pull it off. There’s always a weak link that let’s the cat out the bag ( right PM? ). Once the cat is out, the rat ( and mice ) always gets caught. Meoww.

  65. I just want to know if anybody at the 1st precinct meeting asked Keith and the rest of the board “where’s Simoes and Mccabes fund raiser money we raised?”

  66. *******update********** I went to the dr to get steroids (prednisone) for this EFFIN poison ivy…….white vinegar was a quick fix but not the cure…… Stay thirty my friends

  67. All three subjects have enough time on the job to retire. They might as well as nobody will ever trust them again. Time to move on and make this dept great again.

  68. I love the above post I heard the same exact thing, the only thing I heard different was that they had to carry the fat RAT out on a stretcher ….lol

  69. Ladies and gentleman, it was better than espn’s Friday night fights. The venue was Y.P.D.’s 1st. Pct. In the “setting the record straight” corner: Keith “the liar” Olson, wearing a sweater vest and moccasins. In the blue truth corner: all fed up PBA members, angry and thirsty for the truth. Folks, this was no 15 round bout! The ref set forth some posting do’s and dont’s and then left unexpectedly. It was mayhem! KO came out firing. One lie harder than the next. It was a flurry of lies thrown at the blue truth corner. Blue truth just shook it off, licked their whiskers as to say is that all the lies you’ve got (absolutely not of course) and then the blue truth corner fired at will. One truth after the next, a vicious barrage of truths. An all out truth assault on the liar. At one point, the liar attempted to flee from the ring, like a thief in the night. But folks, the blue truth corner would never let that happen so the beating continued. Rumor has it was a first round TKO. When the liar came too he was mumbling I want to make a complaint, I think BP knocked me out. Thank God for BP, he was no where near the liar. Numerous blue truth witnesses to corroborate that it was not fists of fury that knocked him out but rather the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us blue truth. Some say the precinct fight circuit is gonna prove way to tuff for this wanna be tuff guy liar. Our advise is pack it in, you are in no shape to go toe too toe with “BLUE TRUTH.” There are too many of us willing to fight you at the drop of a lie!

  70. I heard nobody even showed up at that 1st precinct meeting. Just like nobody shows up at regular meetings anymore and only about 30 to 40 cops show up at the PBA annual dinner. Everyone is just tired of Keith. The question I would’ve ask Keith is where is the money we raised for Wayne Simoes? Setting a really bad example, if he never got the money we raised it makes us wonder what other fund raiser money never got distributed accordingly?

  71. ko so desperate trying anything he can…..wasting department resources etc.etc….5 members only yesterday at 1st,thanks to Hec for putting the rat in check,and special thanks to you know who…..

  72. Well I’m glad to see that the SIU Lt. Stopped by the first pct yesterday and didn’t get involved in our PBA business. In fact he was probably oblivious to the fact that he was in fact standing next to a no good rat that tried to sink his own CLS members. our own union board is oblivious to what KO has done to our unions and job alike. Hey KO, how’s that precinct tour working out for you? Heard you got caught in your own rat trap this time! You will never be able to talk your way out of what you did and I hope that you now see that you’re finished. Washed up! Leave town, you are a disgrace to the badge. You only care for yourself and your little click of rats. Also heard KO, Mueller and Moran (the disgraced trio) filed yet another complaint at IAD against a Det. And a boss. When will you guys get it, you’re hated throughout the whole city. You will never be able to defend your actions. The blue truth articles have exposed you guys for the self serving, sneaky, corrupt, conniving and treacherous individuals that you are.

  73. You guys should get a grip you all think who the hell you are when in fact you are only civil servants beyond your police dept you are nothing no one really cares that you are Yonkers Cops……this site confirms that….

  74. I support all the men and women singing the same song and standing together to make this sell out, no good so called leader step down. He is not leading anybody just talk about how we have no contract for 5 YEARS. Keith needs to do what’s best regardless of what he calls bad seeds in the union. Mr. Olson needs to go and we need new union leadership.

  75. I am bewildered by the article my friend just shared with me regarding the conduct of a so called union head in Yonkers. My gut feeling is the union president/leadership has to go! When a team is failing badly and confidence is lost than the union head has got to GO.

  76. The Westchester Guardian has done an outstanding job in keeping the city of Yonkers and entire county informed of the questionable conduct in Yonkers and county. As an outsider the union president in Yonkers and those two supervisors conspired to take down the vice president from what I read to be true. Sounds fishy and needs further looking into.

  77. All these shenanigans must stop but it looks like they won’t……It’s a shame what has happened to the job I loved….
    Well my friends……just to let you know——I’m a magnet for poison ivy & I notified yesterday I had it AGAIN…. just read something about quick cures ——BAM—–it worked…..white vinegar…..Used a bowl filled with white vinegar & soaked my hands in it along with rubbing the vinegar along my forearms…..Yahoooooooooo……stay thirsty my friends

  78. Is the Fat Rat bringing any mice friends with him to the 1st pct? Or maybe he’s gonna try to intimidate one of his victims to show up with him to read a script under duress. Keith is very desperate to show he has support. Just bring an actual puppet with you Keith, you won’t have promise it anything.

  79. Today Keith Olson will be at the First Precinct spreading more lies. In fact, he may even put on a dog and pony show for you with some unexpected guess that really will serve no purpose. Olson’s talk of contract is an attempt to kindle you interest. We all know that we are headed to mediation talks, and that my friends will take time. So here are some questions you should ask the fat rat leader:
    Did you go to the Mayor’s and request an investigation on Capt. Itzla?
    Did you carry files that you and that weasel B. Moran collected that was the property of the department?
    Do you have IAD complaints pending?
    Did you threaten any members from both Unions?
    Are you lending our PBA attorney’s to your great friend John Mueller without charge?
    Where is the IAD file that you said you had against RM at a union meeting?
    Good luck members. This will not go away until State Investigators come in and look at the books of Olson’s deeds.

  80. Keith Olson take your pet brother in law, and your two pet rats with you, and step down because you and your office we be investigated very soon from the state, and rightfully so for what you did.

  81. members in the 1st please ask ko what happened 5-6 weeks ago when his brother in law got dropped off by GPD over there………….lol

  82. you are right, “lawyer” set aside a legal fund for defense and we use it as needed. Also it gives us a better opportunity to choose a lawyer at will depending on severity of case ,anything we do will save tremendous money

  83. What the Fat Lying Rat did:
    Target, and set up your former V.P. with two unauthorized write ups, from B. Moran, and John Mueller. Their first write ups, and great, great friends of the PBA pres.
    Investigate CLS, and other PBA members without the department’s permission or notification.
    threaten to do physical harm to two IAD supervisors.
    threaten members using electronic text messages.
    searching CLS, and PBA members work stations, desks, and draws- good work you weasel Moran.
    copy and remove OFFICIAL POLICE FILES, and RECORDS concerning members from the CLS, and PBA.
    illegally use a Internal Computer from SIU to send out fake text messages to gather information from union members.
    Create a false Yonkers Police Officers Identity to gather that info.
    Inform the former PC on which units needed to be cut, and what former, and current cops to stop in overtime.
    etc…….what a fat face cheese eater, and Large tail rodent, and you want the first precinct members to wait for you?? Your a funny Rat

  84. To all First Precinct members. Today, Keith Olson’s relative and trustee will be scurrying around the precinct urging members to stay for important issues to be discussed at 3:30, by the biggest RAT union leader in the City Of Yonkers. The truth is this is a pre-election lecture. I urge all members to show the lying bastard that you members are not ignorant, and fully understand of what he has done to the our members, and the image of the Office of the PBA. Again show Keith Olson and the mute Tags that he brings with him that you CAN NO LONGER believe the lies that emulate from his mouth. He is a desperate despicable union leader that has broken the laws, and ethics of the PBA office.

  85. No deflection heads up, so get your head out of the rats ass. Those are all the things your leader did, but you don’t care. You feel safe in the fat rats arms and are deathly afraid to tell him that “HE” is the coward. News flash for you, both fights he has ever been seen in he got the shit kicked out of him. If that’s your idle you must’ve got your ass kicked plenty as well. Go have some cheese with the fat one and leave the posting to real men. PS THE END. Of the road for your fake tuff guy leader, YOU ARE A ZERO!!

  86. Wouldn’t the extra dues money being deducted to the Quinn fund be better off put aside into a separate savings account to be utilized whenever a member needs representation? The money would keep growing and based on previous cases never be used up.This way we would only be paying for services we need, not what we might need.

  87. the post at 20:32 was ^pappas^ ^ray^ ^mingy^. Wait, lemme guess, KO is the only one who likes calling you out, right? Lol, that’s pretty funny of ya, to actually be that vain enough to think that the rest of us guys you work with dont have their own opinions of you ass clowns also. And, do us a favor, stop hanging out behind the strip mall with your headlights off in the wee hours of the night so nobody can see you. I mean, last time I checked, friends didn’t need to make it so pathetically obvious they don’t wanna be seen together. That is….unless…..they REALLY DON’T WANT TO BE SEEN TOGETHER.
    wonder why…..hmmmmmmmm?!?!?!?
    And THAT folks is why………….. without question…..they really ARE cowards!!!
    But heads up guys, they’re about to strike back with another good “rat” “chia” “ws” “contract” deflection.

  88. members you have to ask yourself a few simple question when it comes to finances of OUR union fund
    1.why do we pay Quinn over 120K a year????
    2.why do we pay 18K on coffee???
    3.why when a nobody cop needs representation the rat sends a trustee and when one of his inner circle rats gets jammed up its Quinn there???
    members just add it up 5 years over a half mill to Quinn, can we really afford that?? we are paying more for what??last 2 cases Quinn defended would normally not cost more than 20-25 grand tops!!!!a federal case against one of us would never exceed 50 grand how many do we get a year???we are making Quinn rich and I cant afford it no more

  89. This is Keith Olson, that’s right I post my real name cause I could. I just want to say that tomorrow I will be at the 1st precinct at 3;30 to talk about issues. What issues you ask, well I can’t talk about the contract cause we don’t have one, can’t talk about morale because I know it’s at an all time low since I became president. Can’t talk about how I set up the former PBA Vice President because of legal issues, can’t talk about how I ratted out a CLS member, can’t talk about how I allegedly stole Jimmy McCabes or Wayne Simoes money, can’t talk about how I allegedly ratted out a cop, or how I allegedly made serious threats against CLS members and our own PBA members, can’t talk about how the last election was fixed because of legal issues. Basically I am not gonna talk about anything. But I denounce everything, meaning that all the allegations are pretty bad but I don’t want to talk about them. So why am I going to the 1st pct tomorrow? Well I’m feeling very insecure lately and I don’t get to gloat until the next PBA meeting which isnt until September . So basically I just wanna waste everyone’s time tomorrow.
    PS. Fuck this fuck that fuck you, everybody is a coward because they don’t put their real names. Bla blah blah

  90. Don’t worry fellow PBA members, word is Keith Olson just got us a real sweet deal.
    0 for year 1
    0 for year 2
    0 for year 3
    0 for year 4
    2% for year 5
    Everything will be retroactive.
    And to sweeten the pot he got another family member a job in city hall.
    He just may pull it off and get re elected clown of the year.
    Don’t forget, when you leave the office put on your red nose and floppy shoes.
    We get great entertainment from you.

  91. The people who are mentioned in the Blue Truth articles are still alive why not just ask them if it’s true I am sure Commish Taggart would have no problem telling the truth to set the record straight……

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  93. Radio, knock it off already. Nobody wants to be seen with you never the less sit next to you during a radio show. We know radio is in fact Keith, the same stab you in the back jerk that wanted a debate during the last elections. Instead of talking about the facts he would just continually repeat that he wanted to challenge the challengers to some debate. You are in no way, shape or form a politician. But you are a horrible PBA president that will go down in the books as the worst one ever. You are like a child who continually puts his hand through the neighbors fence when told not to and then gets his hand bit by their vicious dog. You are a joke and everybody now knows it. Why don’t you take your brother in law on the radio show and have him make a public apology to Landers. Or you can just talk about how you screwed over a whole city, make a public apology and beg for forgiveness. What you have done to the membership is way past radio talk but will probably be one hell of an investigation. The nerve of this clown! Go join the circus already, it’s your life’s calling.

  94. Keith Olson has not address any of the facts in the blue truth articles, nor can he. So, this week we the friends and members of this department will have to set forth what he hopes will go away, which is the indisputable truth how he targeted CLS, and PBA members. Right now we have a disgusting liar who does not have the confidence of the City, the Judges, the City Politicians, and most importantly the Bosses and members of the Police Department for what he, and B. Moran, as well as that cry baby John Mueller have done to hard working descent cops. You see when you are dealing with calculating rats you sometimes must change the poison to catch them. Hence, their habits will never change. The change must be forced.

  95. The guy who posted “Who Cares” sounded like a cop who has a grudge against Simoes, maybe because Simoes moved on and got promoted and this jealous guy didn’t. Then I got to the end of the comment where the guy wrote– “So who cares about his money which I am sure he did get. ” And immediately I knew that was Keith himself who wrote that. Very clever Keith, you’re taking our advice and leaving out the four letter words now which we know is your trademark. But when you added that line at the end of your comment That you’re sure he (Wayne) did get (the money), that revealed to us that it’s you Keith. It doesn’t go with the rest of the comment. You were trying to write as if you’re a regular cop who doesn’t care for Wayne, but at the end you just had to add that line defending yourself. We all know you all too well, you are as pathetic as everyone says you are. And you are a thief. We don’t care if you think Wayne doesn’t deserve the money, the fact is hundreds and hundreds of cops raised money for him and you should give it to him, regardless of who thinks he deserves it or not.

  96. “WHO CARES” is another despicable individual on our job. One that definitely should be weeded out with a chemical bug spray. Thank God this site lets people post anonymously cause if you had to post your name to that Wayne comment you would be finished in this City you bum. Wayne was doing his job that day and was forced to take action on his own while those other cops (who cares claims were compromised by Wayne’s actions) were standing around with their hands in there pockets as the video clearly showed. Furthermore the Feds wanted a Yonkers cop so bad that they doctored the video(lest we forget). I’m sorry Wayne as I don’t wish to dredge up this very stressful time in your career. And don’t forget the people who turned on him when the going got tuff, never sticking to the truths they originally reported. Enough of this though, all I can really say is if this money is owed to Wayne he should get ever red cent. And if “WHO CARES” has the balls he can identify himself, take his hundred back and go smoke crack with Jackie Louis. What a freaking jackass. I’m sure who cares is a staunch supporter of the “FAT RAT” cause nobody else would embarrass themselves by making a statement like that unless he is Friends of those ignorant people.

  97. To all members: Coming to a precinct near you, is an oversized compulsive liar, who has nothing new to tell you other then I have been working on a contract for five years, but my executive board and I need two more years. You members can do two things. You can wait and waste your time to hear lie after lie spew from his fat lips, or you can leave because like me you have lost confidence into a guy that did the following to CLS, and PBA members; conducted unauthorized investigations against cops, stole and removed police personnel IAD files, threaten union members, has his two supervisor friends write cops who speak out, mishandles funds that should be given to the cause by the end of the event, uses your membership legal fees for his personal benefit against PBA members. Is this guy worth waiting for? What can he possible tell you. That, ” its not true”. Sadly it is all true, and the large one has lost all credibility in this city. So, since we know he can only go into deny mode. He and his parrots that are told to key in when the heat is on will only bring you more grief. So lets look forward to the future without a man that flies follow.

  98. Wow Who Cares either didn’t donate or isn’t a cop. He or she might think they are a cop but they are an empty suit. If members donated to someone then that person should get ALL of the money. It shouldn’t be kept or never returned to the donafors. Who Cares obviously never donated, is a coward and a disgrace to the badge.

  99. Hey, the other day I was driving by 104 South Broadway, and I saw a thin man with a protruding belly. As I took further notice of the man standing in the middle of Police Headquarters parking lot. I could see a long thin furry tail between the man’s legs. He was talking on the cell phone. Then he turned around and my friend said,” Its the Fat Rat’s main rat.” I said, “who?” He said,” its the rat who gathered, and collected police records on the Detective Captain, and dropped all the information on Fat Boy’s desk.” I then simply said, ” its that sneaky rat face B. Moran who investigated firefighters with the other shit bird John Mueller”.

  100. Don’t worry guys when I become the Chief I will get to the bottom of this!!!! Oh and by the way hello
    “Police Officer” Mingy……

  101. I keep reading about Wayne Simoes not getting all the money we raised for him. He should get no money I rather them give it to Jackie Lewis in Getty Square than him, he should have been fired. He was a disaster as a cop and even worse as a supervisor he should have never been promoted.(why they promoted him is a mystery to me). He put many cops in great danger of losing their jobs and even worse going to jail for his stupid actions. He is a boob who arrested former Mayor Spencer’s son for DWI in front of his house when the car was parked. Mayor Spencer who did everything for the cops backed us up on everything and gave us great raises. So who cares about his money which I am sure he did get.

  102. I just wanted to put this comment back on top to give Mr. Keith Olson a chance to read and respond to it. Guarantee you he’s either not going to respond at all because he has no defense for stealing McCabes and Simoes money or he’s gonna say something like “fuck you fucking cowards, you’re all cowards”. Quack quack quack. That’s getting old Keith, answer the charges or step down. Better yet just step down Crook.
    >>> originally posted this morning at 10:13AM <<<<< I keep reading about Wayne Simoes not getting all the money we raised for him. Even though my friend Wayne has landed on his feet and has since been promoted he is still entitled to the money we raised for him as fellow cops. Wayne is too humble to come out and say "hey guys I only got what the 4th pct gave me." He's not going to ask for anything, but it is a crying shame that once again our PBA president got his grimmy hands on money we raised and he never let it go. Truth is we raised over 8 times as much money as what Wayne received. We see a very upsetting pattern here,... I know another poster commented on this a while back and I hate to bring it up again but the truth hurts,... our friend Det. Jimmy McCabe never got the money we raised for him either. Remember when Ray called Keith on it asking for Jimmy's money, then Keith finally gave Jimmy only part of it. Jimmy went to his grave waiting on the rest of the money we raised. Then several months later Keith tried covering up his greed by saying that a DPW employee stole the rest of the money he was holding from his desk. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU KEITH! You are a SHAMEFUL CROOK.

  103. hang tight members coming soon in September will be a handful of exterminators cleaning up house, and once again integrity will be restored as soon as the rat is gone.

  104. what’s so funny is why does he hold on the money so long and why does he keep that much cash in his desk, a professional leader would either have a safe in office or walk his fat ass down the street there are at least 5 banks walking distance, but being he is a rat it gives him a way out to make believe some one stole the money shame on you dough boy

  105. What we are witnessing is a pathological liar, who is desperately attempting to hold on to his seat. Olson will tell any lie, attack anyone, and misuse funds to stop the persons that have exposed him and Moran, and Mueller. It will not work by not addressing the facts. The issue of rallies, who by the way was attended by many, or repeated fund raisers, is what union leaders do all across the US. What they do not do is:
    unauthorized investigations into union members.
    remove personnel files for their own personal future gain.
    attack CLS members.
    Send threatening emails, and or text messages to CLS, and PBA members.
    tell IAD supervisors to remove their shields and fist fight like a man. ( really belly wop)
    send your rogue cops Moran, and Mueller to write up union members, and plan their next targets.
    make calls and tell good dam supervisors to not give any overtime to RM, and his friends.
    Attempt to smear, and slander CLS , and PBA members reputations., and much more. We welcome any outside independent investigators to fully examine the actions and abuse of a union office, and stand ready as Police Officers to defend the integrity of our office.

  106. I keep reading about Wayne Simoes not getting all the money we raised for him. Even though my friend Wayne has landed on his feet and has since been promoted he is still entitled to the money we raised for him as fellow cops. Wayne is too humble to come out and say “hey guys I only got what the 4th pct gave me.” He’s not going to ask for anything, but it is a crying shame that once again our PBA president got his grimmy hands on money we raised and he never let it go. Truth is we raised over 8 times as much money as what Wayne received.
    We see a very upsetting pattern here,… I know another poster commented on this a while back and I hate to bring it up again but the truth hurts,… our friend Det. Jimmy McCabe never got the money we raised for him either. Remember when Ray called Keith on it asking for Jimmy’s money, then Keith finally gave Jimmy only part of it. Jimmy went to his grave waiting on the rest of the money we raised. Then several months later Keith tried covering up his greed by saying that a DPW employee stole the rest of the money he was holding from his desk. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU KEITH! You are a SHAMEFUL CROOK.

  107. shorty aka chiapet aka wife steeler aka chaser,greenburgh p.d. doesn’t know how to code out that job,you know the one where they dropped you off at the 1st,there is paper trail on that one…lol

  108. No pun intended, lets make it clear. What’s your “real deal” was meant for the spineless PBA pres., KO to think about and respond to! This is not about disrespect; for me and the crew its about your pres. and how his lawyers wrote an article that is all erroneous and nothing but bullshit. We stand behind blue truth all the way on both the east and west side. Bluetruth call upon us if you need us to pick up any fat rats creeping around.

  109. Xtratrashpickupnocharge, you rock! Kind of like the half pint womanizer at a kiss concert. But I hope you don’t want to sleep with any of our wives, lol.

  110. you are entertaining the hell out of us, but word in the city and dpw is that KO and his friends BM and JM and the useless so called PBA board screwed over some good guys in the city. Whats your real deal cause thats the story you wrote but its nothing short of bullshit and everybody sees that. I gotta agree you messed up and hopefully you will get forgiveness from the man upstairs.

  111. We are all loving the good picture of the Blue Truth peeking through looking for the fat rat. You need to hide cause everybodys looking and laughing especially when we are thinking of cheesey doughboy .

  112. I have decided like the majority at the 1st pct that you can show up and talk bullshit but everyone here is laughing behind your back and just smiling as a front. They all say they will never vote you in again. Please step down for the good of us that still have 15 years to go. You are in no shape to lead us. The only way to win is to cheat again. That’s despicable to rob us of our right to vote for who we back.

  113. Hezi prints very accurately he is very astute with the city of Yonkers, very unprofessional of pba leader dissing him for printing the truth,Keep up the good reporting Hezi!

  114. I just read your response Mr. KO to the numerous unanswered questions that have been presented, and I have to say I stand behind Blue Truth and the article by Hezi. He is a professional, stellar, hard working journalist. How sad that you got our PBA attorneys to spend valuable time working on your ridiculous, insincere, response on our backs. Better days are yet to come.

  115. run rat run, forensic audit, questionable credit card charges, missing funds from fundraisers, 1500 a month for coffee,lawyers doing work they are not suppose to? , this is going to get ugly, almost like you…………..

  116. This week we will be exposing more truth. We welcome State investigators to look into the allegations set forth. We have nothing to hide fat boy. You and your rat tails did all the dirty work against our members. Now it must be brought to light .

  117. I’m liking Blue Truth and no KO we will not jump on your bandwagon so please stop telling us what we need to do. Its enough already and we now see what Blue Truth represents: Honesty, integrity, loyalty and the best interest of our union that you have destroyed. You broke the golden rule and are no longer good for our union. United we stand behind Bluetruth.

  118. You are in deep, hot water KO! Please tell us you do not sell out your own and reading one of your comments posted bit earlier about criminal crap; it is clear you are not the person that I want defending me. You are a classless, no good, rat!

  119. I am not actively involved in our department but I must say when my friends from college are calling me to see if this is what my union head is about it makes me wonder! I keep hearing that these guys RS,HC,BP,RM,BS, are the good decent guys. You will not have my vote in the next election KO.

  120. Yikes, the water is cold and frigid after reading the article our 3 high paid attorneys wrote. We are going to stick with the warm water coming from our hero Blue Truth. Can’t wait to read it in print soon.

  121. KO was at the theater? Why? Perhaps he will tell us as he was observed munching on handfuls of cheesy, zesty popcorn, extra large coke all supersized.

  122. I work at the 4th pct, and I have to say Blue Truth has accurate information. Our capt JM cooks, cleans and mops for us. I’m not complaining just saying it is true.

  123. Good Lord, please tell us its not true about W.S. not receiving all his money that we the members worked so hard to fundraise. How much money did you present to W.S.? Where’s the money Ko?

  124. Hey fat neck, now your threatening against outside investigations. We welcome any, and we are much more than three rats that have taken control of the union lawyers for their own benefit. This is just the beginning of the end. We welcome any investigation into you fat ass.

  125. I’ll tell you what’s comical! The president still hasn’t answered one simple question. We know he will never answer the three blue truth articles because he wants to rewrite his history as our leader. Where is the money that was collected for Wayne? Is it still safe with the PBA? Was it donated to another charity without telling the donors? Are you waiting to give it to Wayne as a retirement gift? Did you booze it away? Take a vacation on the good will of the donating members? Or is it in the PBA safe marked “CHEESE FUND”? The membership has a right to know!

  126. I can’t tell if ray and his boys are writing this or if it’s a bunch of third grade students, probably ray and his boys because the spelling and grammar are so bad. Fat this, fat that, chunky cheese or sliced. I’m not afraid of him only he he falls on me. Give us a break. And be careful what you wish for, an outside agency. They might look at what you got written up for, a crime. And the captain, same thing. And to defend a guy who stole from a fund for one of our members, come on. You guys give him way to much credit. Tell us how he was able to get the fireman to steal the gas that started the investigation from outside the PD. And how he was able to outsmart ray and have him do what he did. If you could just explain these few things maybe you would establish credibility, not going to happen. And always remember; Be careful for what you wish, you just might get it.

  127. does mueller wear a apron when he cooks or cleans at the precint
    moran is a lil creepy reminds me of michael myers(haloween)
    babe the twicher reminds me of john gacy
    ko looks like a large rat!!!
    louie lou is just a jerk off.
    and we all know what we think of donahgy………

  128. Here are all your comments flea bag Olson. Now I hope you don’t catch a plague or something. Stop eating rotten cheese, it’s rotting what little brain you have left. Suck on that cheese lips!

  129. Olson you are approaching the end of your union days. Normally if you were a fair union leader you may have had say on were you will go after you are ousted, but because you burned all your bridges, you may have to take the DD desk. The same desk you and your friend Hartnett give to RM. Don’t worry Captain Itzla said he really did not mind that you and Moran did an unauthorized investigation on him. Maybe if you are good , he won’t release all the memos he wrote about you and Moran. Maybe he will forgive you. Because after all he is a true professional. I hope you remembered Itzla.

  130. I did not hear you Keith, yes or no to the facts. Can any one on the third floor gives this sack of cheese a character reference? Nooooooooooo, Funny, just what we thought

  131. When I think of the word gutter this is what come to mind:
    Olson, B. Moran, J. Mueller
    Rat fleas
    all the words are interchangable

  132. Everything you heard about Olson is just about all true. Really he cannot help you when he walks into IAD because he has threaten to fight two of them, and he has pending opened IAD investigations along with Captain John Mueller. My suggestion to you and all members of this department is to hold Olson responsible for his unethical acts of aggression. Unfortunately he needs medical help for his aggression, and his need to lie. This will probably get worst before we can begin anew. Hang in there change is coming.

  133. I am a new hire, and in field training. I heard senior officers talking about our PBA Union leader, and most say its true. I am really worried that he is battling for his own survival, because I don’t know how he can help me when so many members don’t trust him. All I read and hear about is our union leader. I have a question. Why aren’t other union members writing about their representation in the same manner?

  134. Amen to Honest cop, Olson’s PBA lawyers missed the mark against his own members. We are still here waiting for you to answer the facts of the three articles. The only beef you have is around your waist. Everything else is a lie. No one will wait for you at the 1st. Pct. your new jack relative trustee can’t help you. All the members know you like your only two rat friends attract nothing but flies. You have nothing to tell them about the contract because there is no contract, or talks about a contract. Five long years Olson, who are you going to blame? Amicone your friend, or the new mayor that just came in, and was left your bag of shit. Right now your sister is an assistant to assistant who makes $64,400 a year. Take a walk down memory lane, remember when the fat neck sent out an email telling members to vote to give up our uniform allowance, and change tours. Not that long ago fat neck. Now we are headed to mediation, after five long years after YOU!!!!!!

  135. Answer the following;
    where is the money, receipts for fund raising
    who handles the cash
    where are the copies of RM IAD files that you carry
    You have Five IAD complaints filed
    you were found guilty of spray painting city property
    you and your friends finally got the memo to stop doing unauthorized investigations against CLS members, and PBA members
    why did you threatened to fight two IAD supervisors
    why do you send threatening text messages to members of the CLS, and PBA
    why did you and Moran take police property from the offices of IAD, and the Detective Division and give them to city hall, and carry them around with you at union meetings
    why did you not the PD record a former DPW worker who was wrongfully stealing petit cash form the office, and tell the DPW Union that it was Gardner
    after he was arrested, and lost his job, Olson you then posted on your facebook page to further ridicule him
    why did you set up and send fake text messages to PBA members
    why do use a city vehicle when you get a $4000.00 a month stipend etc.,

  136. You guys are pathetic. I just read an entire article addressing most of the allegations in the “blue truth” articles, and you’re still posting that Keith isn’t addressing the “facts”? The the article.

  137. Keith, just so you know the entire department hasn’t stopped posting like you say. Everyone is still posting comments like crazy on this “Blue Truth” article. Your article answers nothing, I don’t think anyone wants to give your article any more publicity. All the comments posted that seem to favor you, I know for sure you posted them. Not because I know your IP address or anything like that. I know how you write; you are very foul mouthed, everything is a four letter word from you. You think you’re so tough. OOooo so tough, “fuck this, fuck that, everyone is a coward, no one dares challenge me.” Come on that is so you. We are very scared of you, scared you might land on one us when you fall. And also, every other post you’re asking to debate on a radio show. That is totally you, you don’t fool no one. That’s your style. You really are a bag of wind. How sad you must’ve felt this morning when you logged into your computer and saw about 30 posts in your favor and then realized those were all the comments you typed and posted last night. No one stands up for you Keith, we really are sick of you. You really are a pathetic soul.

  138. To date the fat man liar has not address one fact. Seems that the cheese he and his only two friends on the entire job have been eating has clogged their memory. Soon our readers will get to see the facts that Olson refuses to speak on. This will be a very disappointing week for the head cheese eater. We respectful members will wait for the outside investigation to begin against the trio, and my how the facts will flow, because the cheese clog will be cleared.

  139. If your talking about my friend, you are right! Records do speak for themselves. 14 years, none of which will always be great, but as far as doing the job I think the whole department would agree he has done some great work. Some of the cops on that list should not be there. That’s sounds harsh but is just a fact of life. I also heard experience as an officer counts for a whole 10 points. What a joke! KO wants a nypd style job but yet does not fight to change the right things such as a flawed interview process. The process breeds controversy because we all know if someone has a personal vendetta against a cop that he will never make detective no matter if he had a great interview or just the average. As far as who people know, whoever is wow should be careful. I’m sure wow knows that when you have connections you usually have a leg up on the competition and by no means have all of the people that have connections have been B. Menton or M. Oakley style cops/Detectives. Yet these substandard cops were placed in sweet positions no matter what the competition. You can’t have it both ways, just seems like certain people on this job will do things at whatever the cost to keep cops they don’t like down. All I can say is that is wrong.

  140. I have refrained from positing on any of the Blue Truth articles and was not going to post on this one either. I find them to be an embarrassment to the job. Both sides dislike each other and both sides are stubborn. Two in particular hate each other and this hate has divided and ruined OUR job. I do read all of the posts though and on the latest Blue Truth article someone posted that W.S never received all of the money that was collected for him over 4 years ago. It said he ony received a portion of the money that was collected from the 4th precinct. I remember the set amount that was collected from every member. That adds up to a lot of money. I would and I would hope that the entire job would like some answers to these questions:
    1. Did W.S get ALL of the money that was collected for him?
    2. If not why?
    3.If he never received the money then why wasn’t our money returned to us?
    4. Who was responsible for the money?
    5. Where is the money?
    6. Why wasn’t it ever brought up at a meeting and a decision be made by the membership what to do with the money?
    I hope it’s not true and W.S received all of the money but if not please someone answer the questions. It shouldn’t be here but at the meeting next week

  141. wow.. way to stand by your men YPD!! you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! if anyone sank anyone.. it was the one being interviewed .. love how people EXPECT things to be handed to them cause of who they know… maybe he just didnt deserve it !! ya think ??

  142. I am member in good standing, I hear a lot of this word called ” cowards”. Olson uses the word on a daily basis, but he is the biggest coward that I ever saw because we are still waiting for him to answer yes, or no to the articles. We know, and have the necessary proof. We just need your fat ass to step up, or roll up and answer as charged. You truly are in a deep mud hole. Your PBA lawyers should have told you to stop moving, because you have dropped deeper into the pit you pie face.

  143. The real cops of the Yonkers PD never target another. They don’t investigate cops, or supervisors, they don’t look in their file, or take them to be used at a later time, they don’t lie on each other, they don’t get other cops to write them up, they don’t start unauthorized investigations into one another, they don’t cut them off from their needed overtime, they don’t threaten them, they don’t check phone records, they don’t use Former IAD LT. to intimate them, and they don’t try to sleep or go out with cops wife’s, they don’t search desks or work stations, they don’t compile IAD records, they don’t stand up at union meeting a lie, and call out members names, and yell out that you have their files, and who wants to see it, they do not investigate people for labeling them, they don’t check phone records on cops, they don’t follow other cops, they don’t copy and remove official police files, You get my point fat rat. They just don’t.

  144. Nice to see support for those guys. Say whatever lies you want to say about them but they are stand alone, stand up guys. If we had many more like them this job would be great again. More members than you know love and respect you guys. The ones that don’t, well I will just say beware of them.

  145. It is very sad, and disheartening to see that Olson and his two rat friends choking on a sea of lies. They have done some many things within the department walls that they honestly forgot all of it. The membership, the officers, and CLS members stand ready to defend this clear abuse of union thugs, and those two bosses that supported this type of illegal behavior. We will see this through, and ensure that these thugs are brought to justice, and removed from their positions. We stand together, and united for guys like Brian Walsh who Olson thinks he can threaten. We stand for the guy who was cut off from overtime by Mueller because he talked with other members not in align with them. We stand for the guys that Olson and Mueller made calls against whether attempting to cut their overtime, or urging another supervisor to write them up. Olson those days are over. Soon the spot light will be on you, ” get it” no one fears you rats. You will be properly removed by your own actions.

  146. This message is for the masses, I’m not your buddy and shame on you. You got a problem with me, you should know where to find me. Yours truly and still

  147. You gave up units and played both sides like now. You went to the Fourth Precinct to save your CRY BABY friend, and got rookies to go out in uniform and ask civilians’ to call City Hall to save another liar. Your boys set up a tribunal to roast Firefighters into making statements against each other, and Barry knows the Truth. Mueller and Moran led the charge after an Intel Detective questioned your motives and refused to take it on. Please say yes, or no for heaven sake.

  148. It appears that Olson will not commit to answering any of the detailed statements in the article above. Perhaps we will need an outside state investigator to step in and set the record straight. I suggest he starts with the PBA Financials, all memos and reports relating to the facts, an inspection of the departments computer, IAD audio tapes, IAD reported complaints, memos concerning unauthorized investigation, memos concerning the use of computers, telephone records from Olson, Moran, Mueller, and good old fashion statements from CLS / PBA police personnel, not to mention the facts of shredding police files without permission at the Intel Office without going through official channels, where are your answers?

  149. One thing is a certainty! KO will go down in the books for the worst PBA leader of all time. Suck on that cheese lips!

  150. Tonight the entire City, including Hezi were well entertained by a PBA Lawyers response that did nothing but made it evident that your a sack of lies. Three articles no answers. A dam shame needle neck.

  151. Hey cheese lips, you did nothing for the following:
    where is the copy of RM IAD file,
    Where is the unauthorized file you and Moran complied on Captain Itzla,
    Are there reports, and emails concerning you and shit face B. Mora, that were written by the Captain concerning you,
    did you call anyone in the department to stop any one officer from getting overtime any where, where is that report?
    Are you and Mueller under IAD investigation, for what,
    did you carry a tape recorder, we know Moran does.
    You need to answer these specific questions now, or later in front of a State Judge. Your a fat fuckin liar

  152. Your attacks on Hezi did not kindle anything but the fact that you did not address the contains of all three BLUE TRUTH ARTICLES.

  153. FYI, Hezi as an investigator reporter is way smarter that you Olson. Your attacks on his and everyone else’s credibility is shameful, and in the end it will lead to your demise. He has what he needs to let your hot air out.

  154. 125k a year for Quinn, 18k for coffee,60k dinner and bar credit card expenses,15k a year for political contributions,guess who pays???? thats a nice gig…………

  155. Wow Olson is that the best three lawyers could do. Wait a see what one firm is going to do to you. Were are your answers, not what you claimed you did. stick to YES, OR NO ASS WIPE OF CHEESE

  156. Every coner that you turn Keith, a new truth is exposed. It’s like trying to get away from your own shadow! You can’t! Just like you can’t get away from blue truth.

  157. keith does not have a membership, did you see his last pba dinner..??? major flop, less than 100,his monthly meeting speak volumes no one is their………….get out of town

  158. just wondering what Mueller the house keeper would charge me to take care of my home my domestic is away till next week….and we love bbqs heard you where good at that………….

  159. Keith, where is Wayne’s money? If you don’t answer any of the blue truth articles please show the respect to us members and answer that question. You owe that much to your membership.

  160. Just ran into KO. Shop rite was have a buy one get one free cheese sale. He really loves his cheese. True to the rat race, rat face.

  161. that fat rat is going down like a block of cheese, after two freeking months he puts out a response that would embarrass a first year law student, Fitz was a good guy till he turned on us, Quinn is just here for the college tuition we provide for his kids, and the coffee machine is paying some one rent, probably a ko friend. You want radio time with us your going to get it just waiting for the right time to bait your fat rat ass,and you will not be PBA pres coming 2014 new sheriff in town gonna clean up the mess you and the chimp started by the way how did he get that boat…………members want to know lol

  162. Thanks Blue Truth for uncovering this run away union leader. You have set us free on this Independence Day. We admire what you are doing for us.

  163. guys the fat rat is in self destruction mode, he is losing it, just read his pathetic response which is deafening when it doesn’t fully respond to BLUE TRUTH,be prepared dough boy to answer the members specifics at our September meeting,bring extra cheese your going to need it you worthless POS

  164. If one for all is really Keith as the meds guy says in one of the posts then I fully support Ray and his friends. How can a PBA president say that RS is lucky to have his job? What does that mean? I was kind of staying out of this whole beef because it seems very personal between a few people. I really would hate to find out that my PBA president would post something like that. For the sake of the YPD I hope I am naive!

  165. Keith Olson needed a quick fix, so he hired or used three dream maker lawyers to write him a pack of duties that he should have been performing all along. However, they fell short of answering anything of real substance. Very sad indeed.

  166. Just wanted to thank entire 3rd floor for throwing out the rat on his ass,and also like to thank SIU for telling him to go fly a kite,special thanks to Defiore and Stein telling the rat no case here,and most importantly Gerard for standing behind us thanks pal!!!!!

  167. People saw you at city hall trying to get rid of Taggart. People saw you with Fleming, Moran, Mueller, and your friend Hartnett. In fact, the day Taggart was told to resign you fat liar were seen coming from city hall with other PBA union leaders. your a compulsive liar, but that’s how you were raised shit face.

  168. You know ko your statement tonight sinks you to an all time lowwwwwwwwwwww,you really surprised me,I was looking for more substance than the bull shit fitz and Quinn put together for you. The good thing is that you set it straight that you incriminated your self by being close friends with Housekeeper Mueller and snoop dog moran,babe the twicher has his own issues, be prepared to do the radio show, and be prepared to be challenged, you are an insult and a no good fat rat bastard cheese eating no good piece of shit,now tell one of your bitches to make me a drink!!!!!!!!

  169. I hope these guys are only making up stories. I am what they consider to be Switzerland when it comes to the politicing but if there was a fund raiser for a cop in need and the money did a David Blane then I would say I can’t support our PBA president. That’s where Switzerland becomes an awaking sleeping giant. You can get nuked for that one if its true. Is it true KO? Please answer to this one, its seems a little more important that the rest of the mud slinging because this question is all about integrity. A big part of the position you hold.

  170. KO I am sorry but where are your facts. Don’t worry we have them……..and we will be giving them up soon. we will let your lawyers read them too, after all their job is suppose to be to defend members, not write letters against them. AH, the firm gets about $100,000, THEY CAN A LEAST DRAFT YOU A FAILED SPIN, YOUR A LAUGHING STOCK OF CHEESE.

  171. The worst spin story I have ever read. you still did not answer the facts of emails, phone calls, texting, write ups, removing police files, copying police files, threats to union members, using police computers to send out fake text messages from the intel unit, looking through police personnel files, possessing personnel files, using then IAD personnel to intimate, telling members at union meeting that you have it. We too welcome an honest show, but a show in front of a Honest State Judge, not on a radio show.

  172. Well people I would like a response on the Simoes fund raiser. This guy that supposedly has done so much for so many needs to answer what happened to that money. You owe that to your members Mr. Olson. And please don’t say you forgot and that the money is in a safe place. That safe place was supposed to be Wayne’s hands so he could have paid his bills. Please we expect a response right away, either from you or your three useless lawyers.

  173. Fat man, your statement only satisfied you, and your two pitbulls. It was a lot of fluff about nothing. The readers of the city see right through the mist of lies. Eat cheese your better at that.

  174. Who investigated a Detective Captain, where and how did you collect the information.
    why did you give them to the mayor without checking the facts.
    did you spray paint city property
    did you threaten to fight two IAD supervisors, or any other police personnel.
    did you use a Det. LT. to sneak or let you into IAD to get personnel files
    did the PC put out a memo concerning unauthorized investigations etc. ect. ect. plenty of good and plenty

  175. The members of the PBA were wondering something Keith! We had a big fund raiser when Wayne Simoes needed our financial support. From what I hear we raised a lot of $ for him. Rumor or I should just say fact has it he only saw monies collected from his own pct. where is that money Keith? If we find out you used it for your personal benefit the whole dept. will press charges against you for grand larceny. We want an answer on this one cause until we find out where that money is we will demand an investigation from outside sources. You like quotes so I’ll use one I once heard in a movie. “SHOW ME THE MONEY” you fat thieving rat.

  176. Olson your PBA lawyer friends are now committed to the soon to be inquiry that we members are looking forward to attending. So you and your furry friends should stop eating that fat yellow cheese, so your suits will fit.

  177. Holy shit! I never realized how many personalities a schizophrenic could actually have and how bad it must be when one is off his meds. KO you really have come undone. I say to the top brass please do something about this individual, he carries a gun and is quick to text threats to people. It will be your guys falt if this man harms himself(we can only hope) but more importantly if he harms someone other than himself. This man has finally snapped and I can prove it. For the sake of any MOS, please investigate this new article. The article was written by Quinn, Fitz and Delesandro but all the posts ranting about RM and his friends is clearly by this one very sick individual that is crying out for help. Get the ip addresses of these following posters: cowards, Ef’RM, stop hiding, joe Mahoney, fish fan, LRG, suck it, …………., creepy crouton, insider is losing steam, who’s the real rat, pappas, commissioner don vici, retired guy, petey meaty, el muchacho, takes a rat to call one, booga booga, put up or shut up, Yonkers guy, vanilla gorilla, 3rd. floor, the masses and one for all, and I guarantee you that it comes back to Keith(I’ve lost my mind) Olson. This is not a joke anymore, he needs to be admitted to St. Joe’s immediately. I still can’t help saying though, you get what you f…ing deserve you fat scitzo “RAT.” THE END.

  178. the fat man clearly proved that he again has used three union lawyers to prepare a statement against his own members that took up to three weeks to prepare. You yourself have opened the flood gates to an outside independent investigation. Thank you Hezi, you have just caught a fat rat in our journalistic trap.

  179. Oh and by the way did I say I will help you when I am a Chief….sorry could not help myself I love talking about me me me me……

  180. Mingy I am very very sorry for sinking you. I was the deciding factor and could have scored you high enough to get you on the list. No one told me to get you on. Please be nice to me and tell Mike I really really did not know you guys were friends, and by the way when I become a captain then chief. I will help you out……..once again I am very sorry…..Joe

  181. I worked under Pap for years in the street. He is a top notch supervisor.The only bully is KO. You are lying yet again Keith. The more you say the more us guys are laughing at the bullshit you keep on spewing.

  182. Your unsavory conduct and back door backstabbing took you down. We all know you cant do anything for us that are actually working hard in the trenches each day and night. You are a lame duck, loathed and laughing stock in the city. Ratsback has your number and is on point. Crawl back into the dark hole asswipe. No one is buying your bullshit.

  183. Fat rat you have not given us facts just constipation thinking about the cheese you nibble on all day and night. Stop with the cheese already.

  184. I guess Quinn couldn’t help the king rat so Fitzy wrote a response for him,Im surprised at you Fitz you did not address the facts in Blue Truth, all you did was put a spin on it, I hope the members don’t have to pay for that bullshit letter, in September the names will come out that take KO down once and for all,I just want to know if ko is so great why was our dinner dance a major flop???why are our monthly meetings so low ????why are we working almost 6 years with out a contract????you go rat!!!! –

  185. Stay your course Mingy! you are respected by those that count: the membership. Shame on you KO for lying, conspiring, plotting. You got caught and no one likes you. Go Mingy….

  186. I originally posted this in response to Keith Olson’s article. I am copying it here for the sake of keeping things in one place, makes it easier to follow. To Keith, I repeat my offer. Withdraw your complaint to the Commissioner so that us cops can post our actual names without being suspended and I will be the first to own up to this posting. Otherwise stop saying anyone who posts without their name is a coward. Are you trying to set us up?
    Dear Mr. Olson,
    I read your response to the Blue Truth articles and find it to be a desperate self serving pathetic response to the FACTS. Actually as we all knew you might try to do; you simply put out a pathetic resume trying to get the public and fellow cops to think you actually did something positive. You did not answer to any of the allegations which we know to be fact. You were keen to say that you “Denounce” the allegations. Your lawyer must’ve advised you to use that word. It makes you sound like you’re denying the allegations but you’re just saying they are bad. We denounce the allegations too, because they are horrendous, but they are true. You never said the allegations are false. You say that people higher than you decided to bring Hartnett in, of course. We agree you don’t have the authority to hire anybody, but you definitely conspired and influenced Mayor Amicone and Fleming to bring in Hartnett. And you definitely conspired to make Taggart look incompetent so that they would agree to replace him. So don’t play with words here, we all know you can’t hire the Commissioner, but you know you did make sure behind the scenes that Hartnett came in. And yes, Mr, Olson when all the YPD cops got tired of all the “things” Hartnett was doing to us, you did put up a “front” trying to make us believe you were on our side. You know, write something about “Yonkers ain’t safe” to make us believe you were still on our side. But it was just a fake empty “front” Keith. That Yonkers ain’t safe Facebook page was actually Lt. Pat McCormack’s idea and he is the one that kept updating it everyday, so who are you kidding? And as you know Pat McCormack was Hartnett’s right hand man, his desk was in Hartnett’s office. And I might add that Pat and Hartnett were and remain close friends to this very day; So much so that the last thing Hartnett did before he left was give Pat a Detective Lieutenant shield with the accompanying raise. So who are you kidding Keith. It was a tight circle you kept with Hartnett and you wanted us to believe otherwise.
    When our Vice President took a stand towards Hartnett you quickly got your “close friends” Moran and Mueller to “take Ray out” by any means. And we all know what they did to him. The only thing you admitted in you self serving article above is that you are in fact “Close friends” with Moran and Mueller.” I am glad you put that in writing Mr. Olson. Answer now,how your “Close friends” wrote up the PBA Vice President and you couldn’t help him?? You are a liar and you did not answer to any of the allegations in you self serving editorial. You didn’t do anything to stop Moran because you yourself set him up. These are the facts my friend. You say you filed grievances etc, on our behalf; name one grievance that got us members anything?? Please just one Mr. Olson. Come on Keith, really? You put up a good “front” while screwing us behind closed doors. Do you really think your editorial answers anything at all? Quite the opposite, you confirmed to us who your co-conspirators (close friends) are, just as we knew all along. And, by not answering to any of the allegations you have solidified the facts we all know to be true. You are pathetic and desperate, step away from the podium. Everyone calls you a Rat, I won’t do that, you are worse than a Rat.
    Oh, and another thing you did not answer in your editorial Mr. Olson. When Detective Montero was running against you for PBA President, he went to Wells Avenue (the old Board of Ed Building) to campaign to the ESU Officers that were all there doing training tactics. Then you showed up to Campaign as well. (Someone) called Sgt. Moran and told him “Ray was campaigning, isn’t he supposed to be home sick.” Turns out Ray had permission to leave his home for a short period of time. But your now confirmed “close friend” wrote up a PBA union member for “Campaigning.” How sick is that. You are the PBA union President Keith, how do you feel about your “close friend” writing up a union member for campaigning? Did you file a grievance against your “close friend”? On second thought I guess you are a Rat!
    Posted by: You’re full of it Keith
    Hey Keith,
    You keep saying we don’t put our names to what we write here on this site. But you yourself went upstairs and made a complaint to the Commissioner and he put out a memo asking us not to post comments. So you know we can’t post our names, that is the only reason why my name is not is the long post above. You as a “Union Rep” are exempt and can put your name, it’s allowed. Ask the Commissioner to allow us to use our real names on these comments and if he agrees, I guarantee you I will own the response I typed above and you will know exactly who I am. Trust me it’s not Ray. There are many of us cops disgusted with you. So put your money where your mouth is, withdraw your complaint so that we could use out names. There’s no cowards here my friend, just fed up cops

  187. Looks like KO is bored tonight and is running scared. We are not done yet , you must realize its just begun asswipe until you do what’s right for the department and just admit to your treachery and how you have been exposed. You are despised for what you have done to so many of Yonkers finest.

  188. Members God Bless the YPD! Change is inevitable and the BIG RAT will eventually step down so that our department gets back on track. Really! How is he still our so called leader. God Bless and stay safe ladies and gentlemen.

  189. There has NOT been 200 members at a PBA dinner since RM was elected. Remember that’s the election you didn’t fix fat rat. Last meeting was a joke and everyone knows your game and has your number. you have destroyed our union and the time is right for you to turn our union over to VP Hughes.

  190. You will never own your comments or actions. You are a compulsive liar and get off on thinking you’ve outsmarted and duped somebody you despicable, barbaric, rodent. All you own are your perks and freebies on the backs of the men and women of this department. Step down already.

  191. WHOA!!It looks like Mr.Useless is back and had our attorneys write a bullshit article. Our union dues are going towards our lawyers writing for him and a $1500 coffee machine and snacks for the big man as they meet every minute to console Mr.Useless pres.

  192. The fat rat came out of the hole. You have been eaten up and are so pathetic Mr.Olson. Keep munching on the cheese- swiss, provolone???

  193. To the poster: you are full of it Keith. Great response to yet another self serving article by our soon to be ex PBA president. How can one man be so full of shit. He is a disgusting sub par human being, or should I just stick to the truth? He is a “RAT.” Looks like another misfire by a misfit.

  194. There obviously were some shenanigans when you look at the new DD list. There was a time you earned it by doing your work and putting your time in. You always had a few with YO Steam and got through. But let’s jus say I find that list to be very SPECIAL…….ROTFLMAO…..Times have changed I guess…..All my YPD friends have a great weekend, stay safe but most importantly… always……stay thirsty!

  195. Very interesting=Keith Olson
    Of course that post name plus hundreds of others, nobody buys your bullshit. Stop trying to talk about a useless DD list to divert attention from your lies and very short comings. You seem to be a clairvoyant these days, while I always just thought you were a fat cheesy rat. Go back in your cave you barbarian.

  196. Very interesting, get your head out of your …, it was more than Monaco that sank the Ming. And nothing will be done about it. 5 year guys on that list. That is what this job has become. A lot of jealous people out there fellow PBA members so be careful those of that crew don’t sink you. To the ones on that list that deserve it, and you guys and girls know who you are, I say congratulations. To the members that should be on the list and were back doored for whatever the reasons always remember, “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.” So hold your heads up high and wait for them to get theirs. The big man upstairs is also watching the treacherous ones. God Bless the solid individuals on this job that keep us looking good. I know for a fact that the weak on this job don’t sleep well at night.

  197. Now thats interesting. Det Lt Monaco is accused of squashing Santobello on the DD list. Now a veiled threat to take his shield away in retribution? Now that sounds interesting.

  198. Hey I heard that Det Lt J.M. sunk Mingy and now is back peddling his way out of it blaming det Sgt B.M…….
    is he tenured? Just wondering….

  199. To so lets gets this right….NEW GUYS WANT TO KNOW..
    To bad the good supervisors that KNOW the truth and would do anything to protect the great men and woman of the job retired and are soon retiring……..Remember “a man is not man when he does not confront those he disagree’s with” character assassination is their specialty……..

  200. It really makes my blood boil to have to continually see these scumbags walking around like everything they did is okay. It’s not okay and you need to atone for these atrocious sins. Maybe God will forgive you but we never will. PS we hate you ratpack!

  201. I don’t disagree with the above poster (tellthetruth), but he’s only scratching the surface. Keith did a whole lot more shady shit against this union and its members. Conspiring with the old administration to eliminate many police positions and units is contrary to what a union president is supposed to be doing. And all Keith wanted in exchange from the administration was just “favors” for his friends. He systematically sold us out. All along while we were being downsized and overworked Keith kept telling us “now is not the time to protest these cuts.” Of course not, he was in on it all along. What a shame. He should be impeached for that alone. And when our then Vice President Montero took a stand against all the cuts and scrutinization the old administration (Hartnett) was imposing on us, Keith set up him up by getting his friends Mueller and Moran to write up our own Vice President! This is proven fact! This is not only impeachable, but downright criminal! These are the acts that stand out and proven to be true. Trust me there are lots of more acts against our union and members committed by Keith. Time to step down.

  202. What the Fat man did:
    Threaten to beat up P.O. Walsh
    sent two supervisors to write up RM
    Investigated RM without telling any one for two weeks
    Used a Former Lt. to get copies of IAD Files
    stand up at union meetings and say he has RM IAD file
    commence unauthorized investigations against cops, and CLS members’
    Use same former IAD LT., and Sgt. Moran to conduct the unauthorized a investigations
    Use his two pit-bull supervisors as attack dogs against his own members
    Use a Police Computer to send out fake text messages
    Sent out threatening text messages to union members
    tape record conversation
    get records of DPW gas sheets
    and much more….The DA will be here soon. Would you
    like to make a statement, or hire your own lawyer without misused PBA Funds…what’s it going to be cheese lips

  203. We are the hard working cops who see the mismanagement of funds, favors for the inside rat circle, the abuse of our leader to officers like P.O.Walsh and others, we will not sit and take this BULLSHIT from you anymore!!!the chickens are coming home to roost dough boy!!!!!

  204. keith why spend members money to find out who we are????you know who we are, we are the members that pay your salary, if I where you I would try to focus on how to save my self not worrying about who blue truth is, it really doesn’t matter at this point the story is 100% on target and you are not dealing with it the way you are suppose to, you are really getting bad advise from who ever is advising you, this is like politics it wont go away to you step down or resign or answer the story, you are a fool to spend a dollar otherwise. The members that pay into the union deserve better leadership than this, clearly the chimp is not giving you good advice,Fitzy is half a lawyer, and Quinn knows the law and cant do shit about bloggers saying the truth, you really should call Cola and ask him, he was a good leader, but he probably would not even take your call, go back to your rat hole and start writing your resignation letter you RAT!!!!!

  205. Too bad the YPD got rid of the 5 squad chart. When you worked with the same group of guys and partners, you knew who you could trust.

  206. I forgot unless your supervisor is Mueller “the house keeper”,or babe the “twicher” mcauley, “snoop” moran,or louiiiieee louuuu,you should be fine!

  207. Hey lad trust no one associated with the rat pack, hopefully your supervisor can enlighten you about the rat pack. The job will become great again, we got a decent commish,we got good DCs,we have a decent mayor, just got to get the rat pack out hang tight better days are coming. GOD BLESS YPD!!!

  208. Happy Fourth of July to the many men and woman of the Yonkers Police Department. We had one of the best PD’s in New York until Keith Olson and his two rat tail friends decide to tell you “cops” what you should eat off the menu. Then they systematically sold us out for their personal betterment. If you are following the comments on this exploding factual article you will see, and read that the editor himself spanks Olson for out right lying. Recently, he and his friends have file complaints against our members, asked the PC to conduct investigations against our members in which the DA’s office informed the department of the members First Amendment Rights. Moreover, now we learn that he may have retained a Private Investigator to investigate ” COPS”. He is a very pathetic individual that we, or the DA’s office will be dumping very soon. We will also be requesting a Forensic Audit of Olson’s handling of the PBA’S entire financial package. The members have a right to see every receipt and spending transactions no matter the cost.

  209. O.K. Lets set the record straight once and for all……
    Who do you think is responsible for screwing this job over for their own personal gain on the backs of the “brothers” ……and why…I know KO and I believe everything on this site about him is 100% true but what about all the other guys you keep mentioning without exact details…. Example Louie V and why etc…All us new guys want to know the real truth…and this is the best place to get it…..We want to know who we can trust and who we can’t….West Side of Town…

  210. crickets….crickets….Paddedwalls has been silenced…..ROTFLMAO….I hope everyone had a great 4th…..and as always….stay thirsty my friends

  211. So I’m at a Yonkers cop’s house at his 4th of July BBQ and he’s putting burgers on the grill for everyone. He yells out to us, “who wants cheese!?” And all at once everyone in the yard yelled out, “NO CHEESE!, NO RATS!” Lmao, we all knew why everyone said that. Even the older folks! I guess everyone is following this site lol.

  212. I may go to the met game next year if they play on July 4th….1985 vs Braves…..19 innings….Today so far……14 innings…..stay thirsty my friends…..even Paddedwalls…

  213. Crockpot Orange Chicken
    2 large carrots peeled and sliced, about a 1/2 -inch thick
    2 large red or green bell peppers, cut into 1/-inch chunks
    3 cloves garlic finely minced
    4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
    2 tsp. ground ginger
    1 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. pepper
    8 ounces orange juice concentrate
    2 cups Mandarin orange segments or fresh orange segments
    2 Green onions, chopped
    hot cooked rice
    Put carrots, peppers, garlic, then the chicken, ginger, salt, pepper and frozen orange juice in Crockpot. Cover and cook on LOW 4 to 6 hours. Serve chicken on hot cooked rice on platter. Top with orange segments and green onions. Serve chicken liquid in gravy boat, if desired.
    Enjoy my friends…..and remember… always…..stay thirsty my friends!

  214. Who needs Macy’s! The fireworks on this site are fantastic. But be careful ratpack, when you guys play with fireworks you blow limbs off. Be careful this 4th. of July! Even an old editor like hesi blew up in your faces. Don’t come out of your holes until we get your resignations you bums. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Oh’ and GOD BLESS THE BLUE TRUTH!! PS, you shouldn’t have pissed off Fazio!!

  215. Just received Intel, that the Rat pack are going underground for the week end,Reliable sources say ko head is swollen with numerous hits he has been taking, and now louiiiieee louuuu is starting to show signs of emotional breakdown,moran was last seen picking up cheese for king rat, and Mueller was seen at home depot picking up house cleaning supplies,mop,broom I guess he will be cooking and cleaning for the rats, have a nice weekend,I wonder if Mueller will put on a apron when doing house work,word has it when he maintains the precint he wears one…lol BAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHAAAAA

  216. Wow Hezi set him straight!!!!!when will the very few followers of the rat pack get it?????we went back in time the last 5 years, yes its 1500 month for coffee, and Quinn gets over 120 K a year, and the RAT gets all the cheese on our Credit card!!!!!yeah ko is good for us ,like I need another hole in my head. Wake up !!!

  217. KO, you’re all hot air. Stop lying on the editor you clown. Hot air, balloons, clowns, I’m starting to see a real theme here.

  218. KEITH YOU JUST GOT SERVED!!! I can’t stop laughing! Even the Editor of this website had to point out that you are LYING!! You tried to sneak in a comment that your supporter’s comments are being deleted?…. Not true Mr. Olson. The fact is that you have no supporters. All the comments posted in your favor are still up and I know they were all posted by you Schitzo. Your lies are being exposed at every turn you take. And, you still HAVE NOT made a formal response to all the allegations you coward. You really need to step down.

  219. With that being the case Mr. Editor why do you allow such Falsehoods Upon Falsehoods?
    I’m Blown Away!
    Are they “Strong Arming” you?
    EDITOR’S NOTE: Mitigating “Falsehoods” is easily accomplished. Define why something is erroneous or false by substantiating with er…. fact… and falsehood dissolves. Barring that, you have your opinion, etc. Time for the truth to be told.
    P.S. must start radio show. Happy Fourth of July everyone.

  220. Looks like comments being posted that are not in favor of the CyberBully
    We’re taken off?
    You hide behind the computer without posting your real names.
    How coward of you!!!!
    At Least Keith Olson is Brave enough to attach his name to statements he has made
    And I have no doubt he will in the future.
    He’s the type of Guy you’d want to respect and I’m sure a lot others do too.
    You anonymous bloggers are like Spores of Mold!
    Pathetic , Childish.
    Like the New Age Cyber Bully
    With a spin on the “New Age”
    From what I hear at least one of them has reached Old Age and should be collecting soon.
    Very Sad and Very Disturbing.
    EDITOR’S NOTE: Not even one comment was taken off this thread or any of the other articles designated as BLUE TRUTH. Making up falsehoods are inappropriate… then again, you must know that… full steam ahead. “Very sad and very disturbing” indeed. Happy Fourth of July. – Kindly, Hezi

  221. Holy shit, 4th. of July is here! GOD BLESS THE BLUE TRUTH AND DOWN WITH THE RATPACK. The bombs bursting in air gave proof to the BLUE TRUTH that KO was not there, sing it with me fellow YPD members. Sing it loud and sing it PROUD.

  222. Reading all of these articles leads me to one conclusion. This guy Olson would not even qualify to be a carni! How the hell is he a PBA president. Even more, I would love to meet the psych Dr. that passed this clown! Thanks doc, you could have straightened this out years ago.

  223. To all union members in this City: Keith Olson, and his two friends ran around this city targeting any union member that they perceived as a threat to their pipe dreams. The YPD members, and the CLS members grew tired of Olson’s ways, and exposed him for abusing his position, and using his two supervisor friends to tarnish, and falsely accuse out spoken members, with tactics that have clearly violated members constitutional rights. This is Olson’s Egypt. The members have spoken!!!!!!

  224. I am elated to know that rat poison has one friend out there. You must live in a bubble, because you really don’t know who these people are. So love the one your with sweetie….

  225. Be careful great friend, Keith has stabbed all his so called friends in the back. Wear a vest to the office, and don’t talk, because his recorder is constantly on.

  226. Dam Keith, I didn’t realize how you really ruined this job. Our friendship is over. I am now with blue truth. PS do you really pay 1500 for that coffee machine?

  227. To my great friend Keith, keep your head up. I support you 100 percent. Be careful though, they are killing you with this stuff. Talk to you in the office soon. Love you.

  228. The axis of evil is back after he was told to stop asking the DA’s office to investigated “cops”. Your some union leader. The message for you and your poison pill friends, is to step down. All the doors are closed Keith Olson. You and your buddies need to be stopped, and held responsible for your actions against union members. You can no longer do anything for your membership, but post these long meaningless quotes. A regime change is in order. There is too much truth to spin this Fourth of July. The Axis is back posting with his rat tail friends…its amazing

  229. I still love the picture of the guy peeking out of the blinds. KO you really pained your rat ass into a corner. That is definitely you, I know that is how you feel right now. Don’t feel bad, if I were you I wouldn’t want to be seen anymore either. Good luck with your next career path you have chosen. Cheese Eater! How do you like your cheese dummy? Sliced, chunky or Rotten like your personality. Happy 4th. now f..k off!

  230. Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly,
    kiss slowly.
    love truly, laugh uncontrollably,and never regret anything that made you smile!
    Happy 4th my friends…..and as always …..stay thirsty my friends

  231. That long drawn out horse shit above posted by “uncommon sense” was Keith himself. You really are losing it Keith, and you call others crazy? Quoting Men from many years ago is what you and your cheating half pint brother in law do. You’ve been known for copying and pasting quotes all over your Facebook, half pint’s Facebook and you even paste old quotes on the propaganda PBA emails from time to time. You are a sick man. Is that why you are so power hungry? You are infatuated with dictators who were feared centuries ago. No one fears you except a handful of spineless board members, the rest of us think you are laughable.
    Here’s a new quote for you by the infamous Yonkers cop from medieval times, “eat my ass Keith”. His name was Sir F—k You!

  232. The rat always puts up quotes … He’s a moron for sure, he can’t answer the allegations just puts up bullshit someone else said. doesn’t ko realize that he has become a joke? No one fears him, not Gardner , not the DA’s office, the CLS, the mayor, no one… He’s a f..king fool And everyone sees it now. Ironic of you to use an Italian philosophers quote, go get drunk you barbarian.

  233. I hope all my YPD friends have a great 4th…..I read a great comedy today……the new DD list……ROTFLMAO! I hope everyone has a safe 4th and as always…..stay thirsty my friends.

  234. No one will be at the picnic tomorrow, have fun at the empty picnic tomorrow, you can eat all the cheese yourself. KO will be stuffing his pie hole with all the cheese and washing it down with PBA kool aide! The End.

  235. wow you guys really are embarrassing, how can you go against the supervisor…?louie, brian, mulleur donahue ,sound s like a bunch of misfits….lol

  236. Upon this a question arises: whether it be better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It may be answered that one should wish to be both, but, because it is difficult to unite them in one person, is much safer to be feared than loved, when, of the two, either must be dispensed with. Because this is to be asserted in general of men, that they are ungrateful, fickle, false, cowardly, covetous, and as long as you succeed they are yours entirely; they will offer you their blood, property, life and children, as is said above, when the need is far distant; but when it approaches they turn against you. And that prince who, relying entirely on their promises, has neglected other precautions, is ruined; because friendships that are obtained by payments, and not by greatness or nobility of mind, may indeed be earned, but they are not secured, and in time of need cannot be relied upon; and men have less scruple in offending one who is beloved than one who is feared, for love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails

  237. word has it that the ratpack is underground somewhere deep maybe even a bunker,ko s head must hurt with all the hits he has been taking….and louieeee lou is not looking too pretty these days

  238. Well the fat rat and his ratpack are back posting again. Could only mean one thing. The f…ing truth hurts. Seems they can’t help themselves everytime another blue truth bomb bursts on the tribune. Guilty conscience is exactly what it is. This is really unnerving to these rats. When the third floor asks why you wanted an investigation into a site your posting on you can just blame it on blue truth. Tell them these articles gave you a nervous twitch which caused your sausage links to smash your keyboard. Happy Independence Day to blue truth.

  239. Hey the Fat Headed Rat Olson is back posting again! Better watch out Keith, you called for an investigation on cops posting on this site, you might get caught in your own Rat Trap!!

  240. Blue Truth actually is partly right on this one. Anywhere he says “allegedly” is true. That means alleged as in not definite or surely. His opinion of these people or there actions. In other words, its not for real its just me trying to bring attention to myself that I otherwise would not be getting. All alleged total bullshit. As usual not a story in the least bit. Dickhead Blue truth!

  241. my my my this just does not want to go away,now all the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit,so you where the ones that got Pete transferred from S.I.U shame on you,you guys cant shine his shoes,you guys are a disgrace to the shield,how do you live with your selves!!!!

  242. These last three Blue Truth articles really makes one wonder how these guys did what they did and screwed so many people for so long without anyone calling them on their actions. I don’t doubt these things happened, in fact I know they did take place but you can’t help but wonder where was the top brass the whole time? I have to give these three guys credit, they successfully got a 40 year YPD veteran (Taggart) removed and replaced by an outsider (Hartnett) which cleared the way for them to screw with any cop or supervisor at will. Hey it was wrong and sort of evil but their plan worked for them.

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