BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Many Are Called But Salaries Are Frozen By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicatureYONKERS, NY — December 18, 2013 — Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has chosen to make some changes in City Hall. Firstly, Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry will now work more closely with the Mayor’s Chief of Staff Steve Levy who has accepted a change of responsibilities. Steve Levy will become Yonkers 2nd Deputy Mayor. Gerry and Levy have worked tirelessly with respect to economic development issues. The change is more than an unimportant “musical chairs” scenario. The change meets specific criteria. First, it satisfies the protocol of succession. Should the mayor be incapacitated or elect to gain higher office and need to vacate the office of mayor, the deputy mayor would succeed him. Since Deputy Mayor Gerry has not satisfied her domicile in the City of Yonkers (CoY), she would not be legally qualified to become mayor. The designated future Yonkers 2nd Deputy Mayor Steve Levy would qualify to accede to the office of mayor because he does resides in CoY. The two-year hiatus from Gerry’s appointment to the present, whereby she did not take up residence in CoY, as demanded by the Yonkers City Charter, the protocol of succession will now be miraculously met by this legal backtracking maneuver. It is somewhat comforting to recognize that Yonkers City Hall is cognizant of complying with the law, as Yonkers Tribune has been demanding despite the law being blind in CoY.

Levy’s appointment to Yonkers 2nd Deputy Mayor may be construed as a slight to incoming Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin who will now be forced to comply with a process that has been illegally tolerated for two years that will now preclude him from being next in line to accede to the office of mayor except for Levy now being insinuated into the new legal protocol / standard for 2014 onward. 

Denise Egiziaco, Executive Assistant to Mayor Mike Spano will  become the next Chief of Staff to Mayor Mike Spano.

Levy advised that the Office of the Mayor will not incur any additional costs in payroll even though Mr Levy and Ms Egiziaco will indeed take on greater responsibility than their present service, no additional remuneration will be earned. Mayor Mike Spano will not increase the budget of his office with respect to these changes.

In other news, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced the appointment of David Jackson as the new City Assessor. Jackson begins his service in Yonkers following 13 years as the Executive Director of the Westchester County Tax Commission.

"David brings 30 years of experience to the Assessor’s Office and is an ideal candidate to build on our efforts providing Yonkers taxpayers with a more fair and efficient assessment process,” said Mayor Spano.

The new Assessor will be responsible for overseeing the establishment of the assessed value for all property within the municipal boundaries of the City of Yonkers.

eHeziBREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Many Are Called But Salaries Are Frozen By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Good move for levy. This will allow a smooth transition to replace the current deputy mayor in January. At least he has roots in our city.

  2. Just so you know….Denise is fully qualified and thoroughly vetted for several, very interesting positions…. as ole Mikey is well aware!!!!

  3. Denise Egziaco as Chief of Staff very surprised but I wish her alot of luck! She has very big shoes to fill following Steve Levy! I didnt realize she was qualified for this position?!

  4. To “Jackson must be confirmed…”
    The City Assessor position does not require city council confirmation. He or she serves via a 5-year term with total mayoral jurisdiction. Mark Russell left at the end of his fourth year. It is not known whether he was bought out of the remaining year of his contract. But, again, the city council has no input over this position.

  5. While David Jackson is a worthy candidate who will likely get council confirmation, the Mayor can not appoint him City Assessor. The Mayor can nominate him for the position and after its due diligence, the Council can confirm him for a six year term.

  6. refrain a lot of people do a lot of good work in this city. give it a rest ……..thank you for plowing my street thank you for protecting my house . THANK YOU FOR BEING MY NEIGHBORS thank you thankyou THANKS TO ONE AND ALL MERRY CHRISTMAS

  7. Drove around COY saw a little fat Irish COY worker selling rock salt top of Lockwood ave a lot of voters with 5gallon buckets and a older lady getting a garbe can filled with rock salt he was pocketing 5 and 10 dollar bills fast.Drove by recycling center saw all workers there washing there cars and pickup trucks with pressure washers and lots of suddsy soap on city time.Craig must of been in office putting ROGAINE on his big bald head seems he doesn’t care after the first month there about what’s happing there.The water department trucks were parked on the dead end most of the day reading newspapers and drink in and drug gin.The commissioner just drives around all day nothing changes .

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