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  1. I wonder what the slimy scvmbag Rotanelli is doing now that he’s faded into the darkness of obesity, loneliness and obscurity? The ignorant desperate moron who robbed, cheated and stole from anyone and everyone has disappeared, presumably waiting to become worm food. How does it feel to know not a single human would care if you never existed? You meant nothing to this world or anyone in it. A coward, a liar, a thief, and a philanderer. The soulless legacy of a maggot. If you were ever to reflect upon your life, I wonder what you’d think you’ve accomplished. The world is is worse place for every breath you’ve ever taken. I wonder no more.

  2. This ass McLaughlin has an ad on this page which says that he will “Fight to Reduce our Taxes”
    That is unmitigated gall.
    He and his pal Spencer and the woman pulling the strings behind the scenes, Ms. Spring, raised our taxes more than 150% during their reign.
    God help us if that unholy trinity were to be empowered again – this time in partnership with the Spanos.

  3. this guy has been a bottom feeding sleezeball from day one . I go back a ways and when he was on Tuckahoe rd in the 1970 s he towed and overcharged with . basically he hijacked your car with impunity through the city contract.calling the man a ginny is not nice. greaseball would be a better adjective

  4. City’s like Yonkers cannot survive or provide service and a good quality education without the “well to do” paying the greater share of taxes.
    Hats off to Liam for having the courage to double our taxes during his time on the City Council.
    If elected, we know that Liam will keep up the good work, taking from those who are barely making ends meet and by giving to anyone who asks – unions, developers, political friends, etc.

  5. Ha BILLY iam with you the nerve of this MIKE support going to bitch slap you I bet its his capian manager but it also sounds like MIKE my car was stolen and TRANSIT TOWING had it MIKES COMPANY MOST VOTERS DONT KNOW THAT TRANSIT TOWINGIS MIKES I found that out after I paid the DEVIL to release my car WINCHING FEES WRAPPING FEES CLEANING THE STREET FEES STORAGE FEES FINDERS FEES the car was in front of that filthy chimmey stack .How can this ass run for a city seat when he is on the payroll.Iam glad his company lost a lot of contracts to other companys and I heard because of him the other companys had to hire attorneys it cost them thousands of dollars because of this ass.

  6. Wow things are getting heated up in this race. I like the non politician in this race, Yonkers has had too many jerks in office making bad decisions and spending tax payers money like its their own.

  7. Well there you go again.. I hope for your sake I don’t run into you in the street… You are a racist and I would love to bitch slap you !!

  8. Mr Wilson, your a racist pig yourself !! I am Italian, and I take offense to you calling him a Ginny !! And by the way, you must be uneducated because you don’t even know the correct spelling.. But that doesn’t surprise me being you are friends with APOW… Birds of a feather flock together.. You must be a stool pigeon as well.. I don’t know anything about contracts being taken, or stolen. But I am well aware of the political corruption that plagues the city and all of the nepotism from within.. This political campaign is about fixing Yonkers, not bringing racism to the table by calling him a “GINNY”.. You may as well stand on a corner in South Yonkers and use the “N” word.. Because that’s what you just called Mr Rotanelli, and Myself being Im Italian… I hope to God you get yourself some help, because you may use that on the street to the wrong person and get slammed !!! 🙂

  9. ill take Ronald McDonald over the CAR STEALING GINNY I don’t no if you had dealing with this thug he is just running because he is angry at APOW towing for taking his contracts away and Ihope they keep it away from him.ronald McDonald is the LESSER of 2 evils.

  10. I think liam is a little worried about this business man taking that seat.. I have never in all my life seen so many campaign signs being knocked down and cut up.. For god sakes, cant Liam play nice.. He’s so cocky and thinks he has it in the bag and all I see is this Rotanelli guys campaign signs knocked down everywhere I turn.. Its about time to get a person in politics who isn’t a politician !! Yonkers, the city of hills and nothing is on the level !! Maybe Rotanelli can finally change this…

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