Engel Announces $509,506 Grant For Yonkers Fire Department

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Yonkers Fire Local 628YONKERS,
– Congressman Eliot Engel announced the awarding of a $509,506 Department of
Homeland Security grant to the Yonkers Fire Department that will allow the
department to upgrade its communications and safety equipment.    

Rep. Engel said, “This grant enhances the
ability of the YFD to better protect the people of Yonkers in the event of fire
or other emergency.  The grant is from
the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program which strengthens our
nation’s level of preparedness and ability to respond to fire and related

“Since 2001, the AFG has provided some $5.25
billion in grants to first-responders for emergency equipment, personal
protective equipment
, firefighting and emergency vehicles, and training. During
fiscal year 2012, the AFG will award another $337.5 million to first-responder
organizations to improve their capability to respond to fires and emergencies
of all types.”

“We are appreciative of Congressman Engel for
securing this valuable grant for our Yonkers Fire Department,” said Yonkers
Mayor Mike Spano. “These funds will increase our firefighter communications,
safety and accountability while in the line of duty. Safer firefighters provide
for a safer Yonkers.”

Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney said, “I
want to thank Congressman Engel for all his support and efforts is helping the
Yonkers Fire Department obtain this much needed Assistance to Firefighter’s
Grant. This will allow the YFD to purchase improved communications equipment,
with the latest Firefighter accountability software incorporated into it,
thereby improving not only Firefighter communications but Firefighter safety as

McGoey, president of Yonkers Fire Local 628, said, “The Yonkers Firefighters of IAFF Local 628 are extremely
grateful to Congressman Eliot Engel for helping to secure $509,506 in
Assistance to Firefighters Grant funding for the Yonkers Fire Department. 
This much needed funding will be used to ensure the safety of the Yonkers
Firefighters and the citizens they protect. Congressman Engel has been a
long-time champion of federal funding for firefighters and public safety and
his fight to maintain federal funding of programs such as the AFG has resulted
in Yonkers receiving millions of dollars in direct federal assistance over the
past several years.  Thank you AGAIN Congressman Engel for fighting for
Yonkers and the Yonkers Fire Department."

purpose of the AFG is to award grants directly to fire departments and
Emergency Medical Services organizations (EMS) that are unaffiliated with a
hospital to enhance their ability to protect the health and safety of the
public, as well as that of first-responder personnel. Using a competitive
process that is overseen by fire service subject matter experts, grants are
awarded to applicants whose requests best address the priorities of the AFG

Local 626 President Barry McGoey was thankful of Congressman Engel his support
and “continued effort assisting the YFD in maintaining its effectiveness with pertinent
grant funding”. 

eHeziEngel Announces $509,506 Grant For Yonkers Fire Department

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  1. Looked it up. Safety officer has a spot on some 701 incident command system the fire brigades use. You can get the definition on the California websit or search incident command for firefighting.

  2. after working on the job y f d for 20 plus years I still don’t really understand what the SAFETY OFFICER DOES could you please explain ? other than creating an OPPORTUNITY FOR SOMEONE what is the main function of a safety officer? I saw a lot come and go what is it they do. do they keep me safe ?NO

  3. How about re-instating the “safety officer” that was cut from our budget. Probably makes too much sense though. Let’s waste it on some new electronic gadget that will be outdated within six months. Brilliant!

  4. Welcome to the mutual admiration society. With all these new communications will this mean we won’t see 10 fire trucks at a single car accident?

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