New Rochelle Citizens Group Retains Legal Counsel to Stop Proposed Echo Bay Development by Forest City/Ratner

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Bruce  Ratner / President and CEO of Forest City/Ratner.

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – November 3, 2013 — United Citizens for a Better New Rochelle (UCBNR),
the group which has sponsored the “No Echo Bay” signs that are now displayed
throughout the City by over 1,000 residents, has retained legal counsel and
will pursue litigation against the City of New Rochelle if the
City Council
votes to approve the Echo Bay Development project proposed by the Forest

City/Ratner has violated the MOU by amending the proposed development from 26
acres to slightly more than 8 acres. The downsizing of the project happened
without the original MOU being amended and more importantly without additional
consideration. Therefore the MOU should be cancelled. 

Additionally, the
City of New Rochelle has deprived its residents of added revenue by not
rebidding the project based on the original 26 acre vision. Certainly, a
private development of 26 acres would project more revenue than a project done
on 8 acres. Therefore the MOU should have been amended or rebid with additional
consideration. Conversely, if the City Council's intention is to have an 8 acre
project, then it didn't afford its citizens the opportunity to maximize the
site's potential by rebidding the project. 

New Rochelle
Mayor Noam Bramson, who has delayed a vote on the project until the end of his
campaign for Westchester County Executive, has stated his intention to move the
project forward by the end of 2013.

“We continue to
maintain its position that the City of New Rochelle must rebid the entire
project to ensure the best possible deal for New Rochelle taxpayers,” said
UCBNR spokesperson Howard Stevens.

United Citizens
for a Better New Rochelle ( is a
non-political/bipartisan group of New Rochelle citizens with various economic,
ethnic, and professional backgrounds. We support transparency and fiscal
responsibility in government. We support efforts to bring responsible
development to our City — projects that do not jeopardize or impair our schools
or essential city services.  While we recognize the need to provide
developers with tax incentives, it must be done in a manner that is
consistent with our long-term vision to revitalize our downtown, develop new
tax revenues and better our community.

eHeziNew Rochelle Citizens Group Retains Legal Counsel to Stop Proposed Echo Bay Development by Forest City/Ratner

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  1. It is just the beginning. If you notice, once in a while some of the lower end “associates” go to jail and fall on the sword for the corporation all the while screwing the public at large with revamped plans, tax abatements, loophole deals as seen in yonkers.
    Good for you retaining council. Make sure they don’t try to pay him off also.

  2. And who is the Mayor of New Rochelle?
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Now I understand what’s really going on here………….
    Our Citizens do not want to be saved.
    Our Country does not want to be saved
    We keep electing fools who only care about themselves.

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