Senator Stewart-Cousins Donates Blood at Empire City Casino

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ASC-Senator w FlagCasino’s
Blood Drive Co-Hosted by Senator Stewart-Cousins and Local State Legislators

September 20, 2013 — Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/I/WF – 35th District)
donated blood at a drive she co-hosted with Empire City Casino, Senator George
Latimer, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, and Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer on Wednesday
afternoon [ September 18, 2013] at the Raceway. 

Blood donations
collected at the drive helped replenish the New York Blood Center, which has
faced a shortage of blood supply in recent weeks. Participants also received a
free mini-medical exam on site which included information about their
temperature, blood pressure and hematocrit level.

Stewart-Cousins commented, “The simple act of donating a pint of blood can save
the lives of up to three people. It could save your son, daughter, husband,
wife, neighbor or yourself. Blood donations are always in demand, but today the
New York Blood Center’s supply is desperately low. This blood drive came at a
critical time, and I was proud to co-host it with Empire City Casino and my
colleagues in government.”

The Senator
continued, “When my husband fell ill several years ago, he received 72 blood
transfusions in the hospital. It was the generosity of those blood donors that
helped keep him alive during that time. If you are eligible, I urge you to take
the time and donate a pint of blood. It is a simple but selfless act that will
save lives.” 

To find a
location to donate blood, you can visit the New York Blood Center’s website at
, or call them at 1-800-933- BLOOD (25663). You can also contact Senator
Stewart-Cousins’ district office at 914-423-4031 for information about how to
donate blood. 

eHeziSenator Stewart-Cousins Donates Blood at Empire City Casino

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  1. The power got to her head, she forgot all the people that helped her beat sweet nicky. She should have a primary to keep her humble. “Greenburgh in da house”

  2. If you’re a Latino don’t vote for Stewart cousins she’s part of the democratic group that puts up candidates against Latino incumbents and also brings Nyc democrats to occupy elected offices in Westchester. Write a letter to her officer or email and you’ll never get a replied either don’t waste your vote.

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