Board of Education Notice of Special Meeting – Friday, January 31, 2014 @ 5 p.m.

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Sayegh_DrNaderURGENT NOTICE —  Change in venue.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the President of the Board of Education Trustees, Dr. Nader Sayegh, Esq., has called a Special Meeting for the purpose of going into Executive Session to discuss Personnel matters. The Board will reconvene in public to discuss retention of special counsel to review administrative contracts and agreements.

Location Change

Yonkers Board of Education

Special Meeting

5:00 p.m.

Friday, January 31, 2014


Saunders Trades and Technical High School

183 Palmer Road

Yonkers, New York 10701 

President of the Board of Education has called a Special Meeting for the purpose of going into Executive Session to discuss matters of Personnel.  The Board will reconvene in public to discuss retention of special counsel to review administrative contracts and agreements.

Agenda Items:

1.      Executive Session to discuss matters of Personnel

2.       Retention of special counsel to review administrative contracts and agreements 

3.      Inter Municipal Agreement (IMA) – Whereas the BOE and COY will engage in ongoing collaboration and oversight of the district’s financial status and budgeting

There will be no public participation at the special meeting.


eHeziBoard of Education Notice of Special Meeting – Friday, January 31, 2014 @ 5 p.m.

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  1. To Sad…
    Well, we really do agree on most points. I’m not sure about your questions. The whole thing doesn’t make sense to me. In my business, if I lost 5% of my revenue two years in a row, I’d be out of business. But, alas, this is government…and if I were Mike Spano, I’d consider letting them, the school district, go bankrupt.
    But to your last question…is he responsible? My answer is yes. You see, that’s my ultimate point.
    In the real world, when you are in charge, you actually have to pay the consequences for your mistakes. And if Bernard failed to realize the problem over two years…he has to go.
    He may be the best educator ever to hit this City but the job he took has fiscal responsibility to it. And he failed at that job.
    And he should be out.

  2. A big question is– how the comptroller did not pick it up. His people review and certify.
    After a while does not the first year budget without this line item carry to the next and get bigger?
    What was reported from the city to the comptroller would be an interesting conversation now?
    Still, does the BOE at least report the truth in any way to the comptroller? If the city cant get a clear picture of the budget, how does Albany?
    What happens to BOE members and the superintendent that they feel it unnessacary to reveal how money is spent to the very people who fund it?
    Taxation without representation, no, because our elected officials appoint the BOE. However, the mere fact that BOE does not think they must reveal line by line if asked for is mutinous to the elected officials and therefore the people.
    It is our money, not the pupils, not the teachers, not the administrators, not KPMG who wanted to come in and rape the city with the P-3 program.
    Best start asking some hard questions before pulling that lever from now on before someone passes a law that does not give you a say in how your taxes get spent.

  3. So bless bliss, we have established, that aside from wanting the right thing done for city schoolchildren, we have no dog in this hunt.
    Then before we excoriate good ole Bernie; beyond the fact that he is already gone baby gone; there are some reasonable questions that should be asked:
    1. How many budget years has this 27 odd million dollar IOU from the state been added to the receivable side of the BOE financial plan for the school year?
    2. Is Bernie the architect of this tom foolery NYS magical money plan?
    3. From whence does it emanate?
    4. When did the BOE and Bernie (separate or both) discover that the however long-lasting plan was not going to be accomplished?
    5. Who/what department/desk did the suspension of these funds emanate?
    6. How much of Bernie’s contract are we responsible for?
    The one area in which we do disagree, however, is that I have little doubt as to why Bernie has not been more vocal in defending himself. This “crisis” has all the hallmarks of a convenient jumping off point for a Mayoral controlled BOE and if that happens, we can all bend over.
    So Bliss, you really believe that Bernie; on his own and without the oversight of anyone else; is responsible for an; at least; 27 million dollar expectation of monies, repeated over at the very least 2 budget years that have been so far reported?

  4. So Sad….
    What I find funny initially is that you assume I bow down to the Spanos…why? I don’t know the Spanos well enough..
    And, for the record…I don’t think Bernard stole anything. I’m not sure what happened but I absolutely do not think that he stole anything.
    But, there seems to be something about not tracking the money properly…and that is the job of the Superintendent.
    And, no, I don’t think is a manufactured crisis. Nobody manufactures crises about this much money. If this money is not there, this is a real crisis.
    And as for the criticism, I am not criticizing his education administration. Quite the contrary…and maybe that’s why Mike Spano isn’t either. He’s done a good job in that regard…and that is the real unfortunate part of all of this. Because the job of superintendent is more than just an education job. It involves fiscal oversight and responsibility. In fact, that is the key to the job.
    To sum up, Bernard may wish to have a job that does not involve the politics, the budget, or the oversight that ties to State and Federal programs. But that is not the job he has. And, if he really has “lost” $55 million, then he needs to resign.
    Plain and simple…whether Mike Spano takes over or a new Superintendent takes over. Bernard needs to go if this is true.

  5. Two budgets that they counted what they did not have.
    Is that enough or need we go into the political details that are just as obvious?
    Why would anyone run a ship without the proper cargo in the hold?
    Set sail and then what? You will run out of something?

  6. C’mon Bliss. If you can keep your head up for a moment from genuflecting to the Spanos, you should ask yourself some reasonable questions.
    Do you really think that Bernie STOLE 55 million dollars from the school system?
    If you were moron enough to say yes, don’t you believe that the DA would be all over him and this debate over whether he misused money would be OVER.
    In your heart of hearts, you can’t see that this is a manufactured crisis, designed for a specific political end?
    You really don’t understand that the reason Bernie is not saying anything, is that the first thing ole Mikey boy did was to assure a rich separation package with the signing of a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. You didn’t notice that neither Mike, nor anyone of his administration is saying anything derogatory about the former SUP? All the comments are coming from other sources (like you as a matter of fact) who the Spanos control and can make all the allegations they want to muddy the waters and defame a lifetime contributor to this city’s schools, without violating the technical details of the agreement.
    And by the way….(cause by now you’re probably thinking that I know the man…. I am not personally acquainted with the superintendant, but I have respected his work as an education leader.
    And finally, you really don’t realize that the Sup would love to be able to budget without the fancy gyrations of mystical money transfers from the state…. Let me see…now who was instrumental in designing that formula…hmmmm…served federal time I think…
    This is cr*p and you and Mikey and his minions know it!

  7. I can pretty much guess what is going to go on…
    Here’s the question I have…
    Where’s the $55 million, Mr Superintendent? Why are you ducking and hiding? Either there is the money or there isn’t.
    My next question would be…where is your resignation?

  8. A private meeting at 5:00 PM on a Friday, then opening to the public? Why don’t they convene at midnight, to be sure no one can see what they’re doing?

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