THE HEZITORIAL: BLUE TRUTH – Freeing the Yonkers Police Department from Political Influence By HEZI ARIS

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IMCob-SurveillanceYonkers Police Department (YPD) brass seem to be consumed
with the internal mess that has been allowed to foment under the aegis of
Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Keith Olson, and two of
his dubious associates, and counterparts: Captain John Mueller, commander of
the Yonkers Fourth Police Precinct, and Detective Sergeant Brian Moran of the
Detective Division. Sometimes individually, at other times in concert, since
Olson acceded to the helm of the PBA, under the guise of questionable internal
union politics, when former PBA President Eddie Armour relinquished his
position as PBA President to become union treasurer, Olson ran unopposed to take
over the union in 2010; Olson has been stirring the political cauldron ever

In what turned out to be a bait and switch tactic promoted by
former Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, who used Olson and his politically astute "gofers", well-respected Police Commissioner Robert Taggart was unseated with the
lure of John Mueller becoming the next Yonkers Police Commissioner. Instead,
Edmund Hartnett had acceded to the position of Yonkers Police Commissioner.

For Olson and his friends the pattern of dismissing
friendships, and selling out the union with the systematic dismantling of all
now defunct units was hardly unique under the Olson / Hartnett reign of terror.
Since then, and under Olson’s leadership, the membership has paid a heavy

The City of Yonkers (CoY), purportedly the third largest city
in the state, is also the city devoid of a burglary unit, no school resource
officers, despite over forty public schools, and a membership working without
contract for over five years – this, ever since Olson’s cozy relationship with
Hartnett and Amicone jelled.  At a recent
PBA monthly meeting Olson did not address any questions concerning the alleged unethical
conduct by him or his counterparts. He did however tell the membership not to
look for any type of settlement on a contract with CoY until the year 2015.
Such a timeline would imprint his reign of ineptitude over the men and women in
blue to almost a decade.

Olson, Mueller, and Moran’s unscrupulous ways have plagued
the department with numerous internal complaints of verbal threats,
harassments, unauthorized investigations, unauthorized searches of work
stations, missing police personnel files, and the collection of official police
records on Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association (C.L.S.A.), and PBA
members, used against personnel as an effective mode of intimidation. There seems
also to be internal allegations of excessive fundraising practices, and some
missing funds that may have never been delivered. There are also reports that
there are pending Federal Lawsuits, and more said to be on the way. 

It is often said that opposites attract. Olson, known to be a
schoolyard bully has little to no education, is inept as a speaker, and
currently has a serious credibility problem because of his “thug-like ways”. On
the other hand, Mueller, and Moran are more educated, but lack people skills.
All three are driven by their thirst for dominance, control, and power. They
salivate at the thought and demonstrate their respective lust by targeting
members from their own unions with premeditated discipline notices, and staged
incidents of acts of harassments to disguise their own actions. For example,
according to some insiders, Mueller supposedly received some type of mailing to
his home address, but never cooperated with officials over this allegedly “staged”
mailing by not letting investigators examine his claim. Moran and Olson’s
brother-in-law, Fourth Precinct Lieutenant Anthony Chiarella have also filed
some questionable reports with the department. Sources report that they were
using those reports to counteract the negative kickback they were experiencing
of late.

Captain John Mueller, known as the “Joker” within the
department because of his pasted grin, is perceived as a guy struggling with
his own insecurities. Since his induction into the department, both Moran and
Mueller have made it very clear their relationship with Olson is very tight. In
fact, since Olson took over, he has been manipulating messages to the
membership; giving them false hope so as to buy himself another term in office.
The truth widely known to be circulating in the department is that Olson cannot
be trusted, and that he has lost the confidence of most of the supervisors, as
well as the membership.

His most recent folly was when he, along with Captain John
Mueller, fought back a departmental transfer in which they hoodwinked some politicians
into rescinding Police Commissioner Charles Gardner’s Transfer Order. That gave
the Police Brass a black eye, and also sent shock waves throughout the CLSA
membership, because other professional Captains ended up transferred in place
of Mueller’s refusal. That may have given city officials a black eye, too.
Since the order was given to save Mueller, he is currently under investigation
for an all-night beer party that went into the wee hours of the morning at the
Fourth Police Precinct. There are reports that Mueller himself gave misleading
statements to Internal Affairs Investigators, and that he and Olson may have
impeded the investigations by advising Internal Affairs they allegedly saw
nothing.  In fact, since the
investigation, John Mueller and his cohorts have been continuing to berate, and
besmirch a well-decorated Police Sergeant, who allegedly witnessed the
commanders’ “gone wild” party.  Sources
say John Mueller is in full deflective mode. Reports are that he is running
about the city offering extra-ordinary police services to church groups,
community activists, and city educators as a protective cloak against being
disciplined, and transferred. His conduct is not authorized. He has been setting
up fruitless meetings with these groups for self-serving reasons. Sources close
to his day-to-day activities claim that Mueller is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,
and will purportedly lie and do just about anything to give these groups a
sense of false security. This internal investigation is nearing a year, and the
City of Yonkers owes it to its citizens to clean up the foul odor. The
department also needs to closely scrutinized Mueller’s original statement, which
is reportedly full of discrepancies.

There seems to be a developing pattern of double standards.
So if a commander of the largest precinct in the city is allowed to
intentionally deceive investigators, what can he do for the citizenry? If all
of these allegations and accusations are true, which according to some insiders
are verifiable by way of departmental emails, memos, and letters, where does
the average Yonkersite stand. One thing is certain; Olson, Sergeant Brian
Moran, and Captain John Mueller have done irreparable damage to the department
and its members. They did it; don’t hate the messenger. The membership recognizes
Olson’s lame duck, longstanding presidency. They have also learned he is not omnipotent.

YPD’s top brass, and city officials seem to be struggling on
what to do with the Yonkers PBA leader, and his friends who are embroiled in
controversy. One has to wonder why? Is it because Yonkers’ “godfathers” (former Yonkers Mayors Angelo
Martinelli, John Spencer, Phil Amicone, and former NYS Senator Nicholas Spano) bought his silence over
a no contract deal, by giving his sister a high paying city job, and getting
Det. Sgt. Brian Moran’s mother her job back with the city after she was
terminated? Yes, the “godfathers all have a hand or two in it! Is it possible
the YPD and/or Yonkers Corporation Counsel is intentionally interfering with
these investigations as per the directive of present Mayor Mike Spano and the
pressure exacted over him by the “godfathers” noted above in this paragraph? If
that is so, then they will also be held accountable when the Federal Lawsuits are
revealed, or when the Department of Justice (DoJ) moves to widen their
investigation into alleged union corruption. 
There is a definite rancid stench of dirty politics that have short-changed
the hard working police professionals of the Yonkers Police Department.  It appears these rogue cops are getting some
type of protection because of their past political connections.  The cancer permitted to ravage the YPD from
the inside will come to consume the “godfathers” and other politicians. Mayor
Mike Spano must take the bull by the horns lest he be gored.

As dark clouds hover over Olson and his two cronies, there
are some things that are very apparent to the CLSA and PBA membership. Olson continues
to drive about Yonkers and beyond in a city owned vehicle with a union stipend
that costs the membership $4,000 every month – equating to $48,000 every year, with
free city gas, and a credit card.  In all
the years under Olson’s reign, when was the last time anyone took a look at the
books? The membership is also aware that other municipalities are getting
decent contracts as they show up to work. 
Things are not looking good for the YPD as there are echoes that the
Department of Justice is already conducting investigations into the YPD. In
reading undeniable reports, one may infer DoJ will get full and unfettered
cooperation from more insiders than City Hall can imagine.

So who is protecting these guys? Former Senator Nick Spano’s
boy going back over a decade has been Mueller. He has moved up the ladder with
Nick Spano's help and influence to this day. Former Mayor John Spencer interceded
on behalf of Cathy Moran despite her being fired by Mayor Mike Spano and forced
Mayor Spano’s hand to take Cathy Moran back. Cathy Moran is Brian Moran’s
mother. And Olson, he has been protected all these years by Phil Amicone. It
seems behind every man is a stronger man… Truth be told, it is a standard
that can no longer be tolerated.

It’s up to Mayor Mike Spano to remove the political influences
from the situation and permit Police Commissioner Charles Gardner to do right
by the U.S. Constitution, New York State Constitution, and the Yonkers City
Charter, and the Yonkers Police Department’s men and women in blue, or get
someone who can. The YPD cannot wait for a remedy any longer. 

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: BLUE TRUTH – Freeing the Yonkers Police Department from Political Influence By HEZI ARIS

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  1. First KO tried to jam up Ray and then other numerous PBA and CLSA members, then he got his sister a nice paying job, then he went over to City Hall and sunk other unions. KO has definitely got my vote.

  2. The only reason Ray put the city on notice is because they are letting a corrupt fat RAT get away with illegal activities that he has conducted on his own members including supervisors. He was hoping under a new administration they would of reeled the RAT in but that did not happen as of yet, and by no means that this reflects negatively under the commissioner, Ray knows,I know,anyone in the loop knows that the commish hands are tied by the powers to be across in the ivory towers. I wont get into the legal grounds on Rays lawsuit because it is a pending case, but I can tell you that the facts will all come out very soon why the RAT squad should of been dealt with swiftly and harshly, but the fact that the administration stands by makes Ray case even better. I do know that the law firm hired does not take bull shit cases, if you go on their web site they are admitted in Federal court and know very well civil rights violations and are expert in litigations with municipalities good luck COY………

  3. First RM tried getting the units back by baking Hartnett cookies. Then he tried getting the units back by creating the Blue Truth with his pals and by anonymously blogging. Now he’s trying to get them back by suing the city and the YPD. With foolproof plans like these he’s got my vote.

  4. So your trying to say liam did not support pension reform?? he did not try to cut back specialized units??he also wanted a tier change which would cap a police officers salary when they retire….

  5. So your trying to say liam did not support pension reform?? he did not try to cut back specialized units??he also wanted a tier change which would cap a police officers salary when they retire….

  6. So your trying to say liam did not support pension reform?? he did not try to cut back specialized units??he also wanted a tier change which would cap a police officers salary when they retire….

  7. Maybe you should read the article dumbass. He did try to help. Here’s a better idea. Have someone read it for you. If you read like you write, you’ll need help.

  8. Here it is again fellas our union leader fucking us over again, in 2003 pre-primary keith the selfish RAT endorses amiclown over our own Yonkers son Mike Spano,he donated money over the limit to amiclown more than he gave Mike, point is in 2010 He did not endorse liam McLaughlin cause he wanted pension reform and was really not helpful to cops also voted for layoffs as a city council member he voted to eliminate specialized units, its all in the minutes, so now the RAT wants to endorse some one that helped shut down half the police department all on keith watch guys way to go president………..

  9. Yonkers PBA leader Keith Olson, and all who aided him in his illegal ploys will soon be called to task. If Olson survives another election then the Yonkers membership deserve to have this rat. However, the membership will pay a high price to keep him, WITH NO CONTRACT IN SITE.

  10. Well at least we would not have a crook in office who kept W.S. money, and we know that R.S. would not target other union members. Most important, he would not run around with rats like Moran, the weakling, and Mueller the wimp, cry baby. KO is not only a corrupt union leader.

  11. This coming election there will be eyes on the ballot boxes in each of the precincts even when in transit, and each box is counted separately, no way the RAT can steal this election again!!!

  12. These lost souls that all cops are the same, and because they had the backing they could lodge any accusations against any police officer and with a little creative writing it would stick. Well under Hartnett, and Amicone that was the way of the land. What the fat man did not realize that not all police officers are the same, and these real men said enough of these illegal tactics. That is something that Olson did not expect. Read and weep Mr. PBA

  13. Amen, driven hard. These guys have been so busy setting people up, that they forgot all their lines, and lies. Please be careful with these guys they carry recorders, and have hit rock bottom in the department. As a result, they are very, very desperate. They have been so busy these past five years working on J. Mueller’s new image that they forgot about the members. However, if you happened to get in the way of there master plan, the three would set you up by any illegal means. Now the real cops of this job have turned the lights on these night crawls. Soon others will support change too. Olson please step down, so someone else can bring home a contract. Any good descent police officer could broker a contract. Five long years, and we are heading toward six. First you had a love fest with Amicone, and now your blaming the new regime. Whats the deal? Was our membership worth only $64,000. Poor planning on you three lost souls.

  14. So sad you pathetic soul. The only people that are in constant denial are the triple rats. To use the CLSA, or PBA organizational names is desperate to say the least. You had a meeting with the CLSA members, and they found that not only did you lie to their members, but you lied to your own board. So, so sad, if you and any other member wants to find out just how low Olson will stoop, you can ask any CLSA member what the real deal is. To chastise this site or soon to be other media sites would be denying the truth to other union members about Keith Olson and his friends. Why don’t you go down the hall to the CLSA office and chat with some of the bosses to see what they say about your sellout union leader. No guff, just pure facts. Something that Keith Olson keeps calling a lie. So, so sad or ko, or bm, jm, save yourselves and cleanse your twisted lies, you losers.

  15. The only time this poor excuse for online Yonkers news gets any hits is when a Blue Truth article appears. All it does is report who is going to be on that pathetic online radio show that no one listens to.

  16. “SO SAD” I say go suck on your momma’s tit you over grown loser baby. Who needs a radio show? I’ll dress you up in a diaper and put a bobo in your mouth and maybe you’ll get your way when you going crying to City Hall. Maybe not. Either way at the end of this all, you will sure be shitting yourself. They call it a weak sphincter muscle.

  17. I heard Det. LT. Secretary Pat McCormack
    has been out sick with a sore throat and
    very sore knees..You know they do sell
    knee pads in Modells.And as far as the sore
    throat goes try not to gag on it,although with you
    that might be impossible…

  18. My hairy fat RAT there will be a time to talk,and boy will there be a lot of talking,but not on a radio show,or your fluff propaganda meeting,maybe in front of a jury???

  19. What a disgrace you Blue Truthers are. Not only will you not speak up at a CLSA or PBA meeting, you won’t speak up anywhere. You’re all afraid to show your faces anywhere because 99.9% of the job hates you for what you’re trying to do. If you had any balls or integrity you’d come out of the shadows. KO offered to go on Hezi’s radio show with you cowards and you’re too afraid to even do that. You and Hezi can take all of your lies and face off with this guy you hate so much and expose him to the public. But you won’t because none of this shit is true and we all know it. This stupid blog is the Blue Truth’s only forum and you are all pathetic.

  20. I don’t know how these guys can get up in the morning a show up and attempt to work along side of the very guys they threw under the bus. Do they really believe that anyone can trust them? Do they really believe they will have a future? No, I would say they are washed up in this city. Their acts of illegal misconduct to union members will followed them forever. Time to pay the piper. Keith Olson you have tarnished the office of the PBA, and you could not be even honest with your own board members. You even lied to them. You ratted on bosses, and sent letters to the council even offering up other union positions. I hope that search you before you sit down with them to discuss anything.

  21. Amen brother, that Mueller is a backstabbing wimp. He can handle his current assign. The fact that he lied to police investigators just proves he can go no further. The citizens of this City would not get a fair shot, since he is a proven liar.

  22. Now the City must move to dump Olson, and his two poison pills. How would any City or agency not pay attention to these dubious individuals that have time and time again committed misconduct against their own members. To think that Captain John Mueller and Keith Olson asked the Mayor to make this “rogue” Captain a Police Commissioner. To think that he really is Commissioner material. This guy can take a test but does not have leadership, or people skills. His leadership skills were tested when he intentionally lied to investigators about his three tour in your eye party, that went in to the wee hours of the morning, then would not go down with the ship, but let the investigators dig out the truth. He did not care. He assumed that everyone else would also lie. That proved to be wrong. As for that large rodent union leader, he also had his hands in the pile of shit too. He sent these uniform guys out to spread the word to the city that Mueller needed to stay, and fight the transfer. Hmm, is that not misconduct? Refusing a transfer order. These three mutts had there run under Hartnett, now its time for the City to take action against their long list of intentional misconduct, not mentioning the PBA fund raising practices under Olson, Moran, and Mueller. What a bunch of shameless cowards. How do guys walk around real cops that do the job everyday? Pure shameless…..

  23. By now it is very apparent that the only union leader in the City of Yonkers without out credibility is this persistent pathological liar Keith Olson, who has set off all this internal strife. He and his small list of cool aid drinkers are on the run for all the misconduct that was permitted under Amicone and Hartnett. Olson, and JM were running around preparing the PD for their take over. God help anyone who spoke out against these power driven rats. J. Mueller, and B. Moran did what they wanted while assigned to the Intel Unit. From taking files, altering files, and moving files. Then they went after descent Detectives that called them on it. Mueller, and Olson even made calls to certain bosses to prevent guys who were preparing to retire from working overtime. Imagine going after Yonkers Police Officers who had serve this city for over twenty years, just because they were told they were not following normal procedures. Their selfish despicable ideology, and lust for control is what set these chain off events. As we enter the phases of internal and external investigations, the membership, and the bosses clearly know that the Olsonettes fully bare the responsibility. These acts of misconduct clearly targeted any union member from any union. So this idea that RM set this off is laughable. The membership show know that it was he who was clearly targeted after he demanded a vote of no confidence against Hartnett as he was gutting the department, and as they targeted veteran police officers. The bottom line as history will show is that Olson, Moran, and Mueller went “rogue”. They are now standing in quicksand, and instead of Olson blogging more lies to the City and the membership, my advice to the these band of ” jokers”, is stop moving because your sinking quicker. Do not worry the investigators are coming and maybe you can help yourself by telling on each other…..

  24. It could of been for SCU who knows???could be about Blue truth expose who knows??? could be nothing??? one thing for sure I saw them.!

  25. You rayette idiots are comical. After all these months and now you claim to see some guys who were around for past investigations, utterly laughable. You morons have zero credibility

  26. Just suspecting the last 2 weeks the same thing one of the Guys I remembered back in the days when ridge hill investigation was going on looks like shit might hit the fan sooner than expected……

  27. Today Keith Olson is nothing, he is a lame duck president that will soon have to answer some uncomfortable questions. It is very clear that he cannot and will not make a statement as to these articles because Keith himself knows it to be true. He is the most corrupt union leader in the City of Yonkers, and had to be flushed out. Now he should do what is right for the YPD members and step down, and wait to be held accountable for his clear misconduct as a police officer. The fact that he is a union leader does not mean that he is above the departmental policy or laws. What was exposed by the editor was pure union thug corruption. Time to step aside your a disgrace to the uniform.

  28. Inside guy your one hundred percent right. Looks like that some outside agency already has made contact. Now the victims of these Olsonettes will have their day in court. Bottom line is that this union leader went rogue, and he as well as his friends premeditated their unauthorized investigations against other union members. Is that not misconduct. Soon all of this will be laid out to the investigators.

  29. Agreed Gardner is a great man and knows how to steer the department in the right direction, unfortunately 40SBWAY 2nd floor has his hands tied on this mess, If they would just stay out of internal matters there wouldn’t be a Blue Truth expose now going on would there???the Commissioner is capable and willing to take care of and discipline, the illegal actions that have occurred, but I guess the administration will just stand by and watch how this plays out,heres how it plays out, an outside agency will start looking around and start asking to see what has happened and when they find out nothing at all hell will break loose,now take that to the bank!!

  30. You are no civil rights chic, you are what the membership has been talking about all along. You are that rat Olson’s back door. A real civil liberty person would inquiry why, and how this occurred. So Fat ass, this is why you are in this mess with your two poison friends that have targeted union members. This is atypical of what your about. Creating this civil rights chic to slam the best Police Commissioner this department has seen since you people brought in that two bit wine face NYPD jerk off, who brought the DOJ in. Then again, Olson and his cohorts are good at creating fake web mails, and impersonating police officers online that do not exist. Garner’s reputation is not ruined, its the city who wants to baby your slimy fat ass, because like the article says, what have you done for a contract for your membership. Lets see what you have done for the past five years KO;
    Targeted union members like you are now attempting to target the third floor.
    Created and impersonated police identities to get information on other police officers.
    Used city computers to launch these attacks because knowing no one would trace them back to the department.
    Conducted unauthorized investigations against Captains, and other high ranking officials, as well as officers.
    Illegally searched city offices, and work stations of bosses.
    Illegally searched phone records and IP addresses without search warrants.
    Intentionally lied and interfered with IAD investigations.
    Filed false complaints with IAD.
    Lets see, what else. Should we go on, or save it for the Police Commissioner to reopen these serious allegations that have already been filed you queen bee with hair on your face. So don’t you besmirch the third floor, they are the people that have sprinkle you with a protective coating. Its some old politician that is for now saving your fat ass, not the Police Commissioner. The Commissioner wanted that insecure Mueller gone for failing to run a command. Do you remember that honey. Instead, they got a guy who creates overtime to buy the memberships confidence. The article already mentions the three tour beer fest. Any other Commander would have been fired. So you impersonator chic, go shave your arm pits, they smell fishy.

  31. Years ago I would have been gloating about these posts, but today I am really saddened and deeply troubled. I also find it interesting that some of the officer’s names who where prevalent in numerous complaints to the DOJ have been named here as well. It was always the same dirty dozen who tarnished the name of the YPD :-(.
    I really hoped to see a new and improved YPD. Where did this all go wrong and so quickly? I am baffled as to why Gardner has gone in coma regarding the implosion of the YPD? Please fellas, do what you have to do if there are laws being broken, but do not air your inner disagreements on this site. It is read by everyone and is reviewed by certain government officials regularly. Please focus on getting your contracts in order and continue improving the reputation of your department. You guys were doing so well! Karma is a bitch and those who do wrong, don’t you worry, it will certainly catch up with them and bite them in the ass. This I already know! Please, please file complaints if you need to but this public airing of your grievances is just too much even for me :-(. There must be a better way to do this!! I have spoken to quite a few officers who are really caring, dedicated and committed professionals. Do not allow a few old dirty ones to ruin the morale of your department. You should also demand more accountability and intervention from police brass from Gardner, Intervallo, et al, because if they allowing the allegations of misconduct to continue, they are also guilty of incompetence as well. SMH!

  32. Read all about it, soon the investigators will be coming for these fraud cops. Keith Olson can no longer lead this union, and it is up to the membership to regain control of their membership. Olson and his two pie face friends are low life thugs that were unveiled to the City of Yonkers. They will stay exposed until they are brought to Justice. The Officials will start with the PBA Funds that have been raided with no accountability. Not to mention the millions of dollars that Olson brags he raise for charity, and counted. These gents also need to give W.S. his money. Soon it will begin. These jerks have broken the law, and in some matters have impeded it. When you attack your own, you have crossed the line and have joined the common criminal.

  33. I heard that a civilian who did not get any service in the 4th pct recorded some misconduct on her cell phone some anyone know anything about it?

  34. Yonkers PBA Keith Olson should hide his face of what he has done, and become. He and his friends clearly broke some laws. The part that is yet to be unraveled, and exposed will eventually come out. These acts of misconduct cannot be bottle up with just a reprimand or a bad boy letter. These individuals broke state and federal laws in their quest or lust for power. The Police Department must be able to clean up their own without political protection. Does any politician really think they can trust these freaks who crave power, and will doing anything to get it, as this article clearly depicts. The City of Yonkers owes it to its citizens to remove these despicable men from their assignments. If they are not deal with like any other civil service worker, then this city will be held civilly responsible. Giving these guys a letter of reprimand breeds contempt for the rules and regulations of the Police Department. These men are held to the same set of rules as all police personnel, regardless of this so called union hat.
    When police officer get the word they are transferred, then that’s what they do. The mere intrusion of any transfer is misconduct, no matter how many godfathers are called. This shameless PBA leader has never went above and beyond for his own men and women. Now you have a police precinct Captain that is under investigation for throwing a victory beer fest covering three tour. So for about a full year, the department is still investigating, or attempting to slap this despicable rogue Captain on the wrist. What is most frightening is that he intentionally lied to investigators, and he nor Olson took responsibility for their actions. Instead, they chose to lie and deceive investigators so other personnel in the precinct are getting the aftershock.
    If there is any form of righteousness then the department will give those descent men a letter, and file criminal charges against those who committed intentional misconduct. The men and women of this department deserve better representation then scum like Olson, Mueller, and Moran. So shameless

  35. Ever since these guys came into power under Hartnett they screwed and told on everyone that stood in the way of John Mueller becoming the Commissioner. Thank god that people saw Mueller’s true colors. As for the article itself, yeah its all true. Now its time for ko to step down or be investigated to the fullest. It was very apparent that these guys were allowed to override the system, and target anyone that stood in their way. I think the DOJ, who came in with Hartnett should come in and do a full investigation into the funds of the PBA under Olson, which will lead to J. Mueller, and B. Moran.

  36. Its a damn shame that these three rat tails attempt to spin the facts that the whole forth precinct is behind that lying sap of a commander. The truth is that most of the personnel think he is a crack pot. Mueller is up there handing out over time like Halloween candy, patting guys on the back, taking care of the certain few, and often sits in his office waiting on that fat ass Olson, who always has his hands on a large Dunkin Donut coffee coolata, courtesy of the membership. What’s nonsense is that Olson and Mueller think all the cops in the city are fools and that no one really knows the truth. Well paper Tigers everyone in the Yonkers Police Department knows its all true, except you pathological liars. Stop with your light weight threats of boxing, or come to the only precinct in the city where a Captain will serve you food, and scrub your fat ham hocks. You are crooks in uniforms that have intentionally screwed this department, and the membership. So go ahead keep attacking your own membership and their families, because it proves that the truth hurts.Olson your no different than a mutt on the street, except they don’t wear smelly sweater vests. Remember this my fat face friend, real professional police officers don’t fear liars, and losers.

  37. political influence is inherent to the city commissioners….they are ALL yes men to their mayor-boss, nothing will change. accept it and move on because the “friends with benefits in politics is rampant”

  38. The bottom line is Keith Olson is the biggest rat that ever worked amongst us. Not once the he or his to wimpy friends ever address the contains of the articles. We the members of the YPD find him guilty of selling us out by sitting silent as his sister, and his Moran’s biological parent is making good money on our backs. You members cannot possibly give that rat another two years as we are steam rolling toward six years. He is the most incompetent PBA president this union as seen to date. Time to dump him and his steak eating board who repeatedly chase you working cops and treat you like blind mice. The members that Olson attacks, as well as their families are not responsible for his ineptness.

  39. Reprimand Mueller moran and olson for what those motherfuckers did…………evidence is with the lawyers, ball is in mikey spanos court nuff said jerkoffs………….

  40. I agree retired mos, both sides are definitely guilty of not posting real names. One thing you don’t realize if you are actually neutral is that the olsonette clan started this whole mess. This is what happens when you try to railroad real men. They don’t lay down and let you kick them around. As for the DOJ, we had no hand in that. Taggart, the other guy they railroaded, had full confidence in this department. He never gave them the time of day. Of course because the department was run much better then. The olsonette pick, EH, opened the door to the DOJ cause he was the biggest drunken scumbag of them all. They say be careful what you wish for so thank the olsonettes for bringing in the DOJ. Funny thing is that they are the ones doing all the Unethical shit. I wish them well. If the department handled these assholes the proper way and forced these guys to retire we all would be better off.

  41. I can not believe the things that are posted on here. Inviting the DOJ in to investigate the department, ratting out cops, accusing people of stealing money, talking about people’s families, what the hell is going on there. I don’t like certain people when I was on the job but we NEVER would rat. Both sides talk about hiding behind the computer but neither side post their names you are both guilty of the same thing. Both sides are to blame for this and it is OUT of control there will be no winners in this this. It needs to stop. Who gives a shit about drinking in the PCT and who gives a shit about a Det Capt getting OT its all baby bullshit you guys all sound like children. So cut the shit out meet some where yell,scream mother “F” eachother, go old school tell eachother how much you hate each other and move on. You don’t really have to like each other to work together.

  42. Okay folks. We’re going to play KO lackey trivia tonight. I’m gonna post a bunch of names and the players will post any of the names and next to that name whatever first comes to your mind.
    Pete Mullen
    William Pataky
    Frank Fernandez
    Dean postalopolus
    Steve shotberg
    Lou vomitrenal
    Brian Moran
    John Dickahy
    Mike Hunt

  43. Still waiting dick heads. I’m downstairs in burkes bathroom shadow boxing. Come and get it you yellow bellied sap suckers. I will make men of you yet.

  44. Think I’m heading to burkes too. I’m bringing ratpack bait, cheese doodles. Hope they show, my knuckles need a good workout. See you never assholes. I figure you are headed for your rat holes before this post even hits. Cowards and hypocrites. Take a long walk off a short peer my furry little rodents. Sayonara cheese heads.

  45. Fourth cop forever and the pct have surely started smoking crack. We know who you are you rat fink that has no people skills. That’s why you’re always jammed up. Go suck your thumb you effen panzy ass. Mueller will get on his hands and knees and suck all of you off to make chief. After chief the great men and women of the fourth are ancient history. Heard all the cops up there really loved when Mueller stuck it in their butts and recruited one of KO lackeys and gave him sweatheart gig. That’s the real Mueller, he treats you good until he gets what he wants and then sticks it in the butt. Guys, don’t get stuck in the butt by this power hungry butt plug.

  46. I used to think montero was this big tuff guy who took care of business. I voted for him the first time. But when he was running against Olsen he used to jump up out of his chair whenever the door to the precinct opened in the second. And if he is suing everybody like your saying he really should just hang it up. Him walking around wearing a suit and talking in ebonics was down right embarrassing.

  47. I’ve been in the fourth for over 10 years I’ve never had a captain and XO like Mueller and. Chiarella. They treat cops with respect and arent phoney at all. They are down to earth and every cop up here respects them. Keep bashing them you assholes no one is listening at this point. yeah, we eat together sometimes and also go out as a precinct. What the fuck is wrong with that? Those guys bend over backwards for us and we do the same and get the job done. that’s what matters. maybe you assholes can take a lesson from them. Show your face in the Fourth because we have something for you. and McGovern is a disgrace because he gets drunk on the early tour. Come to a BBQ up here. We would love to have you and show you how men are treated.

  48. Hey Ray and Mingy and you other jerks, the cops in the 4th are tired of your lies. You hooked up with that drunken scumbag McGovern and never have shown your face at any event since you lost the election. We love Capt. Mueller and Lt. Chia. They are the best bosses anyone could ask for. They are fair and treat us like cops should be treated. They’ve been there for two years now and you lying about them just shows how screwed up you are. The rest of the city is tired of this lame ass bullshit. Stop fucking with the fourth. We are behind those guys one thousand percent. If you showed your face up there you would know that.

  49. not bashing cops asswipe the whole department is great except you mueller moran olson and maybe 3 -4 more jerk offs like you,dont spin the story the story does not attack the great men and women of the department it attacks OLSON MUELLER AND MORAN,there is not one quote in any of the Blue truth series that attacks the members now go get me a drink spider!!!

  50. We have the best precinct the best Captain in the city come up and ask us you cowards or fuck off! Again u are cowards please come up to the forth we are waiting . Stop bashing other cops you dicks .

  51. please send out a bulletin when the joker will be hosting a BBQ with some cold brewskis i promise i will come,by the way there are pictures on the day the beer fest occured asswipe…

  52. Hey PBA kool aid come up to the forth and talk to us about the beer fest which didn’t happen. Of course you won’t you will be put in your place . You guys love putting cops in harms way .You are all cowards . Please visit us in the best precinct in the city . We are calling you out

  53. keith please bring in your GED to the next meeting hezi is calling you basiclly dumb ,here is the quote.
    “It is often said that opposites attract. Olson, known to be a schoolyard bully has little to no education, is inept as a speaker, and currently has a serious credibility problem because of his “thug-like ways”. On the other hand, Mueller, and Moran are more educated, but lack people skills.

  54. you stole waynes money you skimmed from pba funds your thief and you even stole election with double ballots and thats a FACT FAT BOY……

  55. wow just rembered good ole Capt. Joe G was forced out of the job for using city car out of city limits,,and the Joker hosts a 3 tour beer fest and intentionally lies about it and the adminstration does nothing about it go figure………

  56. Shine Ray or Mingy shoes? That’s a joke right . I get it mingy is the greasest cop ever.Not! Maybe the biggest boob . Ray was a real good tough cop right ? Tough maybe good not so much . Ray you lost the election grow up the men and women of the department choose who they wanted. File your lawsuit and ,which is a mope move, get the fuck over it. Yes mingy your a boob.

  57. Ray you were well respected within the department. Mingy not so much. How have you become the very thing you say you were fighting against. Now a lawsuit? Wow! Good news is we didn’t vote for you . Now we see the real Ray it is very sad. Mingy just dumb! Grow up R.S no one owes you anything

  58. You blue truth guys keep asking k.o to answer stuff what about mingy and M.P. What about ray and the “investagtion” he was conducting. What no answers ? You get caught with your hand in the cookie jar but you blame everything on everyone else . Step up and answer you cowards leave the good and honest members of the department alone and GO AWAY

  59. I remember when the ratpack did the same things to MP and now they blog about him like they are best friends. Find that to be very ironic. Two words through all of this blogging stick out more than the rest. Cowards and Hypocrites. The ratpack fits those gloves perfectly. No OJ here.

  60. How much money was collected for Wayne?
    Why didn’t Wayne get the money?
    What happened to all of that money collected for Wayne?

  61. No Moran seems to be very busy nowadays, he got a part time job in the PBA office with Mueller. Don’t know which guy is more useless. Seems that they loss their hook in removing personnel files…. What sell outs… by the way does JM fill the candy dish, or does he give KO foot massages… What a bunch of filthy rats.

  62. To Yonkers tax payer we dont care what you
    think, stay off our blog and mind your
    own business. Keep paying those taxes
    I need more OT.Writing your congress man
    is really going to help, you Babbling buffoon..

  63. I’m trying to figure out who is this Papaleo guy they are mentioning on this site? Is that the guy that embezzled millions for the COY? I heard he has his own issues these days. You guys should probably leave him out of this. Bringing unnecessary people into battle only causes casualties. Once again, great job guys. You people are definitely smarter, LMAOROTF. You fellas are always good for a laugh.

  64. Was wondering if anyone knows how much of a kick back KO gets from Quinn’s firm? One of many questions I will be throwing out there. A little Q&A is always good.

  65. Hey I need a good photographer to spy and take pictures for me. Is Brian Moron available? I heard he is the best at that type of thing. Let me know boys, got a lot of dirt he could uncover from his own ratpack. Be careful of threats, and always make sure to look in your rear view mirrors. We know where you “Dicks” are going before you do. Hope your walking a tightrope boys and be careful cause the fat man is gone snap it if he steps on it. Make sure it’s steel reinforced tightrope. And be careful not to hang yourselves with it. Have a great day!!

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  67. Again my stupid little/big blogger, you continue to point out useless and weak lies. The bigger issue is W.S. not getting his money, the searching of police files, the removing of official police files, staging false incidents to attempt to gain sympathy from the Mayor’s office, unauthorized investigations against union members. The fat has clogged your thinking, the lies have rotted your teeth, and your whole presence needs fresh soap. Can’t challenge all the people you targeted with cheap shots. Step down Tarzan

  68. Olson, B. Moran, and John Mueller, your message of veil threats mean nothing to us. Not one of you has addressed anything. All you do is attack union members. The members you talk about are not worried or concerned with you weak messages. You are the minority, we are the majority. You three have clearly violated State and Federal rules. We have all the witnesses, emails, memos, complaints, and victims. I know it must feel very lonely flowing in that big pool of lies that you finks purposely created. You three lonely little rats just desperately clenching every lie you can hurl. You guys are right about one thing, justice is coming from all the men and women you step on in the Yonkers Police Department. So as you continue to lie and connive, here is some advise for you rat finks, stop twisting and turning and wait for the DOJ, they are surely coming for you. Save your money, you guys are going to need it. Quinn will have to excuse himself boys. The truth hurts, and cannot be washed away.

  69. It’s funny how all these posting’s think shitty haul should step in. First they put th PC in place to do what he is told, that’s his job. Second they want frictions and factions in the department so it is easier to control. Third, since day one they considered KO bought and paid for, why do you think he had to cancel some votes last year? He knew he couldn’t deliver fot the mayor that’s why. Fourth, since when did you think the would uphold the constitutions of city or state much less the city charter? The charter is a joke to keep citizens in line not the politicians (hint, the deputy mayor does not reide in this city and a waiver was never voted on by the council, as per chater) Finally if anyone thinks Nick is not involved I have some nice photos of bigfoot and unicorns for sale

  70. Hey Freedom, the Dept obtained the IP addresses. And, that lawyer on Yonkers Ave you’re using is as dumb as a rock. And the fact the commish has done nothing about this, as hundreds of postings came from YPD computers, only helps the REAL lawyers involved. TICK TOCK……and Mingy……payback is gonna be a bitch for the way you treated Papaleo. And how you built your house while on the YPD clock. And it’s great how Ray is working a certain Chiefs son’s place. All noted. Talk about CORRUPT. it’s a shame because that guy has many many years on the job and a douche like Ray is gonna bring him and his kid down. Oh well. Should know better

  71. Montero, Itzla, Pappas, Russo, Santobello, Cartagena……..your time is coming soon. You’ve been exposed. You act like cowards behind your computers and your payback will be a bitch. The clock is ticking. Enjoy yourselves on this rat site while you can. And the right people WILL investigate that thieving Detective Captain who WILL wind up in handcuffs. Count on that. They may need a hostage negotiator to get him out of that office of his. You guys are so in the dark it’s sad. You think this is going to end quietly? Not a chance. All these guys you’re posting lies about are way smarter and calculating than you’ll ever know. I CAN’T WAIT. Montero can have his two bit lawyer suing the Mayor and the Commissioner, and, oh, his own Detective Captain. YOU guys created this, Gardner and the brass haven’t done shit about it, and the end game is going to be a GREAT TIME for the YPD. And you know why…….because you guys don’t think things out and are cohorts by convenience. I cannot wait. Until then, I will try to enjoy the high school bullshit that continues here. THE END is coming soon boys….believe that. And it ain’t gonna be pretty. But you brought this on yourselves, and the Commish and his Chiefs will soon realize that their legacy will be an embarrassment to themselves and this Dept. Enjoy!

  72. If the City, or anyone else has any IP addresses they clearly should have questioned how they were obtained. If they were handed over by Olson, then rest assure they violated State, and Federal laws, and the DOJ will need to know who, what, when, where, and how. The truth is that under Hartnett, Olson and his cronies could do no wrong, so no supervisors questioned or interfered in their day to day dealings. Hartnett knew what they were doing, but he turned a blind eye to it. In the end, Hartnett may have gotten bit too by these rogue cops.
    As for these IP, or any other illegally gathered evidence, it is and will be found irrelevant. Bloggers are afforded the same protections as the media. We are also aware of these illegally obtained IP addresses Mr. Olson the ” Rogue” PBA leader may have given to the Department. One thing is for certain, there is no doubt that they were obtained illegal for personal reasons.

  73. I am a long time residence of this City. I am shocked and applauded in reading what the Tribune has brought to light. If these allegations are true about these so called police officers, what kind of protection will my family receive if one of these police officers are in some way involved. As a resident, and reading the actions of these police officers, and it is very apparent that laws were broken to say the least. I will be writing my Congress represented to demand an some type of inquiry.

  74. The only rot is what comes spewing out of a pathetic Olson’s mouth. He has told so many lies that he can’t remember them all. The article stands on rock hard proof. The members don’t trust you, the supervisors don’t trust you, the politicians don’t trust you. Please talk about W.S. money. How much did you say that former DPW took? hmmmm, he was only charged with a misdemeanor. Remember KO, you did the investigation yourself, then told the other union leaders that the department did it. Hey, did snoop deputy dog help you? Did you get his file before you posted it on Facebook.

  75. Keith Olson and his two cheek friends should turn in their uniforms. They have blogged against the City. the police administration, members from the CLSA, the PBA, and their families. So it clearly demonstrates, and supports the facts in the article. maybe someone needs to open the books on life with the three amigos in their rat den.
    Then again we are not sea shit like you. Please answer the article and stop deflecting to the Police Commissioner you dirty rat tail.

  76. Hey big gulp, or fat man stop attacking your own members, that’s how you got yourself into this rat hole. We are in this for the long haul whiskers, so put on your battle helmet, or should I say milk crate. you did everything the article’s states and then some.

  77. The Only guys here that broke state and federal laws within the Police Department is that fat rat Olson and his two rat henchmen. We await the D.O.J.. plenty of material for them to read as well as witnesses to what the articles states. No bullshit KO, just the facts. The only people that did any hoodwinks was that fat ass rat Olson, who sold the membership out..

  78. Before all of the comments go through the roof——-LMAO…….I may have 4 tickets available for the Monday night football game—–NYG vs minn…..let me know if you are interested….stay safe…..and as always…..stay thirsty my friends!

  79. Gerard is team blue truth- why would he trash the spano name? Nick isn’t involved in CoY business, find something else to talk about ppl.

  80. R.S. one of the best out there,he is just looking for whats right for the members not like the RAT SQUAD ,and I never heard him say anything bad about the spanos…

  81. I love the way the blue truth guys keep saying the Feds are coming . Be careful what you wish for you guys are fucked . RS shouldn’t you be defending the spano’s didn’t they get you your spot.

  82. you say not a thing done by this commisioner ????thats because your savior spano has his hands tied !!!! no one is talking about families,just saying that mike and nick need to stay clear of department issues and let the commisioner do hisn job!!!!

  83. Seriously, your writing comes across like a third grader. It’s been almost two years of you guys hiding behind your computers. Fuck the City and Fuck the citizens…..really? You unprofessional moron. You sound just like one of the “mopes” you like to refer to so often. Disgraceful to say the least. The administration has had the IP addresses for quite some time now and have chosen to do absolutely nothing. Probably because Captain Closed Door is one of the top guys on this site…..while he’s working……and probably on “overtime”. You and your threat of the FEDS. I hope they do come in and investigate this horse shit. Because that Captain, who is a thief by the way, I’ll be the first one in handcuffs. Thousands of posts, and many from work computers. NOT A THING DONE BY THIS COMMISSIONER. Now he is getting used by your ring leader. And now you jerks are slamming the Spanos. I pray the FEDS come in. It’s bad enough you guys have brought families into this mess, but now the Spano family? Really? Let’s cut that shit because I think the world knows about RM and his mess when it comes to family……or should I say families? Cut the shit. You guys are cowards and zips as cops. What Mingy did to Papaleo should say everything. And Ray has obviously lost his mind. I hope he runs again because it will be fun to see him campaign.

  84. No one is defaming spanos i like them ,but they are trying to sweep dirt under the rug!!!!and dirt never goes away,ever lifted a rug that was clean on the outside always dirt under it,so i say for the adminstration take a back seat and let the commisioner serve out the pain before the FEDS do………..

  85. Mingy Santobello, at least try to write in English. Your idiocy comes through in your posts. Can’t wait for Cartagena to post because I love to imagine him crying. This stuff is so embarrassing to you assholes. You’re following Ray who is a mental patient and defaming the Spanos is just not right. Maybe that’s why you’ll never get the DD. Gerard, here’s some advice……step away from these guys right now. As far as Gardner, he came across terribly at the PBA meeting. He could have stopped all this blogging shit in a second but he just has no clue how to lead. All the cops stood up and applauded Keith who addressed everything. Even you you fucking moron. The buzz by the over 100 in attendance was that Gardner is a weak boss who came across scared and you know it. And I’m imagining Nick and Mike are seeing him and his top guys for what they are…….clueless and inept. Now I know you’ll have to read this twice because you’re mildly retarded so please break out your dictionary.

  86. EH has been gone for what, 3 years, why doesn’t
    PC Gardner reinstate the units that were disbanded
    by EH ? We have the man power now. JUst sign an order.
    Also as far as a contract goes 2015, is crazy, guys
    should get old school amongst themselves, fvck the
    hapless PBA and do a job action. Nothing pro active
    just re active. Become robots respond to job,handle
    to best of your ability, write report, park somewhere
    and wait for next job. That is it. Fvck the city, they dont
    care about us, and fvck the citizens too, most of them hate us,
    are jealous and think we are over paid to begin with. Just read
    what the main stream media has to say about us and our pension.
    It is time for us to beat to our own drum..

  87. had the mayor let the commisioner do his job when all this was going on this story wouldnt be here,any one to blame honestly is the mayor and i like him.

  88. hey asswipe the story is correct,if it hurts the spanos …oh well let the chips fall where every they land.The mayor needs to step out of this issue and let the commisioner do his job and start dispencing justice against these 3 thugs,otherwise when the FEDs are done it may be too late for the mayor………..

  89. So now Montero, Pappas, Itzla and cronies are besmirching Nick Spano and the Spanos. Good job brain surgeons. The only federal lawsuits filed are by Montero who is suing the Mayor and the Police Commissioner as well. Great fucking leadership by the police brass. FUCKING EMBARRASSING. I hope the Mayor finally realizes that these lying articles are nothing but an EMBARRASMENT to him and the YPD. As far as the decorated Sgt., he is a drunk himself who drives drunk and dates a filthy pill pusher in a local bar. He was hoodwinked by Montero and his cronies. You guys are fucking pathetic.

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