Setting the Record Straight – The Real Blue Truth By Det. KEITH OLSON

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Dear Readers,
Yonkers PBA

In recent weeks the Yonkers
posted a number of ridiculous articles under the title “BLUE
TRUTH.” These are “stories” of the alleged inner workings of the Yonkers Police
over the last several years. These articles are full of gross
inaccuracies and false allegations as it relates to me and my friends and co-workers,
Captain John Mueller and Det. Sgt. Brian Moran. Initially I resisted responding
to the articles, not wanting to give credence to such rubbish. However, now I
feel that not only my reputation, but that of my friends, of our fine police
department and that of the Yonkers PBA must be defended and that the readers of
the Yonkers Tribune must know the
real “blue” truth.

First and foremost, I denounce any and all allegations that
are made against me in these articles and the ensuing comments. I was
disappointed to read these articles and equally surprised, as the author, Mr.
Hezi Aris, made no attempt to contact me to verify the article’s contents. This
was especially surprising considering the fact that I have been a guest on the
author’s radio show several times, have personally penned numerous articles for
the Yonkers Tribune and have been
contacted on my cell phone by the author for comments many times in the past.
It is unfortunate and questionable that Mr. Aris has refused to meet with me to
discuss these absurd allegations.

In journalism there is supposed to be a code of ethics built
on truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality
and fairness. In regard to the “BLUE TRUTH” articles, this code of ethics has
been seriously violated and I will explain why.

The theme of the first BLUE TRUTH story is that I somehow conspired
to oust then Commissioner Robert Taggart. This is preposterous. This decision
to change Commissioners was made solely by then Mayor Phil Amicone, assumably
based on the unprecedented rash of shootings and gang violence that Yonkers
faced in the summer of 2006. Even the author admits that the decision to
replace Comm. Taggart was made after this spate of violence. At that time I was
1st Vice President of the Yonkers PBA and a detective in the Gang
Unit and the decision to change the PC was made way above my pay grade.

Next, the notion that I somehow collaborated with John Fleming to
bring in Edmund Hartnett as Police Commissioner is equally ridiculous. At no
time did I, or then PBA President Eddie Armour, have any meetings regarding anything
with John Fleming. In addition, in a PBA general membership meeting that
was attended by Mayor Amicone and held prior to the naming of Hartnett, I stood
up in front of more than 100 PBA members and asked the Mayor not
to bring in an outsider to the YPD. In front of more than 100 people I told
Mayor Amicone that “the YPD needed a leader, not a numbers cruncher from NYPD.”
Once and for all, I had nothing to do with bringing Edmund Hartnett to the
Yonkers Police Department. This is the real blue truth.

The second article claims that I conspired with Police Commissioner
Hartnett to eliminate and “gut” specialized units. The author claims this all
went on “without a peep” or “without even a whispered
objection from the union leadership.” This is where the “BLUE TRUTH” author
completely abandons truthfulness and accuracy.

In the last few years, while leading the Yonkers PBA, I personally
authored no less than ten articles in which I was railing against the cuts made
to the YPD. All of these articles were published right here on the Yonkers
Tribune and a simple search of my name on the website’s search engine will show
links to them all. In addition, I spoke out against irresponsible spending at
all levels of Yonkers City Government in several forums which include the
aforementioned articles, challenging the Mayor and members of the City Council
while appearing live on News 12, multiple appearances on the Cablevision
program “Newsmakers”, in personally written editorials in local newspapers and in
articles in the New York Times and The Daily News. The Yonkers PBA even
paid for a full-page advertisement in The
Journal News
speaking out against the cuts. I also helped organize a number
of community rallies, which were designed to fight cuts to the YPD, and I spoke
out against the gutting of our great police department in front of hundreds of
people at City Council, budget and community meetings.

Here is a great example of the inaccuracy of the “BLUE TRUTH.” In an
editorial titled “Misplaced Loyalty Now Part of the Spin”, written by Mr. Aris
and posted on the Yonkers Tribune on
June 21, 2012, Mr. Aris himself credits me with speaking out against cuts to
the YPD. Here is the excerpt:

            “Det. Keith Olson, president of the Yonkers Police Benevolent
expressed a salient point, “There is nothing baffling about the rise in violent
crime in Yonkers. It is a direct by-product of the understaffing of the Yonkers
Police Department. With far less officers on the street, fewer detectives to
investigate crimes, no Domestic Violence Unit, far too few plainclothes
officers, no police presence in our schools and virtually no community outreach
programs within the YPD, it will only get worse before it gets better. The only
thing baffling is the City’s current plan to layoff even more police officers.”

To say that I sat idly by, or worse, participated in the
evisceration of the YPD is an outlandish lie. I even created a controversial
Facebook page, titled it “Yonkers Isn’t Safe” and posted on it daily, advising
the public on the drastic cuts to the YPD and how it affected the city. The
real truth is that I don’t think I could have possibly been more vocal. The
“BLUE TRUTH” author has been misled by a small handful of alleged “sources”
within the Yonkers Police Department, each with their own personal agenda.
These sources clearly have no integrity, no regard for the truth and no concern
for the reputation of our fine police department.

The real truth is that no one in the YPD went head to head with
Commissioner Hartnett more than I did, and I mean that with all due respect to
the former PC. I was extremely vocal in defending all PBA members, filed an
unprecedented number of official grievances and filed an improper practice
charge with PERB against Hartnett. Ironically, it is the likely sources for the
“BLUE TRUTH” stories that were the ones that were most complicit and
subservient to the former police commissioner.

The latest installment in the “BLUE TRUTH” series is barely worth
mentioning. The sole truth in the entire story is that John Mueller, Brian Moran
and I are great friends and that we have, in fact, conspired together. We’ve
conspired to find and fight for the perfect location for the Yonkers Police and
Fire Memorial, the very spot where it stands today. We conspired to have it
built and collaborated to raise the funds to pay for it. We conspired to create
the YPD vs. YFD Toughman Competition which to date has helped us raise almost a
half million dollars for great charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project
and Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center. We’ve also conspired to conduct major
federal and local investigations resulting in the arrests of some of the worst
criminals Yonkers had to offer. I am honored to call them my friends and proud
of our accomplishments. 

In addition to posting these fantastically inaccurate and slanderous
articles, the Yonkers Tribune has
provided a disgraceful forum for a small group of unscrupulous individuals who
have made countless nasty comments towards myself and other members of the
Yonkers Police Department. These comments are rife with bigotry, personal
insults, lies and innuendo. These mudslingers hide behind anonymity, hurling
racial insults and attacking family members of Yonkers Police Officers. There
should be no forum for such cowardly and despicable remarks and I urge all
members of the YPD not to participate, regardless of which side of the issues
you stand on.

On behalf of myself and the readers of the Yonkers Tribune, I have a simple request of the author. Please
adhere to the journalistic code of ethics and remember the principles of
truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality
and fairness. As the famous saying goes, “Everyone is entitled to their own
opinion but they are not entitled to their own facts.” Both of these articles
and the ensuing comments can be easily debunked with simple facts and hard
evidence. Simply stated, your “sources” are lying to you. You owe it to the
reader to research your stories. As always, I make myself readily available to
the Yonkers Tribune as well as all
members of the media to discuss the issues in these articles and any other
issues that may arise.

Here is another suggestion. Have one, all or any combination of your
YPD sources and I on your radio show together to discuss these accusations or
any others they wish to discuss. This is how the readers and listeners will
learn the truth. It is likely these sources will refuse, for no other reason
that they are lying. It is also likely that some of these YPD sources are much
higher ranking than I am and if anyone should fear reprisal it is I. But I do
not. Let’s go on the radio, discuss the grievances and set the record straight
so that we can move forward and focus on doing what’s right for the men and
women of the Yonkers Police Department. 

To my fellow members of the YPD I remind you that there are a number
of forums to air any and all grievances. Both unions have open door policies
and offer the opportunity for all members to speak at membership meetings. In
addition, there are internal departmental policies for making a complaint if it
is necessary. Most of all, if you feel strongly about your position, own
. Anyone unwilling to own his or her comments is suspect. Hiding in
the shadows and taking pot shots at others is unprofessional, immoral and
definitely not the YPD way.

As for me, I, along with the rest of the PBA Board and Trustees will
continue to vigorously fight for the rights of the men and women of the Yonkers
PBA. Fighting
for a fair contract is our top priority
. I will do everything I can to
ensure that we are treated fairly, not only within our own department, but also
as workers in the City of Yonkers, even if it ruffles some feathers in the
process.  What I will not do is engage in
anonymous blogging, nor will I entertain anyone who posts comments or
allegations without putting their name to it. Unlike those who have chosen the cowardly
path of anonymity, my name will always be attached to anything I write. I will
continue to own all of my comments, actions and positions, just as I’ve always

This article
is signed, Fraternally, Det. Keith Olson, President, Yonkers PBA.

eHeziSetting the Record Straight – The Real Blue Truth By Det. KEITH OLSON

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  1. There will be no mercy for Olson and his friends when the wheels of Justice slowly start to turn. They have lied, cheated, and stole from their own members. There is more departmental memos and emails, and write ups that support all the articles. EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE CITY KNOWS YOU, AND YOUR FRIENDS CANNOT BE TRUSTED. YOU HAVE DONE EVERY BIT OF WHAT YOU STAND ACCUSED OF, AND WE HAVE PLENTY OF PROOF. What don’t you hold your own radio show in your basement where you guys can feel at home, like a rat.

  2. Keith Olson is the lowest possible rat one has ever seen. Besides picking on females, he a his rat crew are currently making up false reports to IAD Officials. John Mueller, Brian Moran, and Anthony the cop wife stealer are attempting to spin the heat and the truth that was bestowed on their rat shoulders. The funny thing that fat bastard don’t understand is that everyone in the County knows who are the real low life rats. So, you shit birds keep on going to IAD with your made up stories about good descent professional cops. As for you Olson, or any other low life rat blogger, why don’t any of you see these cops that bother you so much. As for the twenty new cops, they were already informed that you will soon be knifing them in the back you large chunk of rat shit. Take your scared friends, and go get a rat rinse.

  3. Why don’t squirrels eat birds…….?? Because the squirrels are not nuts or because the birds are not nuts or because the birds don’t taste like nuts…..??….. I’m confused….( can’t wait for the redness now——-lololol)…..hope everyone is enjoying the weekend…..and as always…….stay thirsty my friends…..!!

  4. How’s that new contract lookin’ Keith. 5 years and counting….a disgrace to the working stiff not you load sitting in an ac office all day every day.

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  6. Soooo I still don’t see a radio date? Where are all the mouths that like to make false accusations, call names and unfortunately are pretending to represent to masses of the PD?

  7. To cowards post 07-05-13 at 2104 hrs-From the looks of KO it appears tht he has not been in a footchase in a long long time-let’s pull up his arrest record & see whar real collars he has made in his career.

  8. You are all extremely pathetic and as always immature. Once again an article comes out for whatever reason and you use the opportunity to talk shit on the comments. I believe you we’re asked not to. Good job guys. Fucking losers. Get a life people

  9. Answer the following;
    where is the money, receipts for fund raising
    who handles the cash
    where are the copies of RM IAD files that you carry
    You have Five IAD complaints filed
    you were found guilty of spray painting city property
    you and your friends finally got the memo to stop doing unauthorized investigations against CLS members, and PBA members
    why did you threatened to fight two IAD supervisors
    why do you send threatening text messages to members of the CLS, and PBA
    why did you and Moran take police property from the offices of IAD, and the Detective Division and give them to city hall, and carry them around with you at union meetings
    why did you not the PD record a former DPW worker who was wrongfully stealing petit cash form the office, and tell the DPW Union that it was Gardner
    after he was arrested, and lost his job, Olson you then posted on your facebook page to further ridicule him
    why did you set up and send fake text messages to PBA members
    why do use a city vehicle when you get a $4000.00 a month stipend etc.

  10. Keith, just so you know the entire department hasn’t stopped posting like you say. Everyone is still posting comments like crazy on the other “Blue Truth” article. Your article answers nothing, I don’t think anyone wants to give your article any more publicity. All the comments posted here that seem to favor you, I know for sure you posted them. Not because I know your IP address or anything like that. I know how you write; you are very foul mouthed, everything is a four letter word from you. You think you’re so tough. OOooo so tough, “fuck this, fuck that, everyone is a coward, no one dares challenge me.” Come on that is so you. We are very scared of you, scared you might land on one us when you fall.
    And also, every other post you’re asking to debate on a radio show. That is totally you, you don’t fool no one. That’s your style. You really are a bag of wind. How sad you must’ve felt this morning when you logged into your computer and saw about 30 posts in your favor and then realized those were all the comments you typed and posted last night. No one stands up for you Keith, we really are sick of you. You really are a pathetic soul.

  11. So, let me get this straight…..the IAD complaints that team “blue truth” has been asking Keith to address are the two txts he sent to Pappas and Montero? They actually made IAD complaints regarding those txts? You’re both a fucken embarrassment. Who are the real rats? Fucken pussys!

  12. I have refrained from positing on any of the Blue Truth articles and was not going to post on this one either. I find them to be an embarrassment to the job. Both sides dislike each other and both sides are stubborn. Two in particular hate each other and this hate has divided and ruined OUR job.
    I do read all of the posts though and on the latest Blue Truth article someone posted that W.S never received all of the money that was collected for him
    over 4 years ago. It said he ony received a portion of the money that was collected from the 4th precinct. I remember the set amount that was collected from every member. That adds up to a lot of money.
    I would and I would hope that the entire job would like some answers to these questions:
    1. Did W.S get ALL of the money that was collected for him?
    2. If not why?
    3.If he never received the money then why wasn’t our money returned to us?
    4. Who was responsible for the money?
    5. Where is the money?
    6. Why wasn’t it ever brought up at a meeting and a decision be made by the membership what to do with the money?
    I hope it’s not true and W.S received all of the money but if not please someone answer the questions. It shouldn’t be here but at the meeting next week

  13. Gee, that’s odd. Since theRatsBack posted a comment at 8:10pm, the blue truth’s corner has been awfully quiet don’t cha think. That hasn’t happened ONCE since this nonsense all started, so why now? Know why? well my sources tell me that its because the ring leader called his minions and asked them to stop posting. My guess is because he realized (Finally) that his boys were typing the same garbage over and over, and over again, and it was losing its luster. But, wayyy more importantly, it shows just how many guys DONT care about posting comments, In ANY of these articles, and its because the majority of the guys on our job have a funny lil’ word called “class”, something that the blue truth’s camp sorely lacks. See how that works my man, all you had to do was approach this like a M-A-N and all this nonsense would have disappeared – just like your reputation. Thanks for doing your part to completely ruin the image of this job.

  14. FACT: KO just gave us ACTUAL facts in one editorial that the blue truth couldn’t give in three
    FACT: These pussies will Never show there faces.
    FACT: RM brought trays of cookies to the same city hall members he talked shit about.
    FACT: BP will smile in your face and stab you in the back (kinda like what a rat would do)
    FACT: RS should be lucky he still has a job!

  15. Pappas used to bully everyone in the street AND in the pct, and now HE’s complaining about a simple text calling him to the floor? My, how times have changed WAhhhhhhhhh!

  16. Olson is right and its about time we hear from him. You guys are talking shit and Hezi is worse for allowing it. These postings are the proof the City needs to say you don’t deserve a good contract. Your a bunch of hacks like Hezi .

  17. I’ll tell you what, you fucking gutless cowards – ask KO, IN HIS FACE, to answer your questions. Until then, you’re all a fucking bunch of pussies. Fake fucking cops.

  18. Put up or shut up guys. Isn’t KO holding a meeting this week? Why not go there and ask questions like a man? Or do the radio thing? Until you’re ready to man up you should shut the hell up.
    And by the way, I was at the last meeting. There were well over 200 of us there. And we are tired of this shit!

  19. These guys are too much. They make complaints to IAD like rats over nothing, send anonymous letters to IAD and the press over nothing and then claim that the guy has a bunch of IAD complaints.
    They are worse than rats. They are like the lice that attach themselves to rats.

  20. I’ve been to the last couple of meetings. Always over 100 guys. Don’t low why they’re saying 35- 40? These guys are whack jobs

  21. Wait…….Whoa…….cops going to IAD on other cops? And ones a Lieutenant. Keith is only a DT. What the hell is going on in the YPD?

  22. bitching about IAD complaints. AGAIN???? blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. your Gripes are losing steam guys. Maybe an on-air radio show will boost your over-exaggerated numbers. What do ya say ray?

  23. 110 members at PBA dinner dance……thats embarrassing,35 to 40 members at monthly meetings… the record speaks for itself he is a RAT!!!!!

  24. Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Keith Olson, Detective Sergeant Brian Moran, and Fourth Precinct Captain John Mueller are no strangers to controversy. Each has individually and collectively fixated over many years in controlling the Yonkers Police Department as they envision it. The three are longtime friends having allegedly engaged in unsavory conduct that had them insinuate themselves into gaining information to which they should not have had access. Even so, it seems that each had allegedly engaged in conduct that would violate the rights and protections afforded every person under law. Driven by a lust to control the system from within, seemingly undeterred by protocol, ethical standards, privacy rights, or their respective station within the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) hierarchy, they would come to allegedly target political adversaries, Yonkers PBA union members, and members of the Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association (CLSA)

  25. You’re right. I heard he does have two complaints. One from Lt. Brian Pappas and the other from Ray Montero. They made complaints to IAD because KO texted them and asked to meet with them to talk about all this bullshit. Their response was to rat him out to IAD and say they felt threatened.
    A professional boxer and a self proclaimed tough guy felt threatened and made a complaint to IAD about a guy they anonymously call a fat cheese lipped rat.
    So who are the real rats? Just go on the radio show tough guys. There’s no rules against that!

  26. Well the fat rat and his ratpack are back posting again. Could only mean one thing. The f…ing truth hurts. Seems they can’t help themselves everytime another blue truth bomb bursts on the tribune. Guilty conscience is exactly what it is. This is really unnerving to these rats. When the third floor asks why you wanted an investigation into a site your posting on you can just blame it on blue truth. Tell them these articles gave you a nervous twitch which caused your sausage links to smash your keyboard.

  27. Who gives a shit if he has IAD investigations? They come with the territory. I’m sure he does and would say so. Whoopie! Not only are you guys cowards but you’re desperate and embarrassing

  28. Hey “blue”, you say that Keith hurt this job, right. Well, if he hurt us, YOU fucked this job a THOUSAND times more by introducing this stupid fucking NYPD-rant style gossip to this job. You know, the same job you “love so much”. Fuck you Ray. All day!

  29. guess the rat pack couldnt get ip addresse so now he dedflects and dodges every angle of BLUE TRUTH,do you have a IAD investigation lodged against your RAt aSS???one by a supervisor the other by Ray?

  30. KO just KO’d the blue truth the way pappy ko’s his opponents. wait, bad analogy. Pappy never really KO’s anyone credible.

  31. Why don’t these guys go on the radio? They’d rather be “The Insider” or some other 16 year old teenage girl name. They’re cowards.

  32. Hey Keith,
    You keep saying we don’t put our names to what we write here on this site. But you yourself went upstairs and made a complaint to the Commissioner and he put out a memo asking us not to post comments. So you know we can’t post our names, that is the only reason why my name is not is the long post above. You as a “Union Rep” are exempt and can put your name, it’s allowed. Ask the Commissioner to allow us to use our real names on these comments and if he agrees, I guarantee you I will own the response I typed above and you will know exactly who I am. Trust me it’s not Ray. There are many of us cops disgusted with you. So put your money where your mouth is, withdraw your complaint so that we could use out names. There’s no cowards here my friend, just fed up cops following rules.

  33. Put your name to your comment like KO did or go back in your hole.
    Or one of you pussies can go on the radio show and demand that he answers your questions.

  34. Dear Mr. Olson, I read your response to the Blue Truth articles and find it to be a desperate self serving pathetic response to the FACTS. Actually as we all knew you might try to do; you simply put out a pathetic resume trying to get the public and fellow cops to think you actually did something positive. You did not answer to any of the allegations which we know to be fact. You were keen to say that you “Denounce” the allegations. Your lawyer must’ve advised you to use that word. It makes you sound like you’re denying the allegations but you’re just saying they are bad. We denounce the allegations too, because they are horrendous, but they are true. You never said the allegations are false. You say that people higher than you decided to bring Hartnett in, of course. We agree you don’t have the authority to hire anybody, but you definitely conspired and influenced Mayor Amicone and Fleming to bring in Hartnett. And you definitely conspired to make Taggart look incompetent so that they would agree to replace him. So don’t play with words here, we all know you can’t hire the Commissioner, but you know you did make sure behind the scenes that Hartnett came in. And yes, Mr, Olson when all the YPD cops got tired of all the “things” Hartnett was doing to us, you did put up a “front” trying to make us believe you were on our side. You know, write something about “Yonkers ain’t safe” to make us believe you were still on our side. But it was just a fake empty “front” Keith. That Yonkers ain’t safe Facebook page was actually Lt. Pat McCormack’s idea and he is the one that kept updating it everyday, so who are you kidding? And as you know Pat McCormack was Hartnett’s right hand man, his desk was in Hartnett’s office. And I might add that Pat and Hartnett were and remain close friends to this very day; So much so that the last thing Hartnett did before he left was give Pat a Detective Lieutenant shield with the accompanying raise. So who are you kidding Keith. It was a tight circle you kept with Hartnett and you wanted us to believe otherwise.
    When our Vice President took a stand towards Hartnett you quickly got your “close friends” Moran and Mueller to “take Ray out” by any means. And we all know what they did to him. The only thing you admitted in you self serving article above is that you are in fact “Close friends” with Moran and Mueller.” I am glad you put that in writing Mr. Olson. Answer now,how your “Close friends” wrote up the PBA Vice President and you couldn’t help him?? You are a liar and you did not answer to any of the allegations in you self serving editorial. You didn’t do anything to stop Moran because you yourself set him up. These are the facts my friend. You say you filed grievances etc, on our behalf; name one grievance that got us members anything?? Please just one Mr. Olson. Come on Keith, really? You put up a good “front” while screwing us behind closed doors. Do you really think your editorial answers anything at all? Quite the opposite, you confirmed to us who your co-conspirators (close friends) are, just as we knew all along. And, by not answering to any of the allegations you have solidified the facts we all know to be true. You are pathetic and desperate, step away from the podium. Everyone calls you a Rat, I won’t do that, you are worse than a Rat.
    Oh, and another thing you did not answer in your editorial Mr. Olson. When Detective Montero was running against you for PBA President, he went to Wells Avenue (the old Board of Ed Building) to campaign to the ESU Officers that were all there doing training tactics. Then you showed up to Campaign as well. (Someone) called Sgt. Moran and told him “Ray was campaigning, isn’t he supposed to be home sick.” Turns out Ray had permission to leave his home for a short period of time. But your now confirmed “close friend” wrote up a PBA union member for “Campaigning.” How sick is that. You are the PBA union President Keith, how do you feel about your “close friend” writing up a union member for campaigning? Did you file a grievance against your “close friend”? On second thought I guess you are a Rat!

  35. I didn’t see your name posted you unscrupulous character. As for KO, he is full of hot air. The only one cowardly and despicable is anybody that follows the ratpack. By the way, well written article Fitz, too bad it a little late and as always filled with lies. You will never answer to any of the truths set forth in blue truth. You can sign your name to one thousand articles but the facts in blue truth are still one hundred percent factual and the truth.

  36. Blue Truth is not 4 or 5 of us,it is the rest of the members that never showed up to the PBA dinner,you know the one that used to be packed with over 450plus!!!!your monthly meeting are at an all time low!!!! why cause you set this department back 5 years,now go have a cheeze wiz snack RAT!

  37. Hey blue, for all your shit-talking about KO “owing it to us” to explain things, how bout you man up and take him up on that offer to the radio show? oops, lemme guess, gonna deflect from that question too, right? Well Ray, i’ll give you this much, at least you’re consistent, from dodging the question that is. I mean hey, You did it during your campaign, so why change now.


  39. RM, RS, BP, and the other 4 or 5 of you out there (and yes, it really is THAT few of them) ….. you just got owned! know why ……. cause someone from this job just signed their name to an article; something you never had…and never will have the balls to do. Fucking Cowards!

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