BREAKING NEWS: Interest Arbitration Proceedings Likely to Begin Week of June 1, 2014 By HEZI ARIS

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mikespano_colorMcGoey_Barryarbitration hearingYONKERS, NY – May 12, 2014 — Yonkers Tribune have confirmed that Yonkers Firefighters – I.A.F.F. Union Local 628 President Barry McGoey and Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano have agreed to submit their contract dispute to a mutually agreed upon arbitrator who will be have the authority and power in an Interest Arbitration proceeding to impose a successor agreement to the Firefighters’ long-expired contract.

Like many other City of Yonkers (CoY) employees, the Yonkers Firefighters’ contract expired 5 years ago, on June 30, 2009, and as a result, Yonkers Firefighters have not had any raises or cost of living adjustments to their salaries since January 1, 2009.  Former Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone refused to settle the expired labor agreements during his last two-years in office, opting instead to saddle his successor, current Mayor Mike Spano with the burden and responsibility to negotiate new contracts with the CoY’s workforce.

Upon winning the mayoral election process Mayor Mike Spano was quick to attack the Yonkers Firefighters. It seemed then, and continues to this day that Mayor Mike Spano’s was hell bent on damaging the Yonkers Firefighters’ reputation and standing among Yonkersites in an effort to gain an advantage at the bargaining table.  Mayor Mike Spano undoubtedly knew that Local 628 had historically led the way in contract negotiations with past mayors and almost every other union in CoY had historically lined up after the Firefighters and agreed to almost identical terms to those the Firefighters negotiated.  Mayor Mike Spano’s plan did not work; indeed it backfired on him. I.A.F.F-Local 628 President Barry McGoey refused to submit under the onslaught made against him and the Yonkers Firefighters who he represented. Instead, McGoey fought back, winning countless battles in court, in arbitrations and probably more importantly in the court of public opinion.

Although he wouldn’t orally confirm or comment for this story, I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President Barry McGoey has repeatedly stated that he would never betray the trust bestowed upon him by his membership and that he could not in good conscience agree to some of the egregious and detrimental changes City Hall was seeking to make to several contractual provisions, especially to GML 207a which applies to sick and disabled Firefighters.

Sources close to McGoey state he is extremely pleased with the arbitrator selected as the “neutral” panel member for Interest Arbitration and that McGoey believes the arbitrator will recognize the dangerous work that Yonkers Firefighters perform and will not make the monumental changes to GML 207a that Mayor Mike Spano has attempted to impose as a condition of settling the contract.

It is understood that I.A.F.F. – Local 628 and CoY have agreed to appear before the arbitrator as early as the week of June 1, 2014, and will continue to do so during the summer months, until an agreement is ironed out or an Interest Arbitration Award is handed down.

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eHeziBREAKING NEWS: Interest Arbitration Proceedings Likely to Begin Week of June 1, 2014 By HEZI ARIS

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  1. hey rat face tell the members who was your so called Albany expert that said this contract was good??? you fucking liar you sold out so you can have no opposition for reelection and as a bonus because you jerked off the mayor so good and swallowed he gave your sister a job all with in 30days???
    Meanwhile our brothers and sisters in CLS still have not even voted on your so called great contract go back to your nest once a rat always a rat.

    1. Not KO. Do you think he’s the only one with access to the internet? Anywho, no thanks, I like embarrassing you in front of the YFD. They should know who you are too.

      1. anywho???who is the moron???

        keith serious challenge khader and get off shoulder whats bothering you about him you have been harassing him since 2006,you have been personally targeting him and writing summons since when does a pres. write tickets??? the dude called you out too many times we would love to hear what he has to say about your rat ass…lol

    1. “Starting July 1, 2013, all members of the New Rochelle Police Association will be paid a starting salary o $45,279, a 10% decrease in what would otherwise have been the case. Salary steps will be increase from 5 to 6 for all such members.”

      These are major concessions that YPD did not make but they got the same raises. Their deal raised starting pay, not lowered it, plus they got some major side benefits.

      Do us all a favor and stay out of union business jerkoff.

      1. really is that why you cant give the name of your expert ???im sure all unions gave back something but your contract is the worst that’s why you cant provide the name of your expert asswipe.

    1. Let’s see. They conceded to pay $3100 towards health care. The first 3% is worth about $2500. So 2009’s raise is gone and so is some of 2010. I think PBA and CLSA’s deal calls for 3,3,3,4,4 from 2014 to ’18 with no major givebacks.

      YPD wins

  2. keith must be really obsessed with John Khader wonder why, do you really think you have friends ????you don’t I bet some of the guys your own friends are slamming you online they are starting to realize what a scum bucket dirty cop sell out you are!

    p.s. you couldn’t even mustard up 49members to oust your own member you are a failure in everyway!

    1. “Mustard” up? Really? Really?


      1. wow 49 members wouldn’t sign your petition some fucking leader POS.must be embarrassing instead of making fun and pointing out typos you should of been looking hard at that contract that mike screwed us over with, by the way what was the name of the expert that said it was good ???

  3. I bet Barry gives a few concessions back but 207a and min man is untouched,unlike how the pba fot raped by spaNO…lol

    p.s. but than I really cant blame mike I blame KEITH OLSON for lying to his members

    1. You just can’t control those fat sausage fingers of yours, can you? “Fot” raped? Do you type in the dark or did you suck some of the letters off your keyboard which that disgusting breathing habit of yours?

        1. More tough talk from the owner of Low Class Limo. I bet those aren’t the words you use when you’re kissing everyones ass at your BBQ.

          Local 628, stay away from this mutt. He can’t mind his own business, stirs up shit for no reason and pretends to be who he is not.

          Need a limo? Use Silver Star.

  4. There are many many more people pissed off with Mike Spano than just 628. Talk to the members of every union in this city and find out what they think of Mayor Mike. Talk to many of the democrats in this city and find out what they think of Mayor Mike. Talk to many of the republicans in this city and find out what they think of Mayor Mike. Talk to many of the conservatives in this city and find out that they think of Mayor Mike. Talk to many of the conservatives in this city and find out what they think of Mayor Mike. Talk to many of the independence party people in this city and find out what they think of Mayor Mike. Talk to many of the nonSpano’s in this city and find out what they think of Mayor Mike. But they won’t tell you if youre a Spano.

    1. 628 doesn’t like mayor mike- we get it. But unfortunately after they spend thousands on ads and commercials mike will still be mayor mike.

      And they’ll just be worse off.

      Swallow your pride and move on 628! You can’t win!!!!

      1. Keep dreaming you little Spano bitch. We’ll see how things go for Mike next time around. Mike will be sweating profusely in the hot summer months to come as he watches everything unravel right before his eyes. B

        1. why don’t you call him and straighten out business ass wipe I heard he has been shouting you out but your afraid ???

  5. The other unions in the city would be crazy to settle with the city and make concessions until Barry wins again. This is a very tight schedule which could bring about a new contract in just a few short months. Everyone has waited years, what’s the rush? To get the PBA deal? No thanks. Lets wait and see how Barry and 628 do before we even think about settling based on PBA deal alone. My money is on Barry.

    1. we are actually better off working under the old contract but our leader lied to us. I hope you guys don’t make the same mistake,cls is voting no but then I hear its so bad they wont even vote on it either way it sucks

    1. My prediction is that the firefighters get raises consistent with inflation and that the arbitrator leaves everything else alone….oh and I forgot…the firefighters and 628 make sure that Spano is a one termer and done in politics for good

      1. Barry will be a major player in the next mayors race.mike spaNO will soon see what support Barry gets, get ready for many challenges mikey boy…

  6. The other unions in the city would be crazy to settle with the city and make concessions until Barry wins again. This is a very tight schedule which could bring about a new contract in just a few short months. Everyone has waited years, what’s the rush? To get the PBA deal? No thanks. Lets wait and see how Barry and 628 do before we even think about settling based on PBA deal alone. My money is on Barry.

  7. Barry will make the administration look incompetent again. Why won’t they just sit down and bargain in good faith? They are 0-12 in court and arbitration so far against 628. Time to sit down and resolve all these outstanding contracts. Can’t claim that they are financially distressed and tout the best bond rating in 40 years. Bond rating could be even better if the labor contracts were finalized. Campaign 2015 is quickly approaching.

  8. Ha Ha! Starting to eat their own starting with the chiefs of all people. Ha Ha! Then the chiefs will get mad and tell about everyone else’s dirt and you guys will be just like the cops.
    Stoopid Foiafightas!

  9. Barry keep working hard for all those WEASEL CHIEFS out INJURED at home, while the rest of us at least work a schedule and are under attack from cityhall because of THEM ASSHOLES!

    1. UFOA, I don’t understand your comment. Clearly you are a member of the UFOA because your name states as such. But being a member, you do realize that Barry does not represent the Chiefs don’t you? Barry represents the firefighters. And also being such a clear cut member of the UFOA, you do realize that changing your name to agree with yourself is a sign of a desperate man/woman don’t you? Well I’m sure I’ll see you at the next meeting because you are definately a member.

    2. Nice try spano-ette posting and pretending to be a firefighter or fire officer.

      What you guys don’t realize is that firefighters don’t ever throw their fellow firefighters under the bus, eat their own as you say or sell out the unborn. We won’t even throw Sweeney under the bus because even though he is an outsider from FDNY he is still and always be a firefighter no matter what his rank, title or position.

      If there are issues within the fire department we take care of it within the fire department. The last place we would be addressing them would be on an anonymous internet blog.

      But nice try….not

  10. this is nothing new . this whole matter could have been resolved years ago. sure the world banking system was on the verge of collapse 2008 . 2009 no contracts no problem . lets see how it goes today 2014 may 13 the s p index hits an all time high.pension costs through the roof . nope not no more record returns for the pension funds.fuel prices through the roof nope same as 2008. health costs up ,well slightly. salaries adjusted for inflation down 10 percent. lawyers fees on both side whoa WHOS PAYING THAT BILL 628 members will cover their end. who is paying for the rest, the courts ,the arbitrator, the judge , the court officers , the con ed bill for the building? .same people who paid for the last mayors thwart at the FREE SPEACH AMENDMENT. unfortunately that’s me the taxpayer THANK YOU CITY HAUL FOR PROCTECTING ME FROM HIGH TAXES any two intelligent like minded businessmen would have had this matter resolved years ago did I say EGO EGO EGO

  11. No one can predict the outcome. Any comparison to any other town/union is so speculative that I would shun from attempting tying the knot between the two.
    Impossible, especially from another state and system.

  12. Arbitration ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

    Arbitrators Orders Removal Of Manning Clause From Firefighter Contract
    On Apr 30, 2014 10:37 am

    MANSFIELD, OH – The long-standing clause in the city of Mansfield firefighters’ contract that mandates a minimum level of daily staffing has been eliminated, after a conciliator decided in the favor of the city.

    Conciliator Margaret Nancy Johnson issued binding rulings Friday on several disputed areas in which the city and the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 266 had reached impasse.

    Her decisions — against the union on both minimum manning and the union’s proposed $1 per hour increase for firefighters assigned to rescue squad work, but in favor of the IAFF to retain current paid leaves of absence, longevity and paid holiday benefits — go into effect immediately.

    Johnson cited fiscal pressures on the city, which has been under state-declared fiscal emergency since August 2010, as a major consideration in her decision.

    Minimum manning had been part of the fire contract since 1979. It remained an issue in recent contract negotiations, despite concessions by the IAFF, which agreed in 2011 to voluntarily reduce the minimum manning level from 21 firefighters per day to 18.

    Both sides reached impasse in 2013 after the city sought to eliminate minimum staffing requirements altogether, while the IAFF sought to save the requirement.

    The union argued that manning constitutes a safety issue. The IAFF also contended passage of the PRIDE levy last November, a 0.25 percent income tax increase with half of all collections earmarked for safety, would ensure the city would have funds to maintain minimum manning.

    But city officials told the conciliator minimum manning has caused the city to rack up significant overtime. They argued that national firefighting safety standards provide guidelines that call for at least four firefighters to be present to fight a fire, but don’t mandate that a particular number be assigned to particular stations, or that all four come from the same station or unit.

    “The decision by the conciliator to eliminate the long-standing staffing protections is disappointing,” IAFF President Dan Crow said. “The city has offered a troubling plan that jeopardizes the safety of the citizens and the firefighters who will be responding to their calls for service. The contingency plans offered by the city are inadequate by all applicable standards and aren’t necessary considering the city’s finances.”

    During a hearing, the city, when pressed to give details on a plan for running the department without minimum staffing provisions, told the conciliator they would maintain a minimum of 12 firefighters per day, Crow said. “Those kinds of cuts would mean closing at least two fire stations. It’s unthinkable that the mayor would present such a drastic plan months after passing an additional levy in which he promised to increase safety staffing,” he said.

    In her decision, Johnson said overtime in the fire department helped contribute to past city deficits. While that overtime has been reduced through a federal $1 million SAFER grant that allowed for hiring additional firefighters, the SAFER grant ends in 2015 — after which the city “must have the flexibility to determine and control staffing requirements,” she wrote.

    Johnson pointed to firefighter contract agreements in Lima, Euclid, Warren and Elyria as providing for safety concerns “without imposing costly mandates on the city.”

    Ruling on a separate but closely related issue, Johnson kept in place contract language that would prohibit the city from counting probationary firefighters toward any minimum manning counts.

    Even if elimination of minimum manning is gone, manning counts could come up as a matter of city policy, the ruling said. Since she agreed that only experienced firefighters should satisfy administrative and regulatory standards for fire suppression, “some of the safety concerns of the union have been addressed,” Johnson said. “Additional safety concerns may be raised in subsequent collective bargaining.”

    The conciliator said she was not bound by an earlier fact-finding report which has been rejected by the union, but noted that the fact-finder also had proposed eliminating minimum manning.

    Crow expressed the union’s disappointment in a statement issued Sunday evening.

    “The new contract as a whole is concessionary,” the union president said.

    “The firefighters agreed to pay 50 percent of all future increases in health insurance, new promotions take place at a reduced salary and rank structure, concessions on holiday leave, longevity and sick leave will continue. The wage increase of 1 percent comes after five years of pay freezes,” he said.

    Crow noted that the conciliation report pointed out that the the city initially projected that the PRIDE tax would generate $25.8 million in 2014 — while the union projects $27.7 million, based on actual collections so far. “The city administration has consistently misled the citizens and the employees alike on the financial state of the city,” the union president said.

    Mayor Tim Theaker could not immediately be reached for comment.

    1. Do the math moron.

      Mansfield is a dying city with a population of about 45,000 mostly white, middle class citizens with a median income of about $35,000. It is in the middle of the rust belt and has nowhere to go but down. With a population of 45,000 they had a staffing clause of 21 firemen per day. That’s a ratio of about 1 fireman per 2,100 people.

      Yonkers has a population of over 200,000 and a staffing clause of 57 firemen per day. Yonkers is touting itself as the “new Brooklyn” and has unlimited economic potential and growth prospects. If Yonkers used the same ratio of 2,100 citizens to 1 fireman we would have staffing of about 95 firemen per day. We have 57 firemen per day in Yonkers. Amazingly, even if Yonkers followed the reduced Mansfield ratio of 3,750 citizens per fireman, the result would be 53 firemen per day in Yonkers, just under the 57 firemen Yonkers presently staffs. So it appears that even under a reduced Mansfield type staffing ratio Yonkers is right around where we should be – according to Mansfield, OHIO standards.

      And in case you’re interested, the Mansfield Police Department operates at similar ratios under what the Yonkers Police Department operates with.

      Keep dreaming. Yonkers is no Mansfield, but Mike Spano might want to move there in January 2016 when he’s looking for another job.

      1. But if I do the math my comparison goes completely out the window. Not to mention that the city has given out raises to two other bargaining units within the last 18 months. Nice try Sue. How’s the weather up north?

    2. You Spano shills are trying so hard to ram this contract down out throats that you actually compare an arbitration decision from another state to our situation? God you guys are so transparent and selfish- only looking to get your gigs and keep your spots while on the back of many. Remember guys, vote what’s best for us, not because certain members want to keep getting taken care of. Not much different than what Hartnett did interesting how history repeats itself.

  13. Does Spano really think well-respected arbitrators are going to give raises and then spread them out into future years? And go through a contract and change everything in there that’s favavoable to the union? Really? Is that what Spano thanks? I guess he should go on the Internet and read some arbitration decisions.

  14. Tommy, you are in a real pickle now. Do you wait, or force it down CLS throat anyway? Either move will reveal your true colors. Good luck.

  15. Hey Barry, we know why you don’t want any thing to do with Olson, because he cut a back room deal to save himself before elections. He didn’t have the decency to even tell you he was breaking rank. Now you know why the cops call him a rat.

  16. Congratulations Barry for staying true to who you are. It funny, the Spano’s are carrying have their family on the taxpayers dime, and they want to exterminate your hard fought benefits. Show the other unions how its done. The PD got f–ked by Keith Olson, but his sister got a promotion. You could not be bought off. The CLSA better read this article.

  17. Thank you for everything Barry. I couldn’t even imagine where we’d be if we didn’t have someone like you at the helm. We’re behind you 100%.

  18. Good luck to all the firemen in this disgusting lack of respect by the current administration. The insiders all get paid and you deserve what other area raises have gotten.

  19. Thanks Barry for all your efforts. These temporary office holders play games for incentives to big players like Hyatt, Empire City, Stews, Costco, Cotter……on the backs of the small guys. We all know you will NOT be bought, like other soft union figure heads and you have the support of both fire unions as our real and only leader that has no strings attached! Truly, the men getting it done everyday.

  20. should of taken keith with you and show him the art of union business, but I guess spano did not give Barry sister a job….lol

  21. Wish my union “leader” had as much brains and balls as Mcgoey. All I got is no raise in 5 years and constant harassment and contract violations at work. The firemen are the only ones willing to stand up to Marie “Sue Gerry” Antoinette and shove her face in the cake. It’s time the peasants are given some bread.

    1. well what would you do if you were lou p or anthony m. They layed down with spano to get there sons jobs with the much fighting for your members would you do SELL OUTS

  22. As Barry stated at our union meeting last week. From here on in the attorneys, financial consultants and arbitrator can focus on the contract and 628 can focus on the politics.

      1. Maybe the most interesting democratic primary would be a 3 or 4 way race with a woman and someone from each of the Irish, Hispanic and African American Communities all up against Mike Spano for the democratic line. Wouldn’t that be funny? I heard about playing the race card but that would be the whole deck.

          1. Keith can you give the members the name of your so called albany expert that said your contract was good????? You are a rat!!! sellout!!! all for what a job and to retain your seat?????

          1. Maybe the firemen should a poll on mayor spano. That would be well spent money- and them they would crawl in a hole and realize their screwed for 6 more yrs. lololllololol

          2. The Spano’s should be ready to take their polls after Mike is exposed for what he is. Up until now Mike has gotten a free ride but the conductor is coming and its about time to pay the fare. But keep wasting money on polls. The only people your pollsters are calling are Spano’s themselves. ROTFLMAO.

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