THE HEZITORIAL INVESTIGATION: Mayor Spano’s Secret Police Undercover Agent Egiziaco to Oversee Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau By HEZI ARIS

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MORCK_AnitaSecretive Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has been prepping City
Hall to the tastes of a higher power than him. The first move was to tear down
the stand-alone office of Denise Egiziaco who is on staff to Mayor Spano. The
open office look seemed to create a schism among too many within and without
Yonkers City Hall. Emulating the controlling terror tactics the Secret Police
of former Romanian President Nicolae Ceaușescu, Mayor Mike Spano
decided to send his "trusted" emissary Denise Egiziaco to the Yonkers Parking
Violations Bureau on a temporary basis, some say for half-a-day every midweek workday, in order to
maintain surveillance of some kind over the PVB.

Interestingly enough, last week, Director
of Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau Frank McGovern retired. Then we learned that upon retirement, McGovern was
offered a consultant’s position with the PVB. He will return to his
responsibilities in another five-week’s time. Mayor Spano’s musical chairs
routine found Deputy Director Anita Morck having to suffer being passed over
again. It seems when Morck questioned what was going on, she was instructed to “shut
up and do what you are told!”.

It seems when you obey every
demand with a smile, follow every instruction, post haste and stay mum about
anything and everything, you are treated as worth less than others. That is not
right and one would expect Mayor Mike Spano would know better. Yonkers City
Hall lore has always known that Morck was really in charge of the department,
that McGovern was paid under the designation of Yonkers Deputy Finance
Commissioner so that the Yonkers City Council wouldn’t know, much less figure
out under which line he was paid, skewing the process of scrutiny topsy turvy.

So the new scheme has
Egiziaco's dismissive and abusive tones over the Yonkers Parking Violations
Bureau, hopefully not with the same condescending and arrogant attitude she has
been spewing as she lauded over other department heads throughout Yonkers City
Hall. Egiziaco believes taking care of Mayor Mike Spano’s staff requires her to
demean others.

It does seem that Mayor Mike
Spano’s conduct and demeanor is one only some can see through; yet there are
only two who can demand he stop dead in his tracks… think N first; think M

Lastly, will the staff
changes equation for the better for Yonkersites? How so? Why the
cover-up? Why the deceit?

Yonkers City Hall is a
disappointment because Mike Spano said he would be different when he had to
know he would debase himself to such low depths as this behavior.

What did Anita Morck do to
deserve this ill treatment? How many others have been passed over in one
department or the other?

Mayor Mike Spano can play
games with the Yonkers PVB, but he can’t clean out the extortionist at the Yonkers Parking Authority? Why? Because he likes it that way. I never met an American
Indian with a forked tongue, yet Mike Spano does a rendition that has at times
seemingly fooled the City of Yonkers.

Where are the contracts Mayor Spano? When will you kick Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry to the northern part of the
county? What’s taking so long? Is she asking too much money to exit? Perhaps
this is the time to man up and take it out of your own pocket?

Yes, Mayor Mikey likes it
this way.

How many more years must
Yonkers suffer?

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL INVESTIGATION: Mayor Spano’s Secret Police Undercover Agent Egiziaco to Oversee Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Send an email to , advise me of your concern, and if you have the credible documents to validate and corroborate your position, it will go in the Yonkers Tribune and take the “powers” that be to task to prove their conduct in the public arena.
    Hezi Aris
    C: 914-562-0834

  2. I would like to know who oversees the city of yonkers when it comes to collecting money from tickets, fines, court fees. AND WHEN YOU’re 100% innocent with proof, of a parking ticket, and when the city still makes you guilty without reason, who then do you go to. BASICLY WHO WATCHES OVER THE CITY OF YONKERS, WHOSE THE LAST BOSS.

  3. there aint enough booze in a bar unless it was a (business meeting) polotics make strange bed fellows. and let me say again their is not enough of booze in the bar.

  4. Denise Egiziaco at PVB, what a joke? Sleeping with the Mayor finally paid her off. Liam elected, get ready Yonkers, more of our tax money down their pockets.
    Mike a ONE TIME MAYOR, you got that right!
    Gerry and the commissioners that are not from Yonkers should be kicked out of our City. And some that are from Yonkers should also be kicked-out, am talking about good for nothing Liszeswki.
    The PArks Commissioners from Florida, what is she doing in Yonkers? Paula Redd go back to Connecticut? STOP abusing Yonkers and its citizens.
    ONE TERM and YOU ARE OUT!!!!!

  5. well captain shcetinno I think its time we hit the life boats, you think so? well we are taking on water in the big compartments.really? well yes captain.order the lifeboats down!well captain the men who operate the boats jumped ship already. who aaahh captain the union workers .you mean my union workers ran out on me ? yes captain .what to do next first mate ? maybe they’ll come back for us if you make them an offer? call the coast guard . captian there union too .. oh shit you mean this is the end ?maybe sir .why don’t you try to make them an offer perhaps they’ll come back and help us …otherwise we may be screwed? there reasonable men and women make em a reasonable offer otherwise captain the ship will go down and its a long swim

  6. Mikey ONE TERM enjoy your time in office it will be you’re last you turned you’re back on you’re friends they will remember on election day just look at Mike the towtruck Guy he sucks to but your a bigger AZZ

  7. Hey YO!
    Its worse now that the WANKER Liam got in!
    Well, here comes more tax increase, more developments that we do not need as a city, and more bullshit from Shitty Haul!
    At least with Chuck the Schmuck, you knew that he was a boob and would do Boob-ish things.
    With that snake in the grass Liam it is going to be “open season” for him for under handed tactics as well as many “back room deals” that will not benifit this City.
    Get the popcorn ready.
    Other than that……….

  8. Yes YO, rules are for those who follow the. Everyone else do as you please.
    Anyone see the impact statement’s for the latest developments in yonkers?

  9. Hezi, I love reading your stories but you seem to always miss one or two facts. First, nothing Mikey does is for the benefit of the citizens of this city unless it also benefits Mikey& Co. Second, how could you still think Mikey is running city haul?? Everything done there is because Sue Gerry {Albany} wants it that way. The city council is a joke and it just got even funnier. The deputy mayor and almost all the commissioners live outside the city and the council won’t or can’t do anything. How about enforcing the city charter for one! The joke is on the taxpayers and it is not funny!

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