Koppell Blasts Petition Challenge by Klein

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Oliver Koppell

Oliver Koppell

Calls Attempt to Avoid Primary “An Insult to Democracy”. 

YONKERS, NY – July 15, 2014 — Oliver Koppell, candidate for the New York State Senate Seat in the 34th District (Bronx and lower Westchester), today condemned the attempt to challenge his nominating petitions by incumbent State Senator Jeffrey Klein as an attempt to offer voters a “no-choice” election. Koppell was informed that Klein filed a challenge with the State Board of Elections in Albany.

“This is a move reminiscent of Soviet-style politics,” Mr. Koppell said. “I submitted five times the 1,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot last week and will be eligible to run in the Democratic Primary. This is a crude attempt by someone who has amassed a huge campaign war chest to deny the voters a choice between a loyal, progressive Democrat and one who sold out the Party and his voters by aligning himself with Republicans in the last two years. The result of Klein’s maneuvers is that important legislation that millions of New Yorkers want to see enacted has languished without passage.”

“I was elected to represent my State Assembly district 12 times and my City Council district three times,” Koppell added. “I further served as State Attorney General. New Yorkers who hunger for a progressive Democratic majority in the State Senate can take a big step towards making that happen by nominating me in September and electing me in November. While I am sure the attempt to deny me a ballot spot will fail, Klein’s move shows his contempt for the Democratic process.”

Learn more:  www.oliverkoppell.com – Twitter: @OliverKoppell – FB: Oliver Koppell

Oliver Koppell, the author of over 300 laws to make New York safer, cleaner, and more prosperous, has served the constituents of New York as a State Assemblyman, City Council Member, and the 61st State Attorney General



eHeziKoppell Blasts Petition Challenge by Klein

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  1. Koppell is right: Klein is really a Republican who forgot about the people who & agenda that got him elected. He’s made a lot of enemies out of old friends. Hopefully, Oliver wins & everyone sees Klein for the wolf that he really is.

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