Court Appends Addition Prison Time of Zehy Jereis Over Tax Fraud By HEZI ARIS

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, NY —  October 3, 2013 — Zehy Jereis, serving a
48 month imprisonment term over corruption charges suffered the addition of 15
months more months of imprisonment with respect to his admission of tax
. The charge decreed yesterday, Wednesday, October 2, 2013, is based on
Jereis’s admission that between 2007 through 2009, he engaged in paying
employees at his car wash  / gasoline
station $400,000 dollars in wages not declares when filing taxes. Once learned,
the IRS levied a fine of $61,000 that upon being calculated have since been
paid and satisfied.

The additional 15 month sentence permitted 5 months to
be served concurrently, that is together with the time he serves for the original
case to which he was found guilty, while the remaining 10 months must be served
consecutively, that is after the first 48 months of the charge he is presently
serving are satisfied. Therefore, 48 months for the first charge, plus 15
additional months, less the 5 months served concurrently, will bring the total
maximum time to be served to 58 months. To date Mr Jereis has served 7 months
of his term.

Mr Jereis did not attend the court hearing in person.
He heard the court from beginning to end. He was visible by way of video. It
was a one-way video, the court could see him, but he could not see the

Upon the Honorable Judge’s ruling, Mr Jereis thanked
the court for its decision.

eHeziCourt Appends Addition Prison Time of Zehy Jereis Over Tax Fraud By HEZI ARIS

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