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  1. I agree YO 1 billion dollars a month spent on welfare in NYS.
    I do wonder though how many times Lil’ Andy licked the
    bodyguards jizz out of ex-wife Kerry??. He is NYS cuckold

  2. He is not an idiot! The people that voted for him are. As for owning up to the housing debacle it wasn’t his fault, it had to be someone else! NY is becoming if not already the biggest welfare state in the US. He knows where his voters come from and he keeps buying them. He is the PERFECT insider. Look at his whole adult life, it was spent in politics and now he is trying to make his father look like a good governor(revisionist history ,what a joke) He is trying to destroy fundamental Constitutional rights that were meant to protect the People from politicians like him. Dictatorships start out with individuals like him and by the time reality hits it is way to late.

  3. Saw a sign for a JOBS NY project on a road the other day. Spoke to a worker who told me they were packing up and going back to PENNSYLVANIA next week.
    So much for slogans. Please stop, it makes my head hurt.

  4. the man is an idiot , much like the rest of his administration. teardown , he says. but he never took responsibility for the housing bubble he created , that send our economy into free fall. when he was attorney general of the state , he did nothing to rid the state of the corruption . tax and spend , that is what he is all about.

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