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Yonkers IDAYONKERS, NY — January 20, 2014Yonkers Tribune learned from reliable sources on January 16, 2014, that the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency President and CEO Melvina Carter has aepted a position at the Yonkers Department of Finance working under the aegis of Finance Commissioner John Liszewski. She is expected to accede to her new “salt mine” in another week’s time. Replacing her will be Westchester County Board

Legislator Ken Jenkins who has accepted a part-time position with the Yonkers IDA at a $60,000 per annum salary, leaving Legislator Jenkins with the dual ability to attend to the needs of the YIDA and that of the Westchester County Board of Legislators. He will begin his responsibilities on January 27, 2014.

Mr Jenkins’ recently failed campaign effort for Westchester County Executive, coupled with his losing the position of Chairman of the Westchester County Board found him wanting financially and too far removed from his comfort zone, that of the power base of the Yonkers Democratic City Committee Chair. He had already begun to challenge present Chair Symra Brandon who was not interested in stepping down. Chair Brandon earned the support of Senate Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins to hold on to her chairmanship. Mayor Mike Spano’s offer to Jenkins was a godsend. 

Mr. Jenkins’ bona fides as a former Yonkers City Committee Chair, and a former Westchester County Board Legislator Chair, coupled with his real estate brokerage license, a well-respected relationship with many of the “movers and shakers” in Westchester County and City of Yonkers circles, and his ancillary knowledge of economic development issues, and the alluring tug of patronage, are the necessary ingredients that bring Ken Jenkins’ prospects to the altar of the YIDA.  

Yonkers will experience another seismic shift in its political landscape. All the more reason for Mr Jenkins to be concerned over the Y.I.D.A. – Your Income Demands Attention.

eHeziEXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Your Income Demands Attention By HEZI ARIS

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  1. To: Don’t think so
    You might be correct….I just don’t know any more.
    Stranger things have happened in this “City of Hills” over my lifetime, so I can only speculate as to WTF is going to happen next (possibly.)
    I do think I got a pretty good read on it, so we will have to wait and see.
    Believe me, THEY SHOULD ALL BE FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET FOR ALL I CARE! These types of people have been screwing the poor for thousands of years.
    Why should BONKERS be any different?
    As far as that POS “Symra” is concerned…..
    She makes the Zero’s wife look like a Run Way Model!
    She makes my genetically challenged mutt appear smart!
    Oh yea, she is a real a rocket scientist!
    I had the incredible displeasure of speaking with this boob one night! What a race card playing, illiterate, moron!
    This is the best Yonkers can do?
    It is all by design…………….
    It is nothing more than distractions……..

  2. Mikey better hope the bill passes so all the undocumented that live in jonkers yes jonkers can vote he going to need it let’s see the cops the fireman the dpw the teachers and southwest Yonkers will vote him out for sure .

  3. hey welcome to spanoville,you have some good points, but this year ken and symra will lose the city chair. The fire fighters will support and fund anyone against spano this will get very messy next year just watch and see what happens at the democratic convention in a few months, Mike cant play both sides and not expect a real candidate to step up, also his popularity is sinking amongst prime voters. Only time will tell………….

  4. “its not for doing shit Wale, its for not running against mike in 2 years open up your eyes he just paid him off right in front of you”
    No THAT would be funny!
    A BOOB versus A MORON (interchangeable titles) in a mayoral race?
    The end result would be the status quo we (as a city) are currently enjoying. The homeowner/taxpayer gets fleeced again.
    Those with the intelligence of potato and who were educated with an inner tube and a banana are driving the Titanic called Yonkers, New York State, and finally, USA!
    Anyone else see a pattern here?
    My apologies to any Potato that is/was offended by my comparative analysis.
    I think a prerequisite for mayor should be an I.Q. test. The candidate with the lowest negative score wins……
    What a brain trust these two imbeciles are.
    Didn’t Hollywood crap out a movie about these two ass clowns?
    Dumb and Dumber?
    Good Lord!

  5. “Mike can buy off and thwart every attempt of a primary but the fact remains the same he will have a primary within his party and he will have a formidable republican against him take it to the bank”
    Okay, I need to add to this and correct a few things:
    First: You are correct about a Democratic Primary however; the Democrats will throw a bullshit primary knowing full well that their challenger has absolutely no shot at winning because that is the desired outcome in the first place!
    This superficial primary will be launched just to keep the Low Informed Voters distracted while also raising a ton of money to be used for different self serving reasons!
    Second: The Yonkers Republican Party is now run by that superficial***fake*** phony*** POS*** Justin Tubiolo!
    His bitchy wife Barbara Tubiolo was planted up in the County (as patronage pay back) and is much hated! She is a real Cee U Next Tuesday!
    His weasel son David Tubiolo (who received another patronage job with the County) just got “thumped or passed over” by that coke hound, Gordon Burrows and shit will start to fly on this score, trust me.
    These “people” are vindictive scumbags! Wait and see what the fallout is going to be! Get the popcorn ready!!!!!!
    The Tubiolo family (Spano-ites all) have been behind the Spano machine all along! Just look at what the Yonkers GOP did to their mayoral candidate John Murtagh! Whether you liked John Murtagh as a mayoral candidate or not is/was irrelevant.
    The fact remains that Liam McLaughlin AKA: The Evil Red Head and/or Carrot Top was the attorney of record for the Martinelli mayoral campaign (launched as a spoiler) and was working in concert with Justin Tubiolo behind John Murtagh’s back. Nice huh?
    These two snakes also challenged many GOP district leaders with “last minute filings” in order to prevent the current GOP district leader’s sufficient time to challenge the validity of the bogus signatures put forth by these two pricks, Justin Tubiolo and Liam McLaughlin (Carrot Top!)
    Justin Tubiolo has been the puppet master of the Yonkers GOP all along mainly due to the fact that John Jacono’s brain has been M.I.A. for quite some time. John Jacono was told to step down as the GOP Chairman (last year) and as compensation for this deed as he now serves at the pleasure of Mayor Mike at the Board of Ed!
    Come on people, connect the dots here!
    Over the past several years, many “Spano Plants” have been installed as Republican District Leaders under the tutelage of Justin Tubiolo. Watch out for this letch!
    There is no longer a two party political system here in “Bonkers!”
    It is now the “SPANO” Party, and they are here to stay!
    So the question remains: What is going to happen when Spano runs again?
    I will tell you Grass Hopper: The Yonkers GOP will not put forth a strong candidate to challenge “Little Fredo!” for mayor.
    The Yonkers GOP will pull a Wilson-Pakula in order to support their boy “Mayor Mc Cheese Bag Spano!”
    You wait and see!
    Other than that………………………………….

  6. I believe that Ken Jenkins should resign his post as Westchester County Legislator if he is taking the $60,000 part time job at the Industrial Development Agency.
    Conflict is written all over and a cloud similar to Governor Christie will surround him and Mayor Mike Spano.
    What do you say constituents of Yonkers?

  7. The faces may change, but everything stays the same. Time to flee to the southern states to get away from all this crap. $60,000 for a part time job that’s not even needed. Maybe Jenkins can sell my house so I can get out of this hellhole.

  8. Does he still dump all his real estate clean out including the big commercial jobs from NICKY at the city of Yonkers recycling center on Saturday s on the down low with CRAIG.

  9. Mike can buy off and thwart every attempt of a primary but the fact remains the same he will have a primary within his party and he will have a formidable republican against him take it to the bank

  10. There are several projects where the City of Yonkers and its IDA is at odds with the county such as the Larkin Parking Garage which was funded by the IDA in part on a promise from the County to reimburse some based on Low Income Housing Trust Fund money and the Austin Avenue development which has components of both aspects. Does Mr. Jenkins owe a fiduciary responcibilty to the city or the county and what about his constituents? Can he recuse himself from certain votes of positions and then are we being denied representation?

  11. its not for doing shit Wale, its for not running against mike in 2 years open up your eyes he just paid him off right in front of you

  12. Are you F**king kidding me! $60k for doing shit! I guess Reggie wants to keep his job at BOE and Ken now becomes a double dipper. Mayor Mike is solidifying his run for County Exec. Bring back Ralph Arred. Welcome to Spanoville.

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