FUNDRAISER: The First Annual Golf Outing for Mayor Mike Spano

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Spano_MikeHASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, NY – There is still time to join Yonkers
mayor Mike Spano for the Wednesday, October 23, 2013 event to be held at The
Saint Andrew’s Golf Club, 10 Old Jackson Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.
What better place than The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club, especially since Yonkers
has two golf courses to choose from: Sprain Lake Golf Course, and Dunwoodie
Golf Course.

The host committee is comprised of the “old boys club”
starting with Chair Carl Petrillo, Joseph Armentano, Al Del Bello, Michael
Edelman, John Flanney, Jim Veneruso, and Alan Weissman.

If you haven’t received your personal invitation, have no
fear; make contributions payable to Mayor Mike Spano Committee, P.O. Box 702,
Yonkers, NY 10702. Contribution of $2,500 for Event Host, $1,250 for Event
Sponsor, and $1,000 for Event Supporter.

Tee Sponsor @ $500; Water Hole Sponsor @ $500; Golf Cart
Sponsor @ $500; Signature Cocktail Reception Sponsor @ $1,000; $300 Cocktail Reception

For more information, RSVP Kim DiTomasso – or

eHeziFUNDRAISER: The First Annual Golf Outing for Mayor Mike Spano

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  1. You forgot too mention the cover up at the 4th precinct aka (beerfest),guess its all true,its not what you know,but who you know …….right nicky ……

  2. Why is it wrong for a DPW worker to accept a small gratuity, a policeman to accept a cup of coffee, but this parasite can accept $2,500 to play golf with hime. On our time! Is “City Haul” now closed on Weds.

  3. 4th precinct you cant miss it, captain wears a apron and usually mopping the floors if not he has a BBQ in the back going on wearing slippers…….lol this is real…lol

  4. Mike:
    Can I “Tee” up your balls?
    I KNOW I would be able to hit them far……
    Oh wait, that’s right; You don’t have any balls!
    What happend to you Fredo?
    Knock, knock, knock!
    Who’s there?
    The Federal Government with a warrant Mr. Spano.

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