BREAKING NEWS: NYS Senate Majority Includes Proposed Legislation to Make the Yonkers Board of Education a Department of City Hall By HEZI ARIS

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Latimer_Senator GeorgeStewart-Cousins_Democratic Conference Leader AndreaYONKERS, NY — March 13, 2014 — The New York State Senate Majority, under guidance by the Senator Dean Skelos,  Republican, Conservative, Independence Majority Conference Leader, and  Independent Democratic Coalition (IDC) Senator Jeff Klein have included a one sentence resolution that would permit the New York State Legislature to change the present demeanor  of the Yonkers Board of Education from an independent entity albeit financially dependent to a department of the City of Yonkers. The proposed resolution was entered into the “budget” negotiations that continue to take place tonight without advice or consent of either Democratic Senate Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and/or Senator George Latimer, who together represent the various communities that comprise the City of Yonkers (CoY) among other disparate localities.

Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Senator George Latimer Regarding Yonkers Mayoral Control issued the following statement, “There have been serious lapses of fiscal transparency and accountability within the City of Yonkers school system which must be remedied and reformed. As the two Senators who represent the City of Yonkers, we were not consulted and were surprised that the Majority Coalition advanced mayoral control without giving the community, parents and stakeholders an opportunity to be part of the process. It is clear that there is a need for a broader discussion on reforms to the school system, including governance issues, but this discussion must include the people of Yonkers and not be decided after-hours in the backrooms of the State Capitol.”
eHeziBREAKING NEWS: NYS Senate Majority Includes Proposed Legislation to Make the Yonkers Board of Education a Department of City Hall By HEZI ARIS

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  1. [Next he will want to know how much every household is spending in groceries, so he can create a new tax on families for the food they consume.]


  2. Mike Spano is out of control. Next he will want to know how much every household is spending in groceries, so he can create a new tax on families for the food they consume.
    Mike Spano needs to stop! Obviously, he needs more position to give to his comrades, so, the Board of Education is next. There are no more open position in City Hall, unless he give Paula Redd more power to make employees lives hellish (She is already doing that), so many employees have left.
    Corruption in this administration is the name of the game. Unqualified employees are the norm. Nobody knows what is going on. Wait a few more weeks and the tax bills will be on their way, then you’ll see what a mess that will be.
    By the way, what the story with Gerry, wasn’t she suppose to be gone. Mike and family pick and chose what laws to keep. In the mean time, their pockets are full of our tax dollars and our children will suffer the consequences.
    Does he ever bother to know what we think of his administration?
    If you (Mike) read our comments, I want you to know that “we” the citizen of Yonkers, are disappointed with you. You are a shame and a disgrace to us, the people that elected you.
    So much injustice, how can you sleep at night?

    1. Mike Spano is too dumb to make decisions on his own. Sue Gerry runs the city and does so at the behest of Larry Schwartz. Larry Schwartz is Cuomo’s henchman.

      Yonkers is dying by a thousand cuts. All the remaining taxpayers should leave now while you still can.

      Here’s a prediction. Spano will get a Wilson Pakula from the Yonkers GOP to run as a republican and will get another four years. After that, the evil redhead gets his turn to destroy the city (if there is still a city at that point.)

      Get your popcorn and vaseline ready folks. The future is going to hurt.

  3. Just how much corruption is the Yonkers taxpayer willing to put up with?
    Family and Friends network occupying executive positions in City Hall and virtually every City department.
    Use of City Hall publically funded positions as rewards for girlfriends and political “arrangements”.
    The jailed one’s continued participation in enriching himself at the cost of Yonkers taxpayers.
    No bid, or rigged bid contracts with the felon and other members of the “family”.
    The continued effort to work around the Yonkers voter on the BOE issue.
    Does the Yonkers taxpayer really want the family to completely and directly control the education of our children? Has Mike’s performance given you the confidence that he would keep the focus of our taxpayer dollar on the improvement of our education system and not the continued enrichment of the “family”?
    Well Yonkers? We’re already the laughing stock of our neighbors. Just how much garbage are we willing to put up with, before we call for a complete and thorough cleaning?

  4. Because schools are legitimately the most expensive thing. You need 800 teachers, support staff, huge buildings, buses, food. Those 25,000 kids are being served hands-on, every day, all day. That’s not the case with police and fire. You need a cop about once a year. Your kid needs six teachers every day. A bus driver to take him to school. Cooks and food servers to give him lunch. Every day.

    25,000 kids= 833 teachers at 30 kids per class. Assuming $50,000 a year in salary, that’s $41,650,000 just in teachers’ salaries. Schools are a huge operation.

    Instead of just saying you “don’t understand it,” perhaps you should examine the budget. It’s publicly available.

  5. The truth of the matter is it doesn’t really matter which way this goes. The mayor still appoints the school board so they will do his bidding. If it becomes a city department he has direct control. Even if the law was changed to give voter control over the board and the budget they will still find a way to bleed the taxpayer dry. I don’t understand why it takes 60% of the city budget to serve25,000 students, yet the remaining 40% of the city budget serves nearly 200,000 residents with police, fire, dpw, infrastructure, and city hall services.

  6. Congratulations to Andrea and George for standing up for the Stakeholders of Yonkers. Lets hope that Shelley Mayer and Gary Pretlow can block this in the Assembly. It seems like old times with Spano and the Republicans on the Council going with the Senate Republicans (including Klein) against the council Democrats and the Assembly Democrats. But then again his actions with Terrero last year show that Spano is really still a Republican.

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