BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Yonkers PBA Contractual Agreement with Yonkers City Hall Resoundingly Ratified By HEZI ARIS

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Breaking-newsYONKERS, NY – November 22, 2013 —  The Yonkers Tribune has learned unofficially that the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association 10-year contractual agreement with Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano was ratified by 373 for and only 24 against.

eHeziBREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Yonkers PBA Contractual Agreement with Yonkers City Hall Resoundingly Ratified By HEZI ARIS

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  1. BLUE TRUTH= LT BRYANT PAPPAS, DET RAY MONTERO, CAPT MATTHEW RUSSO, DET CAPT BOB ITZLA, PO ROBERT SANTOBELLO, DET HECTOR CARTAGENA. And apparently they own the police commissioner because he has let them not only disgrace the YPD, but his own son, the Chief’s wife, and Nick and Mike Spano. What a joke!

  2. It will all work out in the wash. KO can pry all he wants. Fact of the matter he is leaving the city on the hook for all the dirty deeds he’s done. Sound familiar? Now he and Amiclown have something in common. Can’t wait to see KO’s apology on news 12. It should be heart warming to watch. Him and EH will be sobbing on the boob tube.

  3. I listened to the call too. The radio guy said that the Montero guy provided information for the Blue Truth stories. He also said some other sources are high ranking members of the YPD. Sounds like a mess over there.

  4. I listened to that Call KO made to hezi’s radio show. He tried to sell Hezi the same line of bullshit that he and Quinn sold us at the informational meetings. They claim that there were no changes to 207c that will adversely effect us but at least 24 people didn’t see it that way and another 80-90 members didnt bother coming. No other leader would want to bring 207c to the table. So if it was brought to the table it was at the request of city hall. They could minimize this deal all they want but I agree with Hezi, if it effects even one of our members down the road it is too many. The question you have to ask yourselves as members is do we believe that the 207c changes were written into the contract to help us? Or help the City? Don’t be naive and I hope everyone realizes this and understands that 374 members chose the monetary end of this contract and decided to gamble on the 207c changes hoping they will never be effected.

  5. My advice to the PBA membership regarding that KO email of desperation is to stay out of this situation. He could have gotten away with these things like stealing fundraiser money, have extra drinks and steaks on our dime and so on for a long time. But then he decided to break the golden rule and go after members of both unions. That proved to be his undoing as it caused all his other scams to be exposed. He basically got too big for his own bridges. Now all your dirty little secrets have been exposed and you will pay the price. You also sounded pathetic calling hezi’s radio show. What an embarrassment you’ve become.

  6. See if you can guess who this person is:
    40 something year old White Male, still living with Mommy (and a German Shepard) in his old room, NEVER BEEN MARRIED, has a “mystery girlfriend” that nobody has EVER SEEN, no stories what so ever of him banging a girl getting a blow job NO NOTHING, goes to a sex club with Corky and instead of finding/fucking a WOMAN is seen spanking Corky’s bare ass, SHITS HIS PANTS AND LAUGHS ABOUT IT, shows off his skid marks, shits in urinals in bars…
    Who is this person?

  7. Charlie was a pretty good PBA president, he was an excellent commissioner, however that was a different time and it is time to move on, a weak PBA will hurt all the members. I am sure Keith has made some mistakes but the City and other Unions are looking at the PBA which was always a powerful union and you guys must protect that legacy.

  8. I only wish Cola would have better trained keith how to lead and not be selfish, but knowing what a true leader Cola was as PBA pres.and PBA leader, the RAT olson was just not a competent listener, or mentally challenged, who else would try to jam that contract down our throat.Wish Charlie was here…………..

  9. Yesterday, disgraced PBA leader Keith Olson released an email in which he accused members of the CLSA and YPD of commenting on this web site, and releasing sensitive material. He claims to have received derogatory statements from members of the YPD, and CLSA which he states are directed at him and his two supervisor friends. What he fail to mention is why. I think by now most within the department fully understand why, and how we arrived at this point. Simply said, Keith Olson and his two friends committed some gross unlawful conduct within the department for years. That is not slanderous or lies.
    Now he is attempting to anger members against other members. Our resolve is strong and our unity will never be broken by this union leader, or any other public union figure. As members, or civilians , we reserve the right and have the constitutional right to express our views and opinions.

  10. Former P.C. and PBA president has nothing to do with the dirty dealing of Olson and his rats. Olson has not credibility as evident in his persistent calls to the radio show. Just a big sack of what ever..,.or a gray…..

  11. Hey moreprotection, Charlie Cola supports both Keith and Eddie. And the only racist comments I saw on here were directed toward Eddie by bluetruthers

  12. Well guess what you fat rat Olson, this is what you will get.
    You will get a more new vibrant association that will really protect their members regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.
    Each member will have the right to speak out without fear of being set up.
    The association dues will be minimal in cost. That cost will also cover a 24 hour attorney.
    Their will be new bylaws created by the association that will not be antiquated such as the kangaroo election process with antiquated boxes in which the current PBA leader let’s his friends transport the boxes in their own personal car.
    Well we know their was more than 28 votes because 100 members chose not to vote which means the lure of the money, and the amending of 207C for the city was not enough to bring them out. So it is not out of the question. However, we do respect the PBA of the past. The days when Charlie Cola would have that office packed with men and woman. The days when you knew your PBA leader would not set you up because you had a different opinion.The days when they back the member no matter if their friends were supervisors. What we have now is a want to be Irish thug Mob that has set back the image by keeping members money, lying, and breaking state and federal laws against CLSA and PBA members.
    Unless Olson is removed this will never end. Members must be brought back together, not alienated and ridiculed. Keith Olson did only one thing this past week. He sold the union out with his 207C deal, and screwed every new cop. Soon the members that have been out on 207C will need to fight the City. Then you members will realized that you were hoodwinked by a rat. A gray french rat from Mogul the Row…

  13. This is to early tour . You are a huge dick . Start your own PBA see how many members you get . Or go out west where there is more then one PBA you will not be missed.

  14. Hey guys lets stay focused on the Blue truth expose, I understand that what happened on Friday is damaging and they just don’t get it, but lets move on, any one looking to get their bathroom redone or was looking to get that addition to their home fugaetaboutit not happening after the day of infamy.
    Now is the time to stay focused on what the RAT has committed, numerous crimes and misdeeds at the very least, I am starting nominations for the next PBA pres,I think PILOT,HUGHES,SPANO,VATAJ,MONTERO,McDONAGH,SULLIVAN are good a good start what do you think, any one but the RAT, what are your thoughts???and please keith don’t nominate your self!

  15. Thank god this raise finally came. Now I can put extra cheese on my stale crackers. But if the weight I’m carrying breaks my ankle I may be out sick while on appeal.

  16. Its very unfortunate that the big gray rat keeps calling the radio station just to record Hezi statements. Keith you don’t really believe he does not know what your up too…Do you? Every day you awake, you lose ground..

  17. Hum, not a bad idea at all. Starting a new PBA may be the best idea posted on this site today. Anything to get away from the troubles of this distressed association. It’s more distressed than Keith’s pant seams.

  18. YPD, in other departments out West they do have more than one association within a department. Members from that job probably got screwed just like us. Not a bad idea. The C.L.S.A. has about one hundred plus members and they are functioning a lot better than the PBA. In fact, they often get flex checks throughout the year. The PBA President get a take home car with free gas and another $4000 a month to fuck its members who voice their opinion.
    Then you have his smelly vest holders like J. Mueller, J. Mahoney, B. Moran, and Eddie the zero Armour who has his boat park in the police lot. What a bunch of losers. The biggest rat of all time Keith Olson is always planning to put a knife in someone’s back. That does not surprise us at all. One thing you must know when your talking to KO, speak to him as if he is recording you. Remember he ratted on more that one CLSA members. This is what you get when you commit crimes against union members.

  19. Wow you guys are dicks . Grow the fuck up . The insult is you assholes posting on this site. If your not happy with the P.B.A. Start your your own .

  20. I enjoy hunting, sharting, doing upper deckers and eating peanut butter. Anyone interested or know of someone that would be interested in such a catch?

  21. How do you know how RM voted Fat Rat. What can you tell us about the one hundred cops that did not vote? All you know is how to lie fat boy.

  22. I heard ray .24 vrs 300 did you ever think for one moment that maybe 24 people understood the values here. maybe 24 people just didnt let egos and small petty politics stand in the way of the big picture. I will ask the rhetorical question once again . why does the yfd start at 14 thousand dollars more than the y p d .ans contract.why does the fire dept have 207 a protections and the police dept have a greatly diminished version of the same,also known as 207c.ans because YOU DUMB FUCKS SOLD IT DOWN THE PIKE YEARS AGO. one more question why is the fire dept in arbitration representing it members in Brooklyn at a. p e r b inquirey. ans they don’t want to loose the protection of 207 a . hey guess what you just gave it away for a non inflationary raise with staggered retro and a promise of a potentially non inflationary in the future . GOOD LUCK and for the guy whos wife wants the new kitchen . with this deal try banash s scrap yard saw mill river rd yonkers dime a pound pick what you want he s got some beautiful stuff he will always thow in a kitchen sink too good luck on your remodel ralph kramden……..oh and everybody have a wonderfull thanksgiving

  23. I heard Keith kept W.S. money, falsified reports, made copies of official personnel files, Illegally searched members phones and records, and legally obtained IP addresses, threaten members, conducted unauthorized investigations against CLSA and PBA members, and much much more. Olson has violated more state and federal laws than any other guy in the department, except B Moran, J.Mueller. Olson is the most corrupt PBA president this department has ever seen. We are here to make you pay for your acts in a court of law. Your an empty sweater vest.

  24. I heard Ray could have gave a us contact worth $60 bagillion, gazillion Dollars! Ray also said that Andy Quinn was the best, but we didn’t him. The 24 members of the department who voted no obviously know more than the 300+ members who voted for the contract. Kind of like when KO and the PBA board won by a landslide. You Blue BOOBS just need to leave. This is a great department. Stop fucking it up for the rest of us!

  25. everyone is talking about 6%..23%..10%…raises the way I see it is that it is only a couple of 100bucks per check guys because of retro being paid out over 5 years. You can slice and dice all you want at the end of the month the only increase will be max 300 bucks .I just cant wait till the first paycheck comes and you dumb fucks realize you cant do nothing with an extra 100-150 per paycheck???my fathers social security check is more than that, but drink the kool aide and call it a 6.5%raise if it makes you feel better,at 6.5% is equal to 4,875bucks per year at an average salary of 75k guaranteed you will not get that at that salary …..only in YPD??????

  26. Keith you are a piece of shit always was and always will be!!! I promise you when you made the members walk the plank on Friday this will come back to haunt you, as soon as orders are sent out ordering all cops out on sick back to work you will be shown the door, you fat fucking rat bastard no good pos white trash from the da hood…

  27. Mr PBA President,
    Thank you for getting the Yonkers PBA a new contract. The raises will help out tremendously. Now my partner will stop eating my Kibbles and Bits.
    A hungry partner,

  28. Wow talk about wife stealer and doers. We have a list of the Cheetah club members. Let’s see Moran, Chiarella, and John Mueller the match maker. They are guaranteed to hit on your wives. If not that back stabbing rat Mueller will set up a meeting to make the introductions…Olson just likes to watch then tells on everyone. ..?

  29. Roy Pilot not only married the door prize, he has kids with it. And he’s paying it. What a fucking loser! How’s it feel that half the department took that prize. Fucking loser Pilot..

  30. The members are waiting for an apology from Keith Olson for his derogatory remarks against a CLSA member. Those remarks insulted most members, and have reached into their hearts. Obviously, your comparison to a rodent is in order.

  31. I drove pass a traffic post a saw that Joe Mahoney. The guy that rubs Olson’s belly and fat feet. Now he too has graduated the rat squad, and was caught bad mouthing another PBA member because the member had an opinion of his own. Well members make sure you remember this when Joe waives to you from his patronage traffic post. We are all wondering Joe, if the head rat tongues you for the informant you are. Hit the road, you hid behind that dog long enough. Another back stabbing rat.

  32. According to Olson when you voice your opinion, your disgruntled, sick, old, a liar, and need to be weeded oout. SHAME ON YOU OLSON…CALL Hartnett…

  33. We can tell your no economist. You need to take a learning walk. We are no longer in a recession . However since you mentioned about jobs and families you, or your buddy heavy O cut all our units up with Harnett. Back then the fat rat was acting as a consultant for Hartnett and Amicone. He was the point man in guiding Harnett who was the head chef. So go pedal that we are losing jobs and destroying families on the corner of New Main Street. By the way smart one, are you getting a lot of overtime? Well the fat man gave up 511 and traffic court after he told on the CLSA. If you don’t know the terrain you might want to stay off it.
    One more piece of advice dick face, the Firefighters never sell out their own or their union or new personnel.
    Your a smart one…I tell you

  34. It’s a real nightmare, the fat man said 207C never is going to hurt any member, but our members that have been hurt will be moving toward the arbitration board. The expense is on you. We have been waiting for five years for our money and now we will wait for another five for our retro of ten years ago you mathematician. Wait and see what the Firefighters get after they refused to open their 207A. Barry did not ramrod a contract before elections…..Sshh I smell a rat….What did you get????

  35. On a lighter note…does anyone remember:
    “The Forest of Fear”
    “The Big Ragu”
    “Ronbo Schmidt”
    Jerkin’ Joe”
    “The Door Prize”
    “Nick at Night”
    “Man Hands”
    “Mary Joe”

  36. Yeah, it’s a real nightmare. An immediate 6.5% raise, another 3% in July, a total of +26% in raises and we lose nothing. For you, a day of dumbfamy maybe.

  37. Well while all this contract talk has been going on John the wimp has been stepping up his public relation image. When he is not eating sushi with the large one and planning another unauthorized investigation he is cooking for the sharing community, waxing floors at the Presbyterian Church, setting up meetings and offering lip service, all in the hopes that he will be a real boss. When he finally gets that long lost sought after head camp counselor position, then maybe they will stop setting up good cops. Please someone, anyone make him an Honorary P.C…..just for two minutes…save the PD

  38. Friday reminds me of a day of infamy, its like the holocaust……….seems like a dream…………some one wake me and tell me it was a nightmare….

  39. Keith please stop deflecting the questions and say anything other than the entire department is lying. ” it’s all lies I tell you” …you think anyone believes me??????

  40. Keith please stop deflecting the questions and say anything other than the entire department is lying. ” it’s all lies I tell you” …you think anyone believes me??????

  41. Keith please stop deflecting the questions and say anything other than the entire department is lying. ” it’s all lies I tell you” …you think anyone believes me??????

  42. Mount Vernon PD agrees to make Captain John Mueller Commissioner of midnight basketball team. Acting as assistant deputy commissioner will be Keith cheese lips Olson. The event coordinator will be snoop B. Moran. Do not worry people no police officers wives will be involved…
    Please send them to the dog pound after the game.

  43. Now look whose throwing stones. Because an ESU member expresses his or her concerns about a ten year contract, the guy who has been baby oiling Keith’s back at Fire Island has now graduated the Keith Olson rat academy. Ms. Joe apparently told the PBA board that some ESU members had questions about the contract and to be ready for them. So now like that block of cheese Olson, some members of the PBA board fell offended. Here’s my message to the guys rubbing KO’s little pest, didn’t you and Eddie Armour suck enough of other members O.T.
    In fact stop using your right hand and switch to your left. The fat rat really likes you Ms. Joe.

  44. Since you speak of the rank and file. I think Keith you really know what they will say about a man that has broken the law and insulted their families. The real question is do they back a criminal like you or its members from the CLSA and police department. That will be for the court to decide.

  45. The Blue Truth is nothing more than group of individuals who would like nothing more than to destroy the Police Department. These individuals do not speak for the rank and file of the Yonkers Police Department. We as a Department have and will continue to work together to be the best Department in the Country, and will not allow a small group of malcontents to destroy what we are and what we continue to be! For all those who want to continue to bash the Department I heard Mount Vernon is hiring!

  46. Keith, I have come to realize that because you had limit education, we must point out again that any member on this job can have their own voice, and have the constitutional god give right to express that. As to the way members voted, what you are telling the readers, is that the one hundred that abstained from voting, and the so called 28 are contract haters? No, Olson, you and your pitchman Quinn, did just that. Soon the rumors will circulate about what YPD cops got booted of 207C. Now I understand that you carry Quinn in your pocket, but the world is full of lawyers, so do not detract of why your are in this predicament.
    Hence let me remind you and your rat friends. You are in this because your a man with no credibility, which makes the common criminal that a cop chases more credible than you. You think your a spin master, but in reality your a guy that cannot remember where a members money is. Your a guy who set up RM, and others members from the CLSA.
    Here is some things why your are in this predicament.
    their is missing fund money to members
    you have intentionally with Captain John Mueller and Det. Sgt. Brian Moran set up members by; breaking into their desks, removing official police documents, including IAD files, illegal searching peoples desk and work areas, illegally gathering IP addresses, telling people not to give certain officers overtime, looking and copying police personnel files to be used against them if needed, filing intentional false cross complaints, damaging city property, lying to IAD, bragging at open union meetings about your police career, and telling members openly that you had RM file if anyone wanted to see it…and much, much….more in emails, letters, and memos soon to be released …
    In fact, let me mention that no one of you tough guys said one thing to any of the YPD members you suspect as wanting to stop your criminal actions within an official police department.
    So do not detract you Moquette Row sewer rat, just go away. What do you think these people are going to say for you when they are depose. All the members will know the truth then. The city will know the truth when they are watching it all go down at a media blitz….and the DOJ will then have their official complaint…then we will pass your cheeseburger fat ass to them on a platter for all the federal laws you committed within the department against your members.

  47. Roy Pilot is the last person who should post any derogatory comments. The guy is a joke, his career has been a joke, and he seems to be a guy who loves to get into personal things. I mean really? You could write a book on this loser and his pathetic life.

  48. The 5 or 6 Blue Truthers tried to kill this contract by spreading anonymous lies and misinformation. All this just because you hate KO. You hate that guy enough that you lied and tried to kill a deal that will help provide for our members and families in a time when most of the rest of the work force is getting cut, taking pay cuts and still losing their jobs. You tried to screw us cops because of your personal beef and that aint right.
    We know who you jerks are. We know that it’s a few PBA members and a few bosses. The fact that the only stand you take is from behind the safety of your computer shows how much character and credibility you all have.
    You tried to kill a good deal and failed, again. You could only muster a handful of NO votes which is really pathetic and should tell you something. That something is to knock it off already.
    I heard the Blue Truthers were like church mice. They said they asked a few questions that Quinn fully answered and then they snuck out of the meeting without a peep. What a difference hiding behind your computer makes.
    KO delivered a very good contract. Not only that but he’s the first of the union presidents to do so. It’s a contract that blows away the Yonkers teachers 0, 1.5, 1.5. The fact that this happened must burn you up.
    This was about way more than just the contract. The message was loud and clear. Time to move on Blue Truth. The same 95% that voted for the contract are sick and tired of your bullshit.

  49. wow still cant believe this bogus contract passed, its all good, if that’s what the majority wants that’s what they get. I just cant believe the numbers though, what are the checks and balances of casting the votes where is the integrity cause personally I cant see it.I just hope the election for a new leader is a little more clean and honest. Hopefully by that time the pain will soak in to the unsuspecting members of what they voted for and then they will see keith does not represent the members as they think he does. God Bless you!

  50. If you drop it to one Percent, that’s about how many bosses trust Keith Olson. As stated earlier this was never about a contract. Members and voters pick what’s best for them.

  51. Hey Keith you forgot to mention almost one hundred members forgot to vote. Hmm it was so attractive they forgot got huh…..How many of them were out injured?

  52. First of all your problem is not with just one member. I think by now everyone knows it’s all true except you. Soon all that has been gathered up will be presented. Remember this all the bosses know all the facts. So you go right ahead and keeping eating that cheese and maybe the truth will get stuck in your fat ass. That’s the only why the truth won’t get out. Justice is on the way. It’s the only way.

  53. Amazing how Empire City, Stews, RidgeHill, CrossCounty, all jammed with shoppers. Let the good times roll for YO….. we shall see how good this contract is over 10 years

  54. Ray you’re not getting anywhere as evidenced by the contract vote. And your buddy hezi did no investigating unless you consider it like your investigations, he just printed your lies.

  55. The Yonkers Tribune did some good investigated reporting. All they did is report what Keith Olson was accused of by his on personnel. To date, Keith Olson has not made mention of anything he stands accused of. He did have his lawyers put out a denial and lie letter that will eventually be used against him.
    What is more important is that Olson actually committed these offenses that he thinks will fade away. Unfortunately, he is very confused. The offenses that cloud him are serious and are federal violations. He and his friends will be held accountable in the court of law.
    There will be no stopping of the media in the pursuit of corruption within the Yonkers Police Department against its members. This is an investigation that Yonkers should turn over to the D.O.J.

  56. No Betty, the members have a right to an opinion, and the right to voice that opinion without you and Olson bad mouthing other members. Although the members have voted to push up their step raises, and wait another five years for their retro. That was there choice. As for the opening of 207C that was what sold this. The member’s will soon feel the effects of this when they are spending their own money defending why they were booted off. More importantly this was never about the contract. Although Olson the rat would have you believe this. This and will always be about a rat leader and his two friends that broke laws setting up members from the CLSA and PBA. So the members vote for the contract was just that, and not a vote for a union thug leader that has legal trouble.
    By the way, the Firefighters Union will get better from the arbitration hearing. Also, Barry refused to open his 207A, for his members. He and his board would have taken zeros and no retro rather then lose protection for their members. So as a board member do not let the bully steer you wrong because he is just a dirty fat rat liar that has broken the law…

  57. Well there goes the new implants double D for my new brasilian tranny on elm st and the new pickup and rentals on oak st looks like I will have to spend time here in DUTCHESS with the wifey.OHH maybe the dpw will take me on hope so……

  58. You are just a sick, twisted, pathetic soul Ray and without this website you would have nothing. You tried to kill a fair contract that benefits ALL PBA members by anonymously creating lies and only a couple people followed you. It’s clear as day that you have no credibility. Stop embarrassing yourself and stop the mudslinging. It’s bad for all of our job.

  59. Well, this contract will now set the tone for all unions in this city. Nobody will get any more. Even id some union is contemplating arbitration, it is doubtful that anybody will get anything better.

  60. This was about self preservation. This does not change the offenses Keith the rat has committed against his members and members of the CLSA. This does not wash the dirty stench off him. He still is a guy who can’t be trusted. It does not wash the rat stench from his only two friends Moran and Mueller.
    The truth is yet to be determined. This is not about a contract remember that fat boy. It’s about crimes you committed against your own members with your two supervisor sellouts. Always the best to the members. This will end with DOJ.

  61. I just want to know why a lot of you guys. I would guess your police officers, think that this is a bad contract for you. Are there any hidden surprises?

  62. well I got the news and its been 4 hours or so and I just don’t know how to tell my wife only one of our kids will be able to go to college, the other one is going to have to find a trade or something, and as far as redoing that dream kitchen she wanted guess she will have to live with some fresh paint and a new stove, just wanted to thank the majority of assholes that voted in favor of this death trap today, its all good I will have a few more drinks to settle me down, I just have to ask one question ,are you guys that desperate ???we couldn’t wait a month or so and just get another opinion???,its all good my son wanted to take the cop exam just as a fall back thank god he didn’t what a sad day….
    p.s. does anyone know when the fire exam is out next ..?

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