Yonkers Council May Sue 
For Students, Schools, Home Rule

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mclaughlin_liamYonkers City Councilmembers are drafting a package of legislation to respond to the growing budget crisis the City faces following a $55 million accounting error by the Yonkers Board of Education. One measure to retain outside counsel to better understand the City’s legal options to challenge the new State budget review process is expected to pass as early as next week.

“Like any budget, there are good parts and bad parts,” Majority Leader John Larkin said. “However at this time we are unified in our belief that the Deficit Act is in need of a ‘do over’ while we work with our State delegation to perhaps amend the Deficit Act, and should that fail, authorize outside counsel to pursue a legal challenge.”

Last week, Yonkers City Councilmembers met with the State Comptroller and Education Department were advised that the recently passed State deficit financing authorization for the Yonkers City budget (the “Deficit Act”) contains provisions that they feel usurp their authority to issue budget recommendations locally. The State Attorney General has declined to issue an opinion on the Deficit Act, saying that the City budget process does not allow enough time to formulate a reliable opinion on such an unprecedented issue.

“The Deficit Act was passed without a home rule request or emergency message by the Governor, which makes it unconstitutional,” Council President Liam McLaughlin said. “The Deficit Act is an assault on home rule, and if we don’t act now, municipalities across the State could see their budgeting powers usurped by Albany.”

The current City budget proposes using Albany’s authorization to borrow $44 million dollars, which will cost the City $6 million per year in debt service over the 10-year life of the bonds and result in a $1 million windfall for the Wall Street bond salesman. The Deficit Act only allows the bond revenue to be used to liquidate the deficit in the school district general fund.

“Assuming the City has the financial wherewithal to pay the $6 million per year debt service it would cost to borrow the $45 million, the money comes with the stipulation that the Comptroller and Commissioner of Education now have the ability to mandate changes to the City Budget that we must implement,” Council member Dennis Shepherd said. “The Deficit Act is taking away our voice and the voice of the people of Yonkers in matters of the budget.”

The Council members intend to retain outside counsel to help preserve all available options, while they also seek to challenge the underlying failure by the State to properly fund public education, including the Yonkers schools. They will also seek legislation directing the Corporation Counsel to prepare to intervene in New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights (NYSER) v. State of New York, a lawsuit which seeks equitable school funding.

Councilmember Mike Breen noted that the borrowing authorization would not have been necessary if the schools were funded properly all these years. “Under the State Gap Elimination Adjustment, $90 million of our school funding is currently being held back by Albany, starving our schools of the dollars needed to provide a sound and basic education,” he said.

During yesterday’s budget hearing on education, the Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent conceded that City students are not receiving the funding necessary to provide a sound basic education. Thus the Council will introduce a bill that seeks to intervene in the lawsuit, which has recently been brought to compel the State of New York to provide all students in the State’s public schools with the proper amount of funding to correct these inequities.

Syracuse receives $290 million in state funding under the same formula that provides Yonkers with only $235 million, while locally the White Plains school district saw a school funding increase of nearly 25 percent this year, while Yonkers received only a 7.67 percent increase. Press conferences, public hearings and special Council meetings regarding these and other new proposals to restore fiscal accountability are expected in the next several weeks.

 Liam McLaughlin, Esq. is president of the Yonkers City Council.

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eHeziYonkers Council May Sue 
For Students, Schools, Home Rule

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  2. Its funny how mike picks and chooses what he wants to do, he has this new ethics bullshit training when he first came in, he wants transparency, he wants everything on the up and up mean while his brothers friend broker the city jail sale for only one mil???? I know ten guys that would of paid way more for that prime water front real estate. Mike you are just inviting Perry and co. to come back into Yonkers with that shady deal.So many dealings that are not kosher all under spaNOs watch.

    1. The city jail went out to the public under an RFP. None of your 10 friends made an offer. You are talking out your ass.

          1. ass hole what does khader give a fuck about the city jail? stop injecting his name didn’t he call you out many times? You must be really obsessed with him. All you have done is target and harass him the last 7 years is it because you are not on his guest list when he has his functions? Maybe he knows your dirty inner dealings?
            we all know one thing for sure you definitely sold out the membership, what do you plan on telling them when cls votes NO?????

      1. sorry I take that last comment back. We all know its worth more than that and why was nicks boy in charge of the real estate deal? It stinks we all know it stinks, typical spaNO bull shit giving away city land to friends??? mean while the city is paying over a 5 mil a year leasing land?? does any one from the spaNO family have a college degree???? NOT these morons are the dumbest fucks around just ask Vincenzo!

        1. figures no comment…………… remember what you say can and will be used against in a court of law……. big brother watches an gathers Intel

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  3. Give ’em hell Liam, the Spanos are just a bunch of criminals and spin doctors. How’s park hill…oh, that’s right, they moved to the outer banks of YO, where people say there from Tuckahoe. Just like his political history as a demopublican….enough Michael. Supt Pierarazio has a gag order…..hmmmm

  4. So now Liam and the Republican’s have scheduled a special meeting on Monday even though there is no time sensitivity and they could do this on Tuesday when the council meets. It will be interesting to see if the Mayor vetoes or signs the legislation to waste money on a lawsuit against the deal that he negotiated in Albany.

  5. The other unions in the city would be crazy to settle with the city and make concessions until Barry wins again. The firefighters have agreed to a very tight schedule for arbitration which could bring about a new contract in just a few short months. Everyone has waited years, what’s the rush? To get the PBA deal? No thanks. Lets wait and see how Barry and 628 do before we even think about settling based on PBA deal alone. My money is on Barry.

  6. All utter none sense. The state does not give yonkers it’s fair share boo! Hoo! Hoo!. How much per child now? 26k? 27k ? With abysmal results.

    How come LIam, LArkin et al. Have had no problem voting in the past for a budget that they had no clue about… Think BOE budget, which goes straight against their fiduciary responsibility.
    This is much ado about nothing as none of these dolts have any power, except in their own heads which are rather large and empty. Early electioneering are we Lame?much

    Yonkers the asshole of NY state.

  7. Not a fan of former Senator Nick Spano, but the amount of wool he’s pulled over the head of McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring and the Irish majority of the City Council in this matter, is amazing.

    Sadly, for them, they don’t see it; don’t understand it, and are oblivious as to that which Nick has planned for them down the road.

    First, understand that Nick and his crew never, never, never forget betrayals of the past and their avowed revenge for those past betrayals is as if etched in stone – unchangeable, permanent, forever and as severe as they can make it.

    In this case McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring, etc., believe that Nick wanted to partner with them to take control of the schools. He would never partner with them – he hates them; politically speaking (I hate to sound like former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, but he does.).

    Nick has managed to obtain control of the “administrative” functions of the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) and place it in his hands, alone. Mikey (Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano) does the day-to-day work, but Nick and Papa Len (former Westchester County Clerk Leonard Spano) control it all. McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring and the Irish majority of the City Council have no share whatsoever of that power.

    In fact, this plan takes away any power that they had beforehand. The most important part of the plan for Nick is to control the Human Resources office at the YBoE. Hereafter, every single job that is given (or taken away) will be given (or taken away) by Nick, not by McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring or by an Irish majority of the City Council, and they will have nothing to say about those jobs. Unless, of course, they ask Nick to bestow a job or two upon them. Nick will do that but the pound of flesh to be given for each such bestowal will be more like a ton of flesh.

    In the end, McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring and the Irish majority of the City Council will be so deeply indebted to Nick that they will be on a short leash, more like a “choker” and a leash combo, and they will be ordered to do as Nick says, in all ways and at all times. They will be neutered. They have been neutered.

    Compound this by general spending (contracts) and capital projects (more and bigger contracts) which McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring and the Irish majority of the City Council will have nothing to say about. This one will especially disappoint Spencer since he loved the good old days with then Yonkers Public School Superintendent Andre Hornsby (now in a Federal lockup for corruption) when he doled out hundreds of millions in capital projects with the naked backyard pool jumper (Thomas Weibrecht) as the front man.

    I could go on and on, but Nick has even gotten McLaughlin blaming the Albany Delegation for the double cross. How dumb can you get?

    If McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring believe that Nick has big political futures in store for the “team”, they are even dumber than first thought. When Mikey’s time is done, Nick will install one of the Spano faithful. That won’t be McLaughlin; for sure.

    When Nick finally does pull the carpet out from under McLaughlin, he will land so severely on his bald head, that he’ll lose the remaining red hairs left there.

    Nick will never forget McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring berating him over inadequate school funding. That harangue would come to eventually cost Nick his senate seat. He will never forget it, and he will never forgive them.

    Nick will never forget the “Dumbo & Jumbo” nomination that Spencer and McLaughlin and Spring (Kathy Spring Spencer) tagged Mikey and him with, over and over again.

    Good luck. You are no match for Nick. Watch your backs at all times. Brush up on the “Godfather” movie and the “Sopranos” series.

    1. Nick should have realized that Liam would never fall for his lies. Liam pulled a Spano and used the Spano’s and now he’s going to crush them and their goomba Andrew Cuomo.

  8. Politics as usual in Yonkers…I am shocked by my councilman john Larkin. Why spend money on lawyers? Whose deal is that?

    Where are Mayer Pretlow and cousins? They voted for the budget!

    They should be fighting for our city rather than rubber stamping the governor.

    Let’s put some pressure on them to make the changes!

  9. Why spend money on lawyers that could be used to educate our kids? Do your job! How about assemblywoman Mayer, Pretlow and the “democratic leader” cousins? Why are they off the hook, they voted for the budget with the language in it !

    Sounds like politics as usual…..I am not surprised at Liam but I am shocked by my friend and councilman John Larkin.

  10. The carefully laid out Spano plan to turn over Yonkers to New York State is unravelling right before Mile’s eyes. This council letter will pass unanimously and then the people will start fighting for Yonkers

  11. After reading this does anyone else see that the Mayor is not mentioned. Looks like the Reps want to blame every Democrat, except their friend Mayor Mike, without offering any real answers. It would be nice to hear what the Dems on the Council have to say, but when will the Republican Majority come up with a solution?… Don’t hold your breath…

    1. If the democrats on the city council don’t say something soon there may be at least one less of them their next year. The democrats already loat the presidency and majority on the council so they are useless now. Unless Chuck Lesnick comes riding into town on his white donkey which he is saddling up.

    1. Liam maybe a bitch but he’s not a Spano bitch. Nick might have thought Liam would be his bitch when he offered him a free ride to election. But it doesn’t look that way anymore.

  12. It’s about time someone in this City said enough with this Spano lie machine selling out Yonkers. Yonkers is in need of leadership with the balls to send that dog face bitch packing. I didn’t think Liam had it in him but I guess he finally got lied to once too many by Mike’s bitch.

  13. anyone question the school administration yet on how this happened?
    anyone get any answers yet with all the oversight the yonkers budget is supposed to have?
    anyone ready for p-3 or more charter schools so we the people can loose control by our own accord of all school business?

  14. This article by Liam is self-serving. Sheperd was probably given an index card and told what to say. Liam talks about home rule and the Republican talk about the rights of the people, but ignore the fact that the mayor wants to control a 900 million dollar budget. Imagine that 1 man controls all that money and the jobs.

  15. It’s about time. Where are the democrats? Are they ok with Albany screwing over Yonkers? Maybe we need some more republicans on the Council AND in the Mayor’s office. Seems like the democrats are only interested in promoting and defending Cuomo.

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