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  1. Assume a County Police Officer earned $100,000 in 2009 and each year after
    Assume a Yonkers Police Officer earned $100,000 in 2009 and each year after
    The County Police Officer will receive a $42,500 retroactive check
    The Yonkers Police Officer will receive just under $18,500 in retroactive payments spread out from September 2014 to September 2019.
    Doesn’t take a Mike Spano to see which contract is better.

  2. Westchester County PBA got 3% in 2009, 2.75% in 2010 and then 2.5’s thru 2014. It sounds good. BUT, they also agreed to forfeit 3.125% of their pay to pay for health insurance. That wipes out the 3 in ’09 and part of the 2.75 in ’10.
    New Ro’s numbers are close to YPD’s but they also added a step for newbies AND lowered starting pay by 10%!
    Yonkers raised starting pay, has no major givebacks and get a bump in their welfare fund that is equal to a full percentage point.
    Best contract in this region, hands down.

  3. oohhhh one more thing I bet you keith rams this down our throat say we need to act on this ASAP….something smells rotten in Denmark????

  4. personally I would rather wait and negotiate after the new year, what ever the mayor offers us can not be rescinded, maybe with a real PBA leader we will be able to get at least 2.5% and better fuck 1s,this is a desperate ploy by keith begging for something, cant wait to see what we have to give back besides fucking over the new recruits with less starting thing for sure this contract benefits the city why else would mikey be doing this in a non election year?????

  5. Dear Wow,
    Get your head out of your ass.
    YFD’s Union President did what he was supposed to do AND MORE! So much so, he got a raise. He’s done more than ANY Union President has done. He could go back to his membership with zeros and if that’s what he wanted, that’s what his membership would give him. He’s earned the respect OF EVERY UNION MEMBER IN YONKERS, not just his own. So get your lips off Mikeys ass.

  6. The Westchetser County PBA agreed to pay like 3.5% of their annual salary towards health care in the last contract. Do the math. That’s every year, forever. Yonkers did better, plain and simple. Kudos to the YPBA!

  7. YO sucks and it all started in city hall. look how they treat their workers and teachers..what a depressing place…making Mt Vermon and Newburgh places to aspire to. can’t wait to sell and move.

  8. You’re right, life is good in the WESTCHESTER County PBA. They got a GOOD Contract. The Yonkers PBA got a crappy contract. For the last 20 years we haven’t gotten much more or less than 3’a or 4’s for the entire contract including retro. Now we have a 10 year deal and 60% of the years is below the cost of living. How is that getting ahead or good? And for this “good” contract we’re making concessions? Life IS good in the Westchester PBA for sure.

  9. I’m a cop in Yonkers and woke up to some really good news!! A new contract! I’m not a fan of Keith but he works with the mayor and he got the job done! I’ll give him that. A little good for thought for my fire friends. Work with the mayor and u can get what we just received. If your union head is fighting against everything the mayor does, he’s not doing what you guys pay him to do! Life is good in PBA

  10. I am assuming the benchmark for labor would be the school side raises, both past and present. I must remind myself what happens when one assumes.
    I guess we will wait to see what happens. I just want to see if these contracts get done as quietly as the BOE. That was disgusting. Telling the taxpayers we were in a 84 million hole and giving raises to the BOE (to management also). Not a wink of we cant afford it. Therefore, we cannot trust the numbers or theories handed down. If we have a 1 billion dollar budget, that is a 8.4% mistake and that was before raises were given which means probably more like 10%.
    Just some observations.

  11. Who cares about your raises call a cop in southwest
    Yonkers good luck if they show up at all 4 hours is average.At least thegarbage men in rubber suits arrive in 4 minutes they deserve tthe raises.Just read the cops posts the can’t trust each other everyone is better then the next one they love calling each other rats and bums and wife stealers and theifs.Mikey you need to fire about 10 or more trouble makers in the ypd you know who they are set a example for the new recruit’s this will not be tolarated. If they don’t like it here then be a cop in your little one horse town upstate.

  12. Hey Kieth Thomas Barry John Eddie Dominic and the other guy. I hope you tell the Mayor thanks but no thanks when he offers us anything less than the average raises other city’s have given there employees. We deserve just as much as any of these other city’s. if you do bring crap back to us we are going to vote it down and vote you guys out. That goes for Spano too.

  13. So County Copa get 20k retro pay and almost a 20% increase in pay and Yonkers cops are expected to take 1’s and 2’s ? Get real. That ain’t happening no way no how.
    I can’t wait for the union meeting if that shit was ever to be proposed to the membership.
    That shit would be sent back to city hall covered with piss.
    Get real Mike because that ain’t happening.

  14. There’s not a union leader in the City of Yonkers who is stupid enough to bring a contract back to his/her members that doesn’t at least keep up with the cost of living Maybe Spano takes the union leaders for fools but the memberships will not be fooled and they will reject anything less than the consumer price index. Maybe if Spano wasn’t fucking with every Departments employees on a daily basis they might be more inclined to give him a break on some past years. But when you treat the workers like shit they piss in your soup. Want some soup Mike

  15. Mikey get ready to give out those boxes of tissues to all the. Crybabies that work for coy. But give out bonuses and raises to you’re staff and friends and family network for putting up with these useless. Lazy losers.MERRY CHRISTMAS

  16. The only theng the Spanos are MASTERS of is deceit, lies, crimes, etc The only thing Mike Spano has accomplished in 2 years in office is to have pissed off almost every one of the cities employees. When one of the dopey union leaders brings back a crappy contract offer their unions membership is going to say no effin way. I think that has already happened once allready and the other union leaders are too smart to bring back anything less than what other unions in the area have allready gotten. Too late Mike because you should have negotiated fairly, quickly and before these other raises were negotiated. Sucka.


  18. Spano can’t privatize ANY of the unionized workers in the City. Even Spano is smart enough to know that but it would be fun to watch him try and then lose in court. He must be used to that by now since the firefighters have won in court about a dozen times. The only losers in Yonkers will be the Spanos and there political hacks. Spano can take his zeros ones and twos and shove them.


  20. After seeing the math layer out, as well as the other municipalities contracts the city better start higher than the cost of living index. These union lawyer’s need to bring home the bacon.

  21. The average County Cop is going to get almost $20,000 in retro pay AND a raise of over 16% in 2014. In Yonkers we got nothing but crap.

  22. I knew these jobs and others settled contracts over the past year or too but seeing them all together really pisses me off. Yonkers employees all work harder and have more demanding jobs then any of those listed. Its time to get a decent contract or show Mike our not so nice side

  23. hey spanos machine spano derailed negotiations then asked for impasse arbitration and the arbitrator will decide .no one asked for four percent it never got that far.i can assure no one is going to accept 1 or 2 percent either there will be a six year contract coming next year and it will have raises and retro just like the other municipalitys mike spano may live in a bubble but I live and work in yonkers and his doomsday budget scenarios are really getting quite old .

  24. I guess those 1’s and 2’s some people have been talking about dont look so good any more when you compare them to what these other jobs got. The County and Astoreno can keep taxes flat and still give decent raises and Yonkers raises taxes each year and has no money for raises. Some thing has got to be wrong in Yonkers’s calculations of revenues and costs. I thought we had the books looked at each year by an accountant and he should be able to tell us whats going on and if we have no money for raises why not?

  25. Was this put out by Mike Spano to show what other unions have been getting in raises. Maybe he’s trying to make the firefighters union look crazy for demanding 4 percent raises for the past 4 years? Gotta hand it to Spano – if he did this he’s smarter then he looks

  26. What’s the morale like among the City’s workforce? I work in New Rochelle and our morale was at all time lows when we were going through a 3 year period of no contract and no raises. I can’t imagine how low morale is when you haven’t had a contract or a raise in 5 years. In the end the City will come to realize that it’s cheaper to settle contracts with realistic raises than it is to have low morale. The workers will always find a way to screw the employer when the employer is screwing them. Good luck to all of you guys in Yonkers.

  27. Inflation is projected to run about 2.3 % this year. Added to the years since 2009 the cost of living has increased about 11.4 %.
    This is how much buying power Yonkers employees have lost since 2009. It would take a 12 % raise just to get us back to where we were in 2009.

  28. So, let’s do the math
    New Rochelle Police have received 11.25 % raises since 2009
    New Rochelle Fire have received 13.5 % raises since 2009
    Westchester Police have received 13.25 % raises since 2009
    Westchester Police Supervisors have received 13 % raises since 2009
    Westchester Corrections have received 14 % raises since 2009
    And all of the above will also be getting reasonable raises between 2 % and 3 % in 2014 and 2015 and beyond.
    What about us ?

  29. So, let’s do the math
    New Rochelle Police have received 11.25 % raises since 2009
    New Rochelle Fire have received 13.5 % raises since 2009
    Westchester Police have received 13.25 % raises since 2009
    Westchester Police Supervisors have received 13 % raises since 2009
    Westchester Corrections have received 14 % raises since 2009
    And all of the above will also be getting reasonable raises between 2 % and 3 % in 2014 and 2015 and beyond.
    What about us ?

  30. And why should WE Yonkers employees accept anything less than what these other workers in our area are getting?
    I hope Mayor Mike knows that we are not taking anything less than the cost of living for each of the past 4 years.
    Yonkers workers deserve decent cost of living adjustments to our 5 year old contracts. And soon.

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