Senator Latimer Supports Bill for June Primary

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LATIMER_Headshot-2012Will Save Taxpayers $50 Million 

PORT CHESTER, NY — State Senator George Latimer is urging the Senate's leadership to pass legislation that will consolidate the Federal and State primaries on the fourth Tuesday of June. Combining the primaries on one date in June will save New York taxpayers and local governments $50 million. Latimer has long advocated for June primaries not only as a cost-saver, but to create a more rational electoral calendar between the Primary and General Election.

Last Tuesday's election results clearly reinforced that our constituents demand relief from taxes; this is cost savings that we can deliver. We owe it to every taxpayer to find the most common sense solutions first and I believe that commitment should start with passing legislation to combine the federal and state primary dates to save New York taxpayers $50 million,” Senator Latimer stated.

Legislation combining the primary dates is currently sponsored by Assemblyman Michael Cusick (A.8918) but does not have a Senate sponsor.

Latimer continued, “I'll sponsor this bill but the inside participants in the legislative process know that it is going to take a member of the Republican / IDC Majority to sponsor the bill in order to actually pass the bill. This bill to consolidate primary dates in June is right on the merits and right on the economics. There is no explanation on Earth that justifies the State Senate failing to pass this bill.” 

SOURCE: Senator George Latimer’s Director of Communications, Brian Hegt.

eHeziSenator Latimer Supports Bill for June Primary

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  1. This should happen. For yrs. the primary was held in June and then the incumbents decided that it was better for them to move it closer to the election so their opponents would have less time to campaign and raise money.

  2. Why not scrap primaries and just have one election like every modern country? Probably it would save hundreds of millions anyway it makes no difference who is elected, they all eventually $uck us one way or another.

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