Deadline for STAR Property Tax Exemption Enrollment Extended

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LATIMER_Headshot-2012In the final weeks of 2013, Senator George Latimer is reminding property owners that they must re-register for the STAR property tax rebate with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.  The deadline is currently December 31st but recently the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance said they will be continuing their efforts into the new year. 

'This property tax exemption is vital to a lot of Westchester's taxpayers and it would be a shame to see some residents lose out on the cost saver,' Latimer said.  'By asking taxpayers to re-register for Basic STAR, the State will be rooting out fraud and waste within the program that will ultimately save New Yorkers even more.  I'm glad that the Department of Taxation and Finance will continue to re-register homeowners through the first quarter of 2014.' 

The NYS Department of Taxation and Finance will make one final attempt, through direct mail, to reach those taxpayers who have received the exemption in the past but have not yet re-registered for this year and beyond.  The extension comes as a result of a process in which local assessors will be removing exemptions from unregistered properties thus giving taxpayers another chance to re-register.  

Taxpayers can re-register online at or by phone at (518) 457-2036

This process has already saved New Yorkers millions of dollars by targeting individuals who were accepting benefits they were not entitled to and other false claims. 

Latimer is also reminding seniors who receive the Enhanced STAR exemption that they DO NOT have to re-register as a part of this process but must continue to file annually as they have done in the past.  For other questions, please call Latimer's District Office at (914) 934-5250.

eHeziDeadline for STAR Property Tax Exemption Enrollment Extended

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