IFly Experience to Be Offered at Ridge Fill

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$59 for a Four-Minute Indoor-Skydiving Experience at SkyVenture New Hampshire ...Up to $95 Value. Similar pricing structure expected in Ridge Hill.

$59 for a Four-Minute Indoor-Skydiving Experience at SkyVenture New Hampshire …Up to $95 Value. Similar pricing structure expected in Ridge Hill.

YONKERS, NY — IFly Indoor Skydiving is scheduled to engage in a groundbreaking ceremony this fall on grounds adjacent to the Monarch Apartment complex. It is estimated completion will be in early 2015.

The IFly experience is powered by four fans located at the top of the building that creates a cushion of air within the wind tunnel on which a person can safely float. No special skills are required and almost anyone older than three can participate. Anticipated cost for the unique experience, of which this one will be one of 14 throughout the nation, is expected to cost approximately $60 for a four-minute experience of a lifetime.


eHeziIFly Experience to Be Offered at Ridge Fill

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  1. You will be surprised when you see this place still open 5, 10, even 15 years later. I was just looking at a site called Indoor Skydiving Source and they have a list of wind tunnels that are active around the world, there are some on there that have been open since the 80’s… Hope New York enjoys this location!

  2. I’d be willing to take the bet that this tunnel will last a year. The folks who want to try it as a one-off experience are not the core market. The market is for skydivers who want to to fly in winter or on bad days, or train for competition. We’re the ones who are repeat customers. I’ve been in four tunnels (Perris, Las Vegas, Raeford, Nashua). Living in NYC, I can get up there any evening in a half hour. There is a huge market within a 75 mile radius of lower Westchester. The NY metro area is the perfect spot for one of these.

  3. There is an enthusiastic sky diving community in the NY / Tristate area that will indeed be repeat customers. We’ve been traveling 200+ miles each way to use the closest wind tunnel in Nashua, New Hampshire. This obviously limits how often we can use the tunnel. I’m looking forward to being at iFly Yonkers on a weekly basis. And if the experience at other tunnels is indication, the first timers, folks who only try it once, people who host parties there, etc., combined with the “regulars” seems to make for a rather successful, sustainable business model.

    As for the tunnel contributing to Ridge Hill “soon be(ing) a real dump” — do you really believe that people who have enough disposable income to spend several hundred dollars an hour for tunnel time will contribute to making Ridge Hill a dump? Seems like quite the opposite as at very least it will bring an influx of customers to the local restaurants and other support businesses.

    Looking forward to 2015!

  4. ok I go give 60 bucks 4 minutes later walk out and say COOL . how do you repeat customers ? more chicken Shiite . will I go there every Thursday like bowling.. shop there like the grocery?who in their fukkkkking right mind would invest into this .however, I will buy one of their turbines when bankrupt. a detail shop is something people could use and that will make the process quicker drying. good luck

    1. You really have no idea how wrong you are about how successful this business will be. I have personally flown in maybe 15 different wind tunnels around the world and spent thousands of dollars on the experience. You will be surprised how many people spend the time and money to pursue this evolving sport. Every time a new wind tunnel opens I have been surprised how successful it has been.

      Additionally the wind tunnel will have a very large catchment area and bring business to the area. You should be proud to host this facility in your town. I for one will travel around 2 hours to get there and most likely spend money on restaurants and hotels nearby.

      It really will be an amazing thing and you should not knock it until you have tried it.

      1. Totally agree with this statement! Unless you’ve tried it or for that matter know anything about the sport then they shouldn’t open there mouths! I strongly believe this place will do great and I know for sure New Hampshire is already concerned about losing lots of business due to this tunnel being built!

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