Liam McLaughlin Overcomes Primary Challenge to Republican Designation of His Candidacy for Yonkers City Council Presidency By HEZI ARIS

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McLaughlin_Liam HiResYONKERS, NY — August 6, 2013 — It was
last Thursday, standing before the Honorable Judge Connolly that Liam
McLaughlin, Republican designee for Yonkers City Council President was
fortuitous in undermining his opponent’s challenge of his effort denying Grace
Borrani’s credentials to challenge him in a Primary battle in September 2013.
McLaughlin was able to make moot Borrani’ contentions before the court in a
process that consumed a few hours time. Judge Connolly denied Borrani’s
challenge; McLaughlin eviscerated a potential Primary battle in September.

Monday, August 5, 2013, before Judge Connolly the tables were turned. In the
Monday courtroom, McLaughlin asked the court to afford him an “Opportunity to
Ballot” on the Conservative Party line. Hugh Fox, Jr., Chairman of the party
has weeks earlier designated Borrani the Conservative Party designation. In
order for the party to recognize her standing before the Conservative Party,
Borrani needed to gain a Wilson Pakula. A Wilson Pakula is an authorization
given by a political party to a candidate for public office in the State of New York
which allows a candidate not registered with that party to run as its candidate
in a given election. Borrani was granted a Wilson Pakula and was named the
Conservative Party designee.

McLaughlin is like Borrani a registered
Republican. An “Opportunity to Ballot” to permit party members to write in a
candidate for office who is someone other than the designee. It is said that
the McLaughlin campaign is presently counting their supporters eclipse the
Borrani supporters by over 100 votes. Borrani could not hold back McLaughlin’s
right for an “Opportunity to Ballot” effort. Borrani and McLaughlin with face
each other in a Primary duel in September.

At present, McLaughlin retain his
Republican designation and the Independence Party designation. McLaughlin will
face a Primary challenge in the Conservative Party contest in September. 

McLaughlin therefore hold two line and
has the potential to win a third. Borrani is treading water in her effort to
hold onto the Conservative Party designation

eHeziLiam McLaughlin Overcomes Primary Challenge to Republican Designation of His Candidacy for Yonkers City Council Presidency By HEZI ARIS

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  1. The Dems were totally inept this year. Lousy candidates if they could find any, and half the time they did not show up to important events.
    So yes Liam will win easily, and yes Spano will suddenly get a lightening bolt from Heaven and be a Republican again. So much for the Dem “majority” in Yonkers.
    Is this a good thing? If the Council adheres to Republican financial principles, yes. We need some tough austerity to get Yonkers back on track. But I have no love lost for the Spano clan; regardless of party most of them are disreputable.
    It will be fun to watch turds like Chris Johnson squirm when his mouth is shut down by Majority Leader John Larkin and Liam. The scarf’s mouthpiece/boy will be silenced finally.
    I think the Dems, looking for blood, will find an easy target with Simra Brandon. Time to go…..

  2. Liam is the Mayors choice. With the 4th vote, he won’t have to deal with the Extortionist from the 2nd district. Good Riddance to dealing with the Democrats…..


  4. The Spano machine is in overdrive trying to get this red headed little puke into office. One should ask “why” they are pulling out all the stops to get him elected?
    Simple! Spano will gain yet another “yes man” in his dysfunctional administration while ensuring his voting bloc do whatever the hell he (Spano) wants as it relates to all of the future developments they are trying to stick up our asses.
    Please understand that it is not just “Spano” I am posting about. You must include the entire Spano clan, the entire Martinelli clan, Spencer clan, and finally, the grand puppeteer; Mr. Al DelBello.
    These families have been planning for this day for over 30-years. Don’t believe me? Do some research when it comes to land grabs, developments, land swaps, and purchases.
    Like I posted before, if this idiot gets elected, Yonkers will be set back at least 20-years, and the Spano, Martinelli, Spencer, and DelBello clans will bilk a huge amount of cash and profits from Yonkers!
    This whole election is truly frightening!
    I am supporting Grace Borrani in every way shape and form!
    She HAS TO WIN in order to be OF service to the citizens of Yonkers as opposed to that self serving little prick “Lamo” who could not give two shits about “us”!
    But hey, what do I know?

  5. It is not McLaughlin who is facing a Conservative Primary Challenge but rather Borrani who is being challenged by McLaughlin. She is the endorsed candidate.

  6. I feel badly for Borrani. She wouldn’t of gotten involved in this election if she wasn’t convinced to by Hugh Fox who let his personal vendetta of McLaughlin cloud his judgement.

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