EXCLUSIVE: Bernard Pierorazio Finds Employment with the Mount Vernon Public School District By HEZI ARIS

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Mount Vernon Board of Education

Mount Vernon Board of Education

RESOLUTION NO. 14-495; Tab No. S-1

Bernard P. Pierorazio

Bernard P. Pierorazio


Offered at a “Special Meeting” of the Mount Vernon Board of Education held on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.


BE IT RESOLVED: That upon the recommendation of the Interim Superintendent of Schools, this Board of Education authorizes an agreement between the Mount Vernon City School District and Bernard Pierorazio to provide administrative services to the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for a maximum of fifteen days from June 9, 2014 through June 30, 2014 at a rate of $999.00 a day.

VOTE: carried with all Trustees present voting in the affirmative with the exception of Trustee Walker who voted in the negative and Trustee Crump who abstained (6-1-1).

eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Bernard Pierorazio Finds Employment with the Mount Vernon Public School District By HEZI ARIS

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    1. He doesn’t have a doctorate degree. Just a masters from Manhattan College. But you’re right……he is as dumb as a doorknob.

  1. If Bernard is the scapegoat, he allowed it to happen. Hence , he is even more guilty than just screwing up.
    Have fun this summer all you csea and seiu memebers. Sorry for your loss.

  2. You’re drinking the cool aide. Spano had something to hide so Bernie took the hit. Yea right. Bernie is incompetent and gave Spano a way into the YPS. We who have worked under Bernie knew this was inevitable. Bernie gave up 3 years of his contract because he had no legal footing to fight putting the district in peril. He is gone and good riddance. Those 52 CSEA working can thank him for their demise.

  3. The truth ALWAYS revealed when it’s not news worthy anymore or of no interest….meaning after an election to keep the voters in the DARK.

  4. Hezi, get the REAL story from Bernie. He was the scapegoat for SPANO/CUOMO agenda to change school district. FACT! They all knew the funding issue the prior year.

    1. Bernie has nothing to offer a failing district like Mt. Vernon. Interesting that it ended June 30th. Most interim placements last 6-12 months. Interesting……

    2. Bernie was not the scape goat. He was the cause. I read the IG report and it is very clear. They did not pay attention to the money. I don’t know why because that was their job. But the fact is the fact and they did not count properly.

      Shame on Bernie. He should apologize.

        1. The monthly YPS audit reports tell it all. Bernie did not want to appoint a business assistant supt. His stupidity got Spano what he wanted. Everyone thought Spano was was dumb…..I guess it was Bernie who was the dumb one. No other superintendent would have allowed this to happen. Bernie fooled everyone. Gag order…I don’t think so.

          1. Anyone who has any knowledge of how these transitions work, know full well that there absolutely is a gag order in place. Bernie has been silenced and that silence came at a cost to Mikey the magnificent. City allows full benefits, or maybe fat severance payment, or partial payment of remaining contract in exchange for Bernie’s SILENCE.
            Bernie, or anyone else in that predicament cannot sustain a legal fight against a large organization like the city has no other choice but to acquiesce to the demands.
            Mikey had secrets that had to be maintained. Bernie took the hit and the humiliation and got paid. You can take one thing to the bank; Mikey had something he did not want out in the public arena. That would be the only reason to negotiate with someone who he was about to terminate.
            If you can’t understand this process, you are either a spano toadie or just not aware enough to know how these things are worked out.

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