Yonkers Democratic Party Chair Symra Brandon Declares Democrats are Wholly Focused on Winning in November

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BRANDON_Symra standing w Mayor Spano and Chairman Jenkins

Yonkers Mayor Michael Spano, Democratic Committee Chairperson Symra Brandon, and Westchester County Legislator Chairman Kenneth Jenkins.

“The people
have spoken, and we must unite together to support those moving forward into
the general election”

YONKERS, NY – September 20, 2013 —  Yonkers Democratic Party Chairwoman
Symra Brandon today released the following statement regarding the Primary
elections, and the Democratic Party uniting all countywide and local

“On behalf of the Democratic Party, I want
to thank all of those who ran and had their name placed on the Democratic
ballot.  We saw an engaging campaign during the Primary election cycle
that got moved hundreds of Yonkers residents to the polls. 

"A fundamental aspect of our shared
democracy is to provide the people with options — and, I for one, am proud of
the candidates that participated in last week’s Primary [Elections].
 However, now the people have spoken, and we must unite together to
support those moving forward into the general election.

“This year, Yonkers Democrats are united in
the fight to hold accountable everyone who has played a part in
taking our City and County down the wrong path. This November, our communities
will elect Democratic leaders across Westchester who are fighting to clean up
the mess, fighting for a stronger middle class, cleaner streets, access to
quality and affordable health care, affordable housing for everyone, a
demonstrated commitment to civil rights and investing in the future of our

“I urge Democrats, candidates, District
Leaders and Yonkers voters to reach out to each other and galvanize around what
must be our top priority – electing Noam Bramson as our next County Executive,
securing a Democratic Majority on the County Legislature and the Yonkers City
Council in November.”

The Yonkers
Democratic City Committee is the municipal organization of the Democratic Party
in Yonkers. For more information, visit www.yonkersdems.org.  

SOURCE: Press Release received through a third party.


eHeziYonkers Democratic Party Chair Symra Brandon Declares Democrats are Wholly Focused on Winning in November

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  1. By the time the IDA gets done with deals and steals it would probably cost every taxpayer in yonkers 32 dollars each to bring a soccer club into our city. With no turn-around advantage. No checks-no balances.

  2. Virginia ran against the party? The party put someone up against her and she swept the floor with the candidate. Terrero did virginia a favor by running a third candidate if you really analyze it. African Americans only support Latinos when it benefits them. For some reason African Americans feel like the rise of Latinos means the downfall of blacks. Thats the reason that the Ken Jenkins of this world get candidates to pick off Latino incumbents. As for Virginia voting for the Astorino budget all I can say that as a property owner and taxpayer I’m glad she did. Why should I pay more taxes to increase daycare and other child care programs in the county. we already pay enought for those programs I pay thousands of dollars in property and income tax and yet my kids can’t go to public schools in Yonkers because of how terrible they are. I praise anyone that bucks the party trend and votes for the benefit of the people they serve.

  3. its ok mikey will be gone soon he is the problem,he cant be hiring REPUBLICAN hacks !!!!half of city haul has ties to the REPUBLICAN party!!!!! vote mikey out just like wilsooooooo

  4. Power: Didn’t Virginia run against the “party?” Didn’t she betray those she represents with her budget vote? So why would the party support her? Bigger question, why would Wilson put his staff member up to run against her? Why aren’t you calling him anti-Latino, cause he’s Latino himself? He also left them high and drywith his lack of real representation. Credit to Symra and the party, now they will get behind all of their candidates, Latino (Virginia and Corazon) and other (Noam, Mike & Tim)!

  5. The Yonkers Democrats are a disgrace. There sense of entitlement will be there downfall. We have the voter registration numbers but no brains at the top. The City should have the rank and file support all its candiates

  6. To power: who do the latino pols represent-mostly takers and not givers-most latino pols take care of their own kind and give seond-hand service and attention to other Hispanic’s who are not of their own nationality.

  7. Don’t worry ken!! Vinny Spano is “running” Liam’s campaign which translates to Mike Rotanelli being our next Council President!!!! Vinny’s hard work played out well for Terrero!!!but don’t worry Vinny, plenty of other jobs out there that don’t require intelligence for you and you secretary/girlfriend come January!!!! you know what they say Wilson!! when you lie with dogs you get Fleas!! and the Mayor gets Pie in his face at same time!!!

  8. To Yonkers resident: what does the fact that some Latino politicians have been arrested for corruption just like other pols have to do with the fact that Yonkers and Westchester democrats constantly challenge Latino incumbents? Is this the reason Ken Jenkins gave you? Because when we talk of corruption Ken Jenkins is the poster child this is the man that brought us the fine feces of upper westchester residents to be treated in Yonkers because if he didn’t allow that to happen he would lose his leadership post. Why didn’t the democrats run a challenger after that? The answer is simply race Latinos that stand up to the party get punished and that’s b.s. All I can say is that Latinos need to stop voting blindly for democrats let’s vote for our best interest the Westchester democratic leadership is not our friend.

  9. OK bull shitters how about publicly endorsing Rotanelli now on the steps of city haul??????c,mon Ken ??? c,mon Symra??? I know Mike wont he is supporting liam…….its ok mike you have to start running again in 18 months boy will you be in for a bunch of surprises………….

  10. To Power: Just look at NYS & some of the most corrupt pols who have been arrested & convicted over the past several years have been Latino’s-just like all the other scum who call themselves politicians who work for the people.

  11. I am a lifelong Democrat and support the Democratic Party, but what is most important is to elect persons to public office who will commit to being professional, moral and ethical and do the right thing for the City of Yonkers and all its residents. Great message to all Yonkers residents to continue to exercise the right to vote again in the General Elections in November! I am hopeful, we can prevail.

  12. Gee Ken and Symra,
    You must be SO proud…thanks to you, we now have Rotanelli as the Dem candidate for Yonkers City Council president. Morever, one of the few Yonkers candidates you DID endorse at your convention, got thrown off the ballot due to challenged signatures. I don’t hear you singing the praises of your Yonkers slate? Not much to sing about, is there? This is what happens when you have an elected official who is also the party chair. Jenkins, the county legislator, threw Perez under the bus at the Yonkers convention. Jenkins, the county legislator, continues to hold fundraisers for his perennial non-opponent races, continually depleting an ever-increasing dried up donation pool for his Yonkers Dem candidates who actually do have challengers. You suck, ken.

  13. I have a question for ms. Brandon you why does the Democratic Party challenge Latino incumbents with party supported candidates and yet it doesn’t do that to black politicians regardless of what they do? Even when corruption is alleged African American politicians get party support or those running against them simply do it on their own without the party supporting either candidate. Wilson terrero and Virginia Perez were both challenge simply because they didn’t follow the party line and this is wrong. As a member of the Latino community I will remember this and will not be voting for any democrat this year and I hope other Latinos do the same. This party uses us we need to start realizing that the Republican Party in westchester might be our best choice to send a message to the powers that be which choose to see us Latinos as sheep.

  14. Totally unrelated to this story is this tidbit.The Manchester United Football(Soccer)team,aligned with the NY Yankees, are looking to build a Soccer Stadium in the NY area.Are you listening Mayor Spano.Yonkers should have a dog in this fight.

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