Assemblyman Abinanti Calls for NYSED Commissioner John King’s Immediate Resignation By HEZI ARIS

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Abinanti_thomasJMT. PLEASANT,
NY – October 17, 2013 — NYS Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti (D-Mt. Pleasant-92nd
AD) has long been a critic of New York States Education Department (NYSED)
Commissioner John King; specifically because Mr King has exhibited rigidity
with respect to the discourse of issues; his demeanor has proved to be not
conducive to discourse and remedy. King’s deficiencies have for too long been overlooked
to accommodate his inability to contend with issues over which he has not
comprehended or simply procrastinated in contending with them. It seems
Commissioner King’s conduct has been the catalyst that has awoken others to the
“painful discussions”. Excuses are no longer acceptable. King’s lack of people
skills were recognized to be deficient. King has hit a brick wall because his
dismissive and degrading attitude with elected officials, emissaries, and
parents will no longer be tolerated.

Abinanti said, "For quite some time, Education Commissioner John King has
closed off all meaningful conversation with parents, educators, administrators,
and elected officials who have highlighted serious deficiencies in State
Education Department
policies. He has exhibited a conscious disregard for their
concerns. He should be listening, educating where criticisms are unfounded, and
adopting changes where criticisms are valid. His rigidity makes him unsuited
for the position of Education Commissioner. Commissioner King should resign

eHeziAssemblyman Abinanti Calls for NYSED Commissioner John King’s Immediate Resignation By HEZI ARIS

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