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  1. Westchester is the highest taxed municipality in the United States and it’s becoming the most corrupt-like Yonkers. It’s time to clean house back in Westchester before he can even think of being a governor! Any lower tax increases were just tricky finance and Westchester received a lower Moody’s credit rating as a result. Westchester Taxpayers are still waiting for Astorino release the public information that LOHUD has requested:
    -County employee start dates (which will show how many cronies Astorino hired),
    -highest paid employees last year ( some shocking details here),
    -employee attendance records at the “NO SHOW” Board of Elections (or an explanation of why there are no attendance records),
    -an accounting of legal expenses against HUD
    Where is it?

  2. why would he take a corrupt line like IND party under frank Mckay??? and now he bribes the working families line DIRTY LIKE HIS FATHER!
    Rob will give Cuomo a race

  3. someone take a look at the working families party. take a look at their objectives and then tell me this is a good thing.

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