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Marvin_Mayor Mary-in whiteWelcome
back to all!   My inaugural fall column
is a compilation of updates on projects undertaken while many Villagers were
away as well as answers to some frequently asked questions of late.

  • The
    Public Works Department undertook a very aggressive street resurfacing capital
    program of paving, curbing and sidewalk installation with expenditures reaching
    a half million dollars.   All of the
    residential work has been completed.  
    Parts of the two business districts will be paved in the late night
    hours in the next few weeks.  Residents
    living nearby will be informed by flyer and e-alert as to the evening
    schedule.  If you believe your street is
    in need of repair, call the Public Works Department at 337-7338 and it will be
    added to the list for the next capital undertaking. 
  • The
    Police Department has undertaken a “Back to School” enforcement initiative
    concentrating on monitoring speeding, especially in the 20 mph school zones,
    cell phone usage and texting while driving as well as the persistent problem of
    u-turning in the business district.
  • Over
    the summer, the Village Trustees engaged a consultant specializing in small
    business district revitalization with experience in communities similar to
    Bronxville.   In conjunction, we also
    formed a focus group of resident of all ages, landlords and shopkeepers.  The experts are focusing on our parking and
    its distribution, zoning and changes of use procedures and approval timetables,
    rental costs, lease requirements, landlord behaviors, marketing and regional
    competitiveness.  Their work will
    continue into the fall.
  • The
    FEMA flood mitigation grant/project has finally been approved and is now in the
    Facility Planning Phase with the architectural firm.    As a refresher, the Village was awarded $5.16
    million in grant monies which represents 75% of the cost of the project.
  • As
    a result of another grant the Village was able to procure from New York State,
    the Garden Avenue parking lot will be reconfigured to add permeable surfaces
    and drains to further mitigate flooding in the school environs. 
  • New
    York State has revamped the procedure for receiving the Star tax
    exemption.  As the date for filing draws
    nearer, I will elaborate and share more specific details.  In essence, the onus is now on the taxpayer,
    not the taxing entity.  Our assessment
    department will mail out applications and information during October.
  • Due
    to renewed requests from residents, the no parking zone on Midland Avenue
    adjacent to the school track is in full force. 
    Quite honestly, perhaps to our detriment in terms of liability, we have
    often turned a blind eye to vigorous enforcement here due to the needs of the
    school for athlete and visiting fan parking.  
    However, parking vehicles curbside along this stretch does not leave the
    required road width for safe passage of vehicles traveling southbound.  Also drivers exit vehicles directly into a
    lane of traffic creating an extremely dangerous situation.   Emergency vehicles have also been detoured
    when vehicles are parked curbside on Midland Avenue. 
  • The
    Bronxville Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the OSilas Gallery of
    Concordia College on a “Rodin in Bronxville” community-wide celebration in
    honor of the special exhibition of Rodin sculptures on loan from the Gerald
    Cantor Foundation and the Metropolitan Museum
    Running from September 12th through November 27th,
    more than 40 businesses and organizations will partake in the celebration by
    offering performances, classes and discounted French themed meals, merchandise
    and promotions.  
  • The
    Village has hired a traffic engineer to evaluate the intersection of Pondfield
    Road and Midland Avenue with an eye towards improved walkability. 
  • A
    new shipment of blue recycling bins has arrived at our Department of Public
    Works.  If you are in need, just stop by
    Village Hall or send $10 in cash or check and our sanitation staff will deliver
    to your home.
  • Any
    municipal building permits are valid whether or not a proposed project is
    subject to outside legal action.  Hence,
    Lawrence Hospital may go forward with their project while issues are being
    adjudicated through the court system.
  • Also
    relating to the Hospital, if you should have need to use the emergency room,
    the hospital parking garage is a 24-hour service.  In extreme emergencies, staffers will
    transport your car to the garage while you receive care.  Parking is forbidden on Village streets from
    3AM to 7AM to facilitate street cleaning and plowing and spot abandoned autos.  Visitors parking on the streets near the
    hospital during this time frame are subject to ticketing.
  • The
    Federal Monitor appointed by HUD to oversee the Affordable Housing Settlement
    reviewed the Village’s land use laws and deemed them non-discriminatory.  We continue to work with all parties on both
    the Federal and County level to understand our role and obligations in the
    Settlement Agreement.
  • Finally,
    the entire staff at Village Hall and all our elected officials past and present
    mourned the loss of former Mayor Sheila Stein this August.   She was a lady of great warmth, intellect,
    grace and courage and the finest example of a public servant this Village could
    ever have.

Mary C. Marvin is the mayor of
the Village of Bronxville, New
. If you have a suggestion or comment, consider directing
your perspective by directing email to


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