Albany Crude Oil Moratorium Sets Mark for Statewide Action By PETER IWANOWICZ

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YONKERS, NY  — March 12, 2014 — Albany County Executive Dan McCoy’s moratorium to halt a Global Partners oil heating facility expansion currently under Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) review is the bold leadership our communities need, and sets the standard for local governments statewide.

Public officials should not wait to safeguard our communities against Big Oil’s greed. It is abundantly clear this industry has little regard for the many ways that their operations impact our communities and compromise public health. To them, it is all about moving their product as quickly as they can to market. And we believe that means making New York a global transport hub for dirty and dangerous Canadian Tar Sands.

Despite being under intense media scrutiny, as well as oversight from Governor Cuomo’s DEC, Global Partners dramatically increased rail and port traffic, and have refused to answer basic questions from the community or state their intentions with the proposed Port of Albany facility.

Big Oil is accustomed to getting its way, and today’s action could be the first of its kind in the country which signals to the industry they cannot ride roughshod over our communities without consequence. All New Yorkers owe County Executive McCoy thanks, and we strongly urge counties and municipalities all along the rail and shipping route to follow his lead.”

Peter Iwanowicz is executive director of Environmental Advocates of New York

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eHeziAlbany Crude Oil Moratorium Sets Mark for Statewide Action By PETER IWANOWICZ

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