CLSA Vote for Union Contract by 2-1 Margin By HEZI ARIS

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CLSA-shieldYONKERS, NY – June 5, 2014 – CLSA President Thomas Phelan today advised the Yonkers Tribune that the Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association on Tuesday voted to accept the contract offered to the 126 person membership. 78 members voted for approval of the contract which mimics the Yonkers Police benevolent Association (PBA) , while only 44 cast a dissenting vote. The contest pitted those who wanted to accept the pay increase defined in the contract against those who were concerned of the 207c aspect of the contract. Negotiations between CLSA and Yonkers City Hall pitted both issues head to head, it was one or the other. CLSA chose to accept the pay increase of the 207c aspect of the contract.

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eHeziCLSA Vote for Union Contract by 2-1 Margin By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Capt Itzla is one of the most despised guys on the job. Chuckie is just scared that he’s a lawyer. What leaders the YPD has cultivated!

  2. Congrats to Detectives Marvin Oakley and Scotty Griffith and the rest of the squad on the trial and conviction of that dirty scumbag Ronnell Jones. Kudos to Mayor Spano for the support and email blast to all city employees. By the way, did Det. Captain Bob Itzla even know there was this huge trial going on? Did he even step foot in the County Courthouse like Chief Cave would have to show support? He was probably too busy locked in his office trying to kill the CLSA contract. What a true leader.

  3. Tommy was a lot more truthful to his members and did it the right way! keith on the other hand lied all about so he can get no opposition for upcoming election…………..

    1. It must kill you to realize the PBA negotiated the CLS contract. It only took you more than half a year to swallow that pill.

      1. don’t go that far it must kill you that tommy told his members he did not like the contract just like chris Harold did and they discussed it a few times with members unlike the way you conducted it night and day pally…….

          1. By the way if your referring that this is john khader you know the one you have been bad mouthing and harassing for over 7 years, the one that you wrote tickets to, the one that called you out its not. John does not care about union business or other police matters. Johns only problem is with YOU and only YOU, he is not afraid if you had some one write over a cls placard its only making his case better the more tickets he gets the better the story when it hits,remember YOU started this a long time ago, you went after him now khader will finish it……………

          2. Keith or who ever you are why don’t you go to 24 ashburton ave and call him what you post on line????you are the coward the man called you out many times too bad he is not posting because I love when he signs his name and embarrasses you, guess he really does plan on taking action against you……….

  4. And of course Phelan got his detective stipend….on the backs of the membership. Has anyone else noticed how his crew has been taken care of? …SM, MH, PR, CD . These leaders are all the same , he’s no different than Olsen. Just higher rank. Bend over boys

      1. Oh yah, forgot that’s the Irish way- taking care of your drunken friends while everyone else rots. Reminds me of the great potatoe famine. Now go fix your hair.

          1. Hmmm……last time I checked those two superstars aren’t bosses. God you guys are really dumb.

  5. Smart move by some of the bosses, probably the ones who voted yes are looking to retire and/or are not on the street ,where 207c is meaningless, although they sold out the younger bosses and those who are still in the bag, but hey , its a cut throat business. The extra few bucks in raises will go in the pension when they go. But FAILen, I mean Phelan you always been a chump, You , Pat McCormick and a few others a big F-U.

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