Acting Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano Appointed City Clerk By HEZI ARIS

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SPANO_Vincent EYONKERS, NY – November 13, 2013 — The Yonkers City Council Chamber was filled to capacity with some of Yonkers heavy political players and hitters. Friends and foes alike each respectively entering the august chamber after 8 p.m. Tuesday evening to witness the votes to be cast by the Yonkers City Council membership for Yonkers City Clerk and Yonkers 1st Deputy Clerk. Previously part of the Yonkers City Charter was the 5-year term appointment to Yonkers City Clerk. Newly added is the 2-year term appointment for the 1st and 2nd Deputy Clerk positions. The first vote was for the position of Yonkers City Clerk. Last minute behind the scenes concerns proved to ruffle feathers.

Despite the horse-trading behind the scenes, Vincent Spano garnered the following vote:

John Larkin (6th District – NO

Mike Breen (5th District – YES

Dennis Shepherd (4th District) – NO

Michael Sabatino (3rd District) – YES

Wilson Terrero (2nd District) – YES

Christopher Johnson ((1st District) – YES

Chuck Lesnick (City Council President) –YES

A 5-2 approval vote.

(Corrected vote tally on November 14, 2013 @ 2:11 a.m. thanks to a YT reader).

Acting Yonkers City Clerk is as of today, November 13, 2013, Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano! Vincent E. Spano is registered as a Conservative Party member.

Vincent Spano’s father Leonard Spano, the former Westchester County Clerk was in attendance, as was his brother John Spano. Westchester County Conservative Party Chair Hugh Fox, Jr., was in attendance, as were Yonkers City Council President-elect Liam McLaughlin, Esq., CLSA President Lt. Thomas Phelan, IAFF Local 628 president Barry McGoey, Esq., Gail Burns, Parks & Recreation Commissioner Yvette Hartsfield, Deputy Parks & Recreation Commissioner Steve Sansone, former City Council Republican Counsel Mark Constantine, Esq., Steve Tvert from the McLaughlin Campaign team, Carlos Moran, among others.

The second item before the council was with respect to William Stallings, standing for the position of 1st Deputy Clerk. The vote was as follows:

John Larkin (6th District – NO

Mike Breen (5th District – NO 

Dennis Shepherd (4th District) – No 

Michael Sabatino (3rd District) – YES

Wilson Terrero (2nd District) – NO

Christopher Johnson ((1st District) – YES

Chuck Lesnick (City Council President) –YES

The vote was defeated 4-3.

eHeziActing Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano Appointed City Clerk By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Pretty sad that you don’t even need a high school diploma to move up in the political ranks of your family in Yonkers. This family is pretty disgusting with how they try to take over the entire city and beyond. This guy is a nitwit, who only got where he is do to family connections!

  2. Someone looking at Yonkers years from now will be amazed at how stupid and naïve we were. Imagine; turning our beloved city over to a family of thieve and connivers. Haven’t we heard enough about the family, friends and gommadas network, that we don’t recognized the appearance of impropriety in having the mayors brother serving as City Clerk? Are we to actually believe that Mikey the magnificent had nothing to do with this? You’re kidding right? Hey, anybody smell something burning?

  3. This is not a administration is a city council apt. with no input from the mayor. Vinny served in the city clerk’s office almost a decade before his brother was elected mayor. I guess you think this apt. is worse than the former mayor whose girlfriend had two of his children while serving as Chief of Staff in his administration. No conflict there, right?
    Enough with the GED and education references. I know college grads who can’t even put a sentence together. Anyone who arbitrarily equates higher education with intelligence needs has problem that school can’t fix.

  4. The demise of the Democratic Party. They can’t elect a County Executive, will probably change the leadership of the Legislature and they cannot get a job – Mike Spano, democrat-bull shit.
    STEP DOWN Symra and Reggie, you are destroying the Party.

  5. Is this the first Yonkers appointment during the Administration? Just the appearance of a Spano appointed in a Spano administration should make you wonder what else is happening with OUR tax money! Tammany Hall or No Hall At All! Spanos for one and all for Spanos.
    Are we f—— crazy? Why don’t we just change the name of Yonkers now – “Spanoville” we only hire friends,family and “squeezes”.
    There should be a rule, “if you’re married, your girlfriend has to be cuter that your wife”.
    I hope to heaven there is a hell.

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