Yonkers Firefighters Save a Life Enroute from NYC to DEN BY HEZI ARIS

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Yonkers_FF Local 628 pinYONKERS, NY and DENVER, CO — September 20, 2013 — Many Yonkers
Firefighters are currently in Colorado Springs, CO, attending the National
Firefighter Memorial where Yonkers own Antonio Rodrigues is being honored and
his name added to The Wall with all those other Firefighters who died in the
line of duty last year.

Enroute to
Colorado on a United Airlines flight yesterday a 37-year-old female had
midflight began to undergo seizure requiring medical attention. The flight crew
asked for assistance and Yonkers Firefighters responded to the section of the
plane where the woman was in distress.  Using their training and the
medical equipment provided by the flight crew, Yonkers Firefighter  members stabilized the woman and was
tended to by YFD members until arrival at the destination airport. It was upon
landing that additional medical care and attention from a team on the ground
took over. 

I.A.F.F. Local 628 President Barry McGoey advised, “It just so happens that the
members who assisted this woman are also among the firefighters who will be
honored by the Yonkers Exchange Club on October 24th for their work saving a
man from a burning truck that crashed into several stores on McLean Avenue
several months ago.”

eHeziYonkers Firefighters Save a Life Enroute from NYC to DEN BY HEZI ARIS

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  1. The Spano’s are haters and wannabes….all of them. IME’s as stupid as the next and none of them have done a days work in their entire lives. All living off the fat of the pig (the taxpayers).

  2. Phil Amicone was a vindictive mayor 2nd time around and mayor spano needed not wait that long. That is plain to see. I don’t know what the city book look like and obviously either does the mayor and his staff because an 84 million dollar deficit went away and is now back a year and a budget later. Don’t care if it is finance that cuts but anger and conceit is not a reasonable approach.

  3. Baggage handler is correct. If there was a way to minimize the work of the YFF and to give someone else credit Mike Spano would do so. It’s ok, we’re used to it. But payback is a bitch and the YFD is going to make a bitch out of Mike Spano.

  4. This just in: Mayor Spano has announced that he will be honoring the baggage handler who carried the patients carry-on bag to the awaiting ambulance. In a statement Mayor Spano noted that “although the YFD members were on scene well before the arrival of baggage handler Emma Press, it was her ability to carry the bag that allowed for a safe transition to the awaiting ambulance”. When asked to comment on the Mayor’s statement an unnamed FF said, “at least he’s consistant”.

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