State of the City “On The Road” Meeting Veers Off The Road” By HEZI ARIS

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YONKERS, NY — April 23, 2014 — Yonkers City Hall was exuberant in giving notice to the upcoming series of Mayor Mike Spano’s “State of the City ‘On The Road’ Meetings”. Mayor Mike Spano’s presentation tonight at the Yonkers Middle School Arena, scheduled from 7 – 8 p.m., was a ho-hum event. Only four, that is, 4 people showed up. In fact, ten (10) minutes after the 7:00 p.m. announced opening of the hour, Mayor Mike Spano’s Deputy Communication Director Jason Baker advised Mayor Mike Spano had been summoned back to Yonkers City Hall but that the collection of commissioners would respond to question from the attending, albeit lackluster number of people present. When the mayoral commissioners opened the “On The Road” meeting, request in questions and/or input from the audience they were met by silence. The commissioners did not open the meeting with an opening presentation. Even so, none of the four people had a question for those seated at the dais. The meeting came to a close.

In order for this circumstance not to be repeated next week, perhaps Mayor Mike Spano may wish to demand that the entire second floor attend the April 30th event scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the Grinton I. Will Library. Then again, what is the point?

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eHeziState of the City “On The Road” Meeting Veers Off The Road” By HEZI ARIS

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  1. when will the people of yonkers wake up. Yonkers is nothing but a stepping stone for a politician to write on there resume they held some kind of office. They care less about yonkers it`s all about good for me and F**K you and move on

  2. when al Sharpton wanted to assemble a possee he would have a large order of fried chicken catered . in this city you could do rice and beans fried chicken some empanadas. offer some free beer and red wine with sardines then youll get the shanty irish and the pork chops in on the fun ohh don’t forget the meatballs

    1. Good point but to get most of the people to attend the invites would have to be in Spanish for they are the majority in the SHITTY OF YONKERS

    1. Agreed. But how much does this traveling circus cost city taxpayers to set up? Mayor Mike “call me Andrew Cuomo, Jr.” may think he’s the governor, or some facsimile thereof, but in truth, he’s small potatoes.

  3. Well, when even the day laborers know that YO schools are not where they want to send their children….that speaks volumes to how devastating the political/court show has been hurtful to YPS.
    How is the Judge Sands experiment working out? The only people to benefit from the desegregation case has been the bus transportation companies MILKING the city.
    When you lose the schools, you lose the base community. It is lost and is reflective in the lack of VOICE with the recent YPS chaos.
    None of the political hacks send their children to YPS and that says it all. No voice means, no accountability means, low expectation resulting in low achievement. But, these microphone idiots are short-sighted vote hungry mutants.

    1. Hey Sheeran, I’m a Yonkers teacher and the Principals and Assistants are horrible. Most are in their position by favor NOT credentials. This is clearly part of the problem that won’t change soon enough. Also, referrals and social services needed to support Special Ed. and incorrigible children is Non-existent in Yonkers Schools.

  4. And I bet those 4 people were either party hacks or city haulers. The people are cooked and know that nothing meaningful can change with the present election system and party structures.

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