Mayor Spano Appoints Two New Trustees To Yonkers Board Of Education

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Kendrick_CurtisCity University of New York Dean Curtis Kendrick (left) and Successful Local Businessman Pasquale Mondesando (no photo presently available) to Fill Two Board Vacancies

YONKERS, NY — May 7, 2014 – Mayor Mike Spano today announced Curtis Kendrick and Pasquale Mondesando as his newest appointments to the Yonkers Board of Education. As trustees of the Yonkers Board of Education, Kendrick and Mondesando will join seven other members of the Board, which is the official policy making body of the School District. The new trustee appointments come after the Board of Education was recently left with two vacancies. Their five-year terms are effective immediately.

“As we work toward providing our students with the best education possible, I am proud to appoint two new members to the Board of Education with diverse experience, who know firsthand the needs and concerns within the District and who are qualified to support our Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Michael Yazurlo in his goals for our students,” said Mayor Spano. “Curtis and Pat are committed in addressing the budgetary issues facing the District and the educational needs of our students. I believe their vast knowledge in education and business will be a highly-valued addition to the Board.”

Curtis Kendrick is a 30-year veteran as a higher education administrator. A Yonkers resident, Kendrick currently is the University Dean for Libraries and Information Resources for the City University of New York, the largest public urban university in the nation, and member of Yonkers Partners in Education (Y.P.I.E.). Previously, Kendrick held library management positions at Columbia University, Harvard University, SUNY Stony Brook and Oberlin College. Kendrick also is an active member of the Yonkers community, serving on the Yonkers Library Board of Trustees as its Vice President and also serves on the Yonkers Partners in Education board. Kendrick holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Brown University, a Masters in Business Administration from Emory University and Masters of Science in Library and Information Science from Simmons Graduate School.

“This is a great opportunity to serve the Yonkers community and work to improve the quality of education to the levels of which we all can be proud,” said Curtis Kendrick. “I want to thank Mayor Spano for his trust in my experience and leadership and I look forward to positively contributing to the School District in the coming years.”

Longtime Yonkers resident Pasquale Mondesando joins the Board of Education as a successful local businessman. Mondesando currently serves as president and founder of Rose Press Inc., where he serves regional printing needs. Previously, Mondesando worked as an engineer for Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas and Avco Lycoming. He also is a founder of the Park Hill Boys Club and active fundraiser for St. Ann’s School in Yonkers. Mondesando holds a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Louis University’s Parks College in Illinois.

“I am honored to be appointed by Mayor Spano as one of the newest trustees to the Board of Education,” said Pasquale Mondesando. “With over 25 years as a business owner, I believe my keen business sense and proven fiscal responsibility will bring a unique perspective when addressing the District’s budgetary issues.  As a father and grandfather to Yonkers Public School students, I’ll also bring a parent’s perspective to the Board of Trustees in making the right decisions for our children’s future.”

Kendrick and Mondesando are replacing two outgoing trustees, Trevor Bennett and Christine Balko, whose terms ended earlier this month.

Mayor Spano added, “I also want to extend my gratitude to Trevor and Christine for their years of service to the Board of Education who served our City and our students with loyalty, professionalism and distinction.”

Mayor Spano appointed Kendrick and Mondesando after he reviewed recommended trustee applicants provided by his Education Redesign Team, which acts as a blue ribbon panel and looks to recommend innovative reforms to the Yonkers Public School system.

The Board of Education’s newest trustees will attend tonight’s Public Hearing on the 2014-2015 Proposed Budget at 5:30PM.

SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin, Communications Director, Office of the Mayor

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eHeziMayor Spano Appoints Two New Trustees To Yonkers Board Of Education

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