INVESTIGATIVE HEZITORIAL REPORTS: Yonkers Politics Make for Strange Bedfellows By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicatureYonkers Office of the Aging Director Kathleen Moran has “decided” to step down from her post. Kelly Chiarella, presently working for Office of Constituent Services Director Gail Burns, will be promoted to take over the responsibilities of the soon to depart Kathleen Moran. Is this to be interpreted as “payback” for Yonkers Police Benevolent President and Kelly “Olson” Chiarella’s brother Keith Olson? Do the dots seemingly connect? You be the judge!

Patronage among the “friends and family” network continues its vile skullduggery. This time its Westchester County Board of Legislator Gordon Burrows who has decided to serve past “client” and failed Democratic Yonkers City Council President contender Mike Rotanelli by hiring his “fiancé”, Carol Bengis, a former member of former Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick’s Constituent Services staff by dismissing David Tubiolo, the now former Republican aide. 

David Tubiolo, son of Justin Tubiolo, the new Yonkers City Republican Committee Chairman will likely not forget this uncalled for political insult and is therefore likely to recoil from any future support of Legislator Burrows. Editor Dan Murphy first divulged this revelation on the front page of the January 17, 2014th edition of Yonkers Rising. A hat tip to him for excellent reporting and insight indeed!

With respect to economic development news, Teutonia Hall is an on again off again project. Heavy construction equipment initially engaged on site have recently departed. The excuse given; the developer has no money. What’s the story here. Did Mr Ken Deardon, one of the partners to the Teutonia Hall redevelopment, recently suffered being at the wrong end of a bullet at the hand of an “intruder”. When will an official report make the light of day. Is this what is known as a cover-up? Who is covering up what? 

How many more days before Marc Berson presents the renderings for his plan for the waterfront parcel known as “H & I” and how long before it is completed?

Will Ron Shemesh, still unprepared in presenting his plans to the Planning Board delay another month or two? Is money, or lack thereof a concern? When does CoY get an answer?

When will the R & S property filled beyond permitted height with construction debris be financially resolved to the satisfaction of CoY? This issue is now six-years old? When will Majority Leader John Larkin reveal the facts. How many more years must CoY wait for the Homefield Neighborhood Association to find their voice in resolving this environmental eyesore and financial debacle? Who will pay up first? Rogan, Spiezio, Cianciulli, or the taxpayers? 

Casa de Café, seemingly opened its doors at 45 Main Street less than a year ago is looking to sell the building and the Casa de Café for a handsome $1.9 million. If anyone discusses this happenstance, please do so in hushed tones; it seems the staff has not yet been advised. On second thought, perhaps by this very writing they will have been advised. (Hezi's Note: Thanks for the correction. Adjusted accordingly!)

Construction debris has been finding its way to the former Putnam Railroad Line by the truckloads. Perhaps Yonkers DPW Commissioner Thomas Meier will divert this continuing degradation of the environment and mitigate the growing flooding problem lack of oversight and legal conduct has wrought on the community. At issue is how much will this “illegal” dumping cost the unknowing Yonkers taxpayer. And lastly, how long before this issue can be corrected. This is a definite issue for Inspector General Brendan McGrath.

Former Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick has decided to earnestly campaign for an opening authorized by the New York State Legislature for an additional judge on the Yonkers City Court. Many lust for the postition. Who will it be?

So many question; so few answers.

Happy MLK day. More on Tuesday.


eHeziINVESTIGATIVE HEZITORIAL REPORTS: Yonkers Politics Make for Strange Bedfellows By HEZI ARIS

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  1. I used his services once Gordon burrows . he was weak at best passive at most these are just my opinions .my ex wife thanks you kudos! I called him back on another matter thank god he never responded. oh by the way its snowing in killington right now . don’t stop for gas

  2. “David Tubiolo, son of Justin Tubiolo,”
    I would not trust either of these assholes (Barbara too) as far as I can spit against the wind!
    Absolute scum……..

  3. Just have the city of Yonkers PAY rogan bros to dump the demo all over southwest Yonkers and call it a new bike trail believe me no one will complain because there no one to complain to problem solved.

  4. Wale why should David be sory?-he did not earn or deserve it-got it because of political connections while people far more deserving are pissing in the wind here in Yonkers.

  5. Funny how Yonkers Politics works. The cops have been without a contract or raise for over 5 years and the city wasn’t budging. Then the cops union President’s term was coming up for re-election. And almost overnight Keith Olson announces he has reached a great deal with the city. That “great deal” had more “hidden” givebacks to the city that is just now being uncovered. The raise ended up being the equivalent of roughly $20 take home pay. This controversial deal had virtually no added benefits for the cops and no retroactive pay for another year. Why would any union head say yes to this deal? Well like they say, “Careful what you wish for.” Olson desperately wanted a contract before his term was up and he jumped all over whatever city hall was willing to offer. But don’t feel sorry for Olson, he may have lost all credibility within his union but the mayor has returned the favor; He has just promoted Olson’s sister Kelly with a Department Head job at $140,000 a year! Talk about selling out your constituents, this is the city of hills.

  6. We want to congratulate Olson’s sister Kelly on her new political payback job. We the members want you to know that we paid a heavy price. Your brother Keith bought that promotion with 207C and evaluations. Best of luck

  7. The men and woman of the Yonkers PBA want to personally thank Keith the rat Olson for selling out the membership for his sister’s promotion. Step down now.

  8. That Putnam line AKA bike trail is full of BOULERS BRICKS CONCRETE CHUNKS and CONTAMINATED GAS STATION SOIL and sinkholes its flooded and that guy at the last garage has 2 foot of water and ice at his front door.I walk that trail everyday with my dog ITS very bad at that side what happened there and who dumped that sh!! There was a natural spring there and wetlands no more just another DUMP like DOWNING ST .Someone better find out the names of the company’s that dumped I bet they contributed to a certain political fundraiser election campaign.

  9. Sorry, David. Carol will NEVER work as hard as David as time will tell. Burrow’s doesn’t need to become a democrat, the republicans in Eastchester love this “cokehead.” Every voter in Yonkers would have to vote against Burrows in order for him to lose.
    Atty. Burrows must have made a small fortune on Rotanelli’s divorce.

  10. Who are the illegal dumpers Tommy made the trail open for them and supervised the site.where is this debris come from maybe PCPs from the Hudson river opening that was TOXIC and no dirt recyclers would touch.Where is the CONSTRUCTION GENERAL PERMIT FROM THE STATE FOR THE DRAINAGE AND STORM RUNOFFS.I hope the MAYOR comes to the site and takes SOIL samples.JUST REMEMER THE PEOPLE OF SOUTHWEST YONKERS WILL REMEMBER THIS ELECTION DAY.THIS WILL COST THE TAXPAYERS MILLIONS IF ITS TOXIC THEY WILL NEED A SUPERFUND FROM THE FEDS

  11. I have never heard of “Meson de Cafe” but there is a “Casa de Cafe” at 45 Main Street. The Soto family owns the entire building and the business so if they sell it it will be for a profit.

  12. Silly Hezi. You missed the real story here. Gordon Burrows has always been a Spano loyalist first. Before loyalty to the Republican Party, Bengis is a longtime Democratic operative. Mike (Democrat for 7 years) SPANO is Mayor of Yonkers. The Dems are and will be the majority party for a LONG time. Mark my words. Next election cycle, Gordon runs as a Dem and swings the leg back to the blue side and gets the leadership post he was denied.

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