EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: New York State Offers New Exam for State Employment Opportunities

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NYS_opp-work-transparPCO Exam Provides Job Seekers Access to a Wide Variety of Professional Opportunities

New York State’s Department of Civil Service today announced a new examination program for job seekers with Bachelor’s degrees.  The examination will be used to fill over one hundred entry-level professional titles in a range of disciplines.  College seniors expecting to earn a Bachelor’s degree by September 1, 2014 are also encouraged to apply.

The PCO exam qualifies job seekers for general administrative titles.  Job seekers can further establish their eligibility for select titles in areas such as health and human services, environmental conservation, science and finance by identifying concentrations of study or experience.

“The new application and questionnaire process expedites establishing minimum qualifications for a significant number of State employment opportunities,” said Civil Service Commissioner Jerry Boone.  “We have eliminated the need for numerous specific exams by creating one test that will qualify candidates for a host of general positions.  Candidates may also qualify for more specialized positions based on individual educational or work experience.”

After applying on-line, qualified job seekers will be scheduled to take the written PCO exam on either March 22nd or 23rd.  Applications must be entered on-line by Wednesday, February 5th.  An application fee of $35 is required.  To view the introductory video, questionnaire and application, visit www.cs.ny.gov and click on “Check out Professional Career Opportunities."  

eHeziEMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: New York State Offers New Exam for State Employment Opportunities

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