THE HEZITORIAL: Reality Proves to be the Antithesis of Yonkers’ False Narrative By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicatureHow can anyone ascribe to the economic development success
in the City of Hills? While the Yonkers Public School District is now said to
have a dilapidated infrastructure, that is, school buildings in a state of
deterioration, defining them to be in an unsalvageable state, Yonkers City Hall
has yet to define its position regarding how to resolve this grave concern for
a student population and for the viability of Yonkers. The Public Private
for Education (P3forE) is a plan admonished by New York State
Thomas DiNapoli as fraught with fiscal concerns deleterious to many
who have engaged in its creative fiscal concept. The Commission of Inquiry,
comprised of the Honorable Richard Brodsky, Esq., the Honorable Richard
Ravitch, Jay Bryant, Taurrus Richardson, and several other experts in
local and state finances concluded their findings in which 14 salient issues
and concerns were expressed but no response has been forthcoming from the newly
installed Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees nor from Yonkers City
Hall. Devoid of responding to this crucial, multi-faceted concern, despite the
abysmal “Yonkers Public Schools – State of the School District” Report telling
of its appallingly low scores, 65.2% in 2009; 39.2% in 2010; 37.8% in 2011; 40.7%
in 2012; and 16.4% in 2013, people only speak of two schools in the Yonkers
Public School (YPS) District whose numbers continue to maintain lofty consecutive
years of tested results and graduation. Both facts, those that comprise the
majority of YPS results at the bottom of the scale and those that maintain
their results at the top of the scale, are put into question. Not the actual
numbers themselves, but a gravitation by Yonkersites to lean toward and only
extol the best of the lot. The only issue is why after so many years under the
aegis and stewardship by past Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees and
YPS Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio not one person has yet been able to
distill the respective school’s culture that achieves laudable results to the
adulation of the City of Yonkers, indeed the nation, and been sufficiently
engaged to replicate the success of two of the best schools in the nation to
the rest of the Yonkers Public School District? Despite the reality, people
speak to a successful educational model in Yonkers despite it being a falsehood
that cannot be whitewashed with “spin”, deceit, lies, and falsehoods.

City Hall sent us a press release advising on Friday, August 23, 2013, at 5:52
p.m., that Assistant Chief Thomas Fitzpatrick will now serve as the Public
Information Officer
for the Yonkers Fire Department. Was Yonkers City Hall
dissatisfied by the last YFD Public Information Officer? Did he not kowtow
quickly enough to the directives of Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry? Does
Assistant Chief Fitzpatrick bring a new set of tools that conform to the total
submission and humiliation expected of him by Deputy Mayor Gerry? Time will
tell. In the meantime, Mayor Mike Spano, Deputy Mayor Gerry, among others, point
their finger derisively against the Yonkers Fire Department hoping to beat the
men and women in red into compliance. In the meanwhile, Inspector General
Kitley Covill’s investigation into the Firefighter Variable Benefits
her findings but News12 Westchester infers the Yonkers Inspector General’s
report  “indicates misappropriation".
Listen to the audio clip interview to hear her state otherwise:

Yonkers City Hall should presume that it is appropriate for the City of Yonkers
to be maligned by “wrong” inferences read into the Inspector General’s report
exposes City Hall’s lack of concern for the “truth” and only the zeal of
reducing the integrity of one of the finest civil service organizations in the
nation. The shame is borne by Yonkers City Hall. At issue now is will Yonkers
City Hall issue an apology for not standing by the Yonkers Fire Department when
they were wrongfully maligned by News12 Westchester, and can News12 Westchester
honestly say they read the report before reporting on it? Does News12
Westchester know the English definition of the term, “Mea culpa”. Hint, hint.
Look it up in an Italian / English dictionary!
Another sore point is with regard to economic development. Economic
development, coupled with inducements of one sort or another by way of the
Yonkers Industrial Development Agency has accomplished little in the past 18
years under Mayors John Spencer, Phil Amicone, and now Mike Spano. Ridge Hill
has yet to return sales tax revenue to the City of Yonkers because their
contractual agreement permits them to maintain the sales tax revenue received
until it exceeds a threshold minimum, which is allegedly yet to be eclipsed.
How much longer will it be until they pay anything? The “deal” regarding the
parking, both indoor and outdoor, has not been resolved. By the looks of Mayor
Spano’s focus on the issue, he is not concerned, or perhaps he is concerned authorities
may find more than he can deal with. Let’s all await the ruse as it is played
out. Will Yonkers be the fox or will it be the chicken? Is the FBI watching? You
tell me!

the Ridge Hill development, when will Yonkers be told of what will transpire
with regard to the dead SFC project in which Struever departed the triumvirate
years ago. Capelli departed the scene in December of 2012, Leaving only Fidelco
standing. Yonkers Tribune assert the
SFC Yonkers contract assigning “Master Developer” status expired in February of
2013; City Hall asserts it expires in September 2013? Will Fidelco sell its
status to another party to don the mantle of “Master Developer” status? Who
will scrutinize the financial worthiness of the new “developer”? By promising
the SFC Yonkers parcel of “H & I” as collateral for a HUD 108 loan still
not paid to the City of Yonkers, and most recently mitigating Trevor Park
“parkland” with the same “H & I” parcel to mitigate “parkland” to conform
to the law and governance by the Yonkers Parks and Recreation ad Conservation
Department, proves the SFC Yonkers project expired in February 2013. Will
Inspector General Covill inquire into the duplicity of governance and the
vacuous contractual agreement by Yonkers City Hall that attempts to pull the
wool over Yonkersites’ eyes be permitted to stand?

the vision for Central Avenue, Yonkers Avenue, McLean Avenue, Lake Avenue, the
Yonkers Waterfront? Is there a plan?

will Yonkers City Hall speak to the stench in Ludlow because of the
overburdened Westchester County Treatment Plant that is the only one of its
kind that emits the vile odors as opposed to those in New York City?

will pay for the debris that has been permitted to grow on the Rogan Brothers
and Cianciulli shared property? Estimates reveal mitigation costs to be in
excess of $1 million that will need to be borne by the Yonkers taxpayer.

does the City of Yonkers stand on the Austin Avenue development?

issues can go on and on. If that is the case, why are people so positive this
administration, that of Mayor Mike Spano, who took office as Yonkers Mayor
almost 21 months ago, and accomplished nothing in that time, be infused by a
population who hope he will deliver something positive? Many people know the
facts. For those who didn’t get the memo, read on…

will Mayor Mike Spano stop paying X2o’s Con Ed bill using taxpayer funds? When
will be collect money owed by developer Joe Cotter? When will taxes not
collected for 40 years be collected? When will every vendor who owes money for
the use of Yonkers Police Department services pay the arrears they have
accumulated? When will the City of Yonkers return funds that belong to the
Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) coffers that have been used by Yonkers City
Hall and still go unpaid to the YBoE?

will every individual and business using water pay what they owe? Some never
got billed. When will those overcharged years into the future be refunded for
water bills based on estimates rather than the actual reading of meters? When
will tickets issued not be dismissed because you have a “friend” in government?
When will the City of Yonkers engage in “performance bonds” to assure projects
are developed within dated guidelines and for specific time frames into the

the meanwhile, many Yonkersites take comfort in the ribbon cutting by the ever
smiling Mayor Mike Spano who is averse to placing blame and responsibility on
past administrations, preferring to shoulder what he has proved is beyond his

There is no marketing to benefit the City of Yonkers. Why? No notice to the residential component of Ridge Hill, known as the Monarch, having failed and is now sold.

weeks, under the veil of party primaries, electioneering efforts, holidays,
back to school routines, expect to be overwhelmed with so many projects
promoted by City Hall that there will be little or no scrutiny or conformity to
law, protocol, much less due diligence.

agony of this scenario is that it is a derivative based upon reference points
in life that are too shallow, either due to age, education, or an influx of
people unaware for that which America stands. How many people remember the
transformational change caused by the exit of the Alexander Carpet Mills and
the Otis Elevator plant? In those days private businesses challenged the City
of Yonkers (CoY) as the top employer? Today CoY is the number one employer. The
wonder and awe of success up to the 1950’s have been eclipsed by failed
governance and the “No Plan Plan”of the present government. A child born in the 1950s remembers
only the tales of the past through the reminiscences of his/her grandparents.
The grandchildren are unlikely to know of those times; they grew up under
different circumstances and a different reality. Their reference points differ
because neighborhood imprints are different today. Even so, some difference for
the better may be discerned, but very few at that. For some among us, they are
everything. It is that to which some of us cling. This is not the promise of
America. It is a dishonored promise that has become the shame of a city that
has still to find a government benevolent to the people it claims to serve. How
much longer must Yonkers wait? The vision for Yonkers is great and deservedly

When will Yonkers find the people to steer the city to the appropriate

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: Reality Proves to be the Antithesis of Yonkers’ False Narrative By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Who was responsible for the infrastructure all these years. One of them is the guy you just gave a contract extension and a raise?
    Hidden agendas, KPMG wanted to get involved to rape yonkers, you know , the company Phil wears across his head?
    Cant make it up folks just follow the money and you will revolt(or at least ask why?)

  2. [How can anyone ascribe to the economic development success in the City of Hills? ]
    Ascribe WHAT?
    Oh, SUBscribe. Wrong word.
    [While the Yonkers Public School District is now said to have a dilapidated infrastructure, that is, school buildings in a state of deterioration, defining them to be in an unsalvageable state, Yonkers City Hall has yet to define its position regarding how to resolve this grave concern for a student population and for the viability of Yonkers.]
    Hezi, this is Syntax STEW. If you’re going to write, learn how to write. This is unreadable. Dependent clause followed by dependent clause – five deep – separated by commas. By the time you get to the end of the run-on sentence, you forget what the subject is.

  3. To Yonkers Guy, You fail to see her true value. She is a carpetbagging ,political hack, and her job is to keep our nitwit leader following the governor’s steps. And she is doing it very well. As for her social skills what is not to like about them? Just because she expects everyone to do as she tells them, whether right or wrong, how could that be bad? Follow her past employment record,she doesn’t seem to be able to keep a private sector job! Look at who is running this city. Almost all outsiders that have zero interest in this city. talk about taking your pay and spending outside of Yonkers.LOL

  4. This deputy mayor must be some piece of work. Any time her name comes up its never in a good way. I have heard her social skills are non existent, and has no other skills to offer anyway. What exactly does this woman do? Can anyone tell us what she has to offer ? Get rid of her .

  5. to “Mike could been good”
    Don’t really understand your comment about the fact that Amicone “had some clue as to how to be the Mayor”. What the hell does that mean? Yeah, Amicone knew how to be mayor. His lapdance cost taxpayers more than half a million dollars, he gave OUR pier to Peter Kelley and that development has been under scrutiny; he pushed through a bogus SFC development with no chance in hell for his field of dreams or anything else to come to fruition from that partnership. He let the Alexander St. corridor development languish so that the Homes for America builders went belly-up; he steered towing contracts to vendors who also did catering on the side, and surprise, several of Amicone’s family functions “hiring” them. Also, I’d like to know how many times Amicone and his minions dined in the downtown gratis. Yeah, his knowledge really benefited the City of Yonkers, didn’t it? Not going overboard praising the new mayor, but he inherited a s..tload of debris from his predecessor and I’m sure his head spun around like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist when he saw just went down in this city during the past 16 years. Also, Amicone had his chances to renew the contracts which were already very, very stale in his last year in office. He didn’t have the balls to do it. If I am not mistaken, he was also Deputy Mayor in 1999 when the last year pension issue with uniformed personnel was brokered – the issue which everyone in the state talks about as being the death knell to government piggy banks. Yeah, Amicone’s “clue” as to how to be a mayor really worked out well.

  6. The problem with Yonkers is that the schmucks in the city council spend all their time at ribbon cutting photo ops and only watch Yonkers propaganda channel 78. As a result they all think that everything is roses in Yonkers. If they would only take a good whiff of the stench they would realize Yonkers is in the shitta and getting deeper into it with every day that passes. Good grief!!!!!

  7. You forgot one other small thing which is a noose around the city’s throat. Every city contract has been expired for 5 years and there has been nothing put aside to pay for 5 years of raises. The workers are not taking zeros and when the bill comes due Mike is not going to know what to do. Maybe he can sell some of those ribbons he’s been cutting all over the city to raise some cash.

  8. The past 2 years in Yonkers have been worse than the 8 previous years combined. At least Amicone had some clue as to how to be the Mayor. Mike Spano acts like he’s still in the Assembly and takes his orders from the governor’s office. His deputy mayor is tied at the hip to Cuomo and she is running the City for Cuomo. Spano gets to cut ribbons and host cheer leading completions at city hall. It’s only going to get worse for the next 2 years.

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