Bramson Campaign Charge County Executive Astorino for Launching Racially Charged Political Attack

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Astorino, today your campaign launched a racially-charged political attack on
Mayor Noam Bramson, spearheaded by an individual whom you appointed to a County
Commission. This kind of ugly racial appeal has no place in the politics of
Westchester County, and we call upon you to disavow it immediately."

statement was made by the following officials:

Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Democratic Caucus Leader, New York State Senate

Hon. Ruth
New York State Senator

Hon. J.
Gary Pretlow
New York State Assemblymember

Hon. Ken
, Chair,
Westchester County Board of Legislators

Hon. Lyndon
Vice-Chair, Westchester County Board of Legislators

Hon. Alfreda
Westchester County Legislator

Hon. Gregory
, Port
Chester Village Board

Hon. J.
Yuhanna Edwards
Mt. Vernon City Council President

Hon. Marcus
, Mt.
Vernon City Council

Hon. Duane
Buchanan Village Trustee

Hon. Christopher
, Yonkers
City Council

Hon. Jared
, New
Rochelle City Council

SOURCE: Press release from Noam Bramson campaign.

eHeziBramson Campaign Charge County Executive Astorino for Launching Racially Charged Political Attack

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  1. Don’t see how Bramson can win without the black vote and don’t see how any black person would be motivated to vote for a candidate with such a clear history of hostility towards blacks. That list is pretty devastating.

  2. Oh stop whining, you vegan-looking, government-tit-feeding, ivy-league educated wimp. You who have never held a real job in the private sector. You who leads by tax increases and cuts to fire department and police. You just can’t stand the fact that Astorino is racking up black clergy endorsements. Typical liberal, when you cannot win on issues, you play the race card.

  3. How dare Noam Bramson suggest this comes from the Astorino campaign. He’s had trouble with the New Rochelle African-American community for years.
    The Astorino’s campaign’s focus has been and will continue to be on Mr. Bramson’s deplorable tax record — he raised property taxes 109% — and his self dealing with taxpayer money– he raised his own salary 40% and took healthcare for life as a part time mayor after just five years.
    His disputes in New Rochelle are of his own doing.

  4. Bramson should just stick to promoting his doubling of taxes, decimating what was a surplus in his city, accepting every perk possible and his other amazing accomplishments!!

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