The Comptroller’s Report: Commentary by President LIAM J. McLAUGHLIN

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Yonkers City Council President Liam J. McLaughlin.

Yonkers City Council President Liam J. McLaughlin.

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YONKERS, NY — July 11, 2012 — …The State Comptroller has certified the 2014-15 City Budget. In his letter, the Comptroller weighed in and said that the practice of funding the City’s budget by “one-shots,” or non-recurring revenue sources, is unsustainable.

The state really needs to adjust the way it finances and helps fund the city of Yonkers with recurring revenue, so we agree in many respects with the Comptroller’s report.

Taxes in Yonkers are already too high. Due to the systemic under-funding by Albany, for years, elected leaders in Yonkers have had no choice. That is why the City Council is taking action against the State.

The council has voted to intervene in the New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights versus the State of New York lawsuit, filed against the state in February that asks the courts to finally compel Albany to end budget gimmicks and stop Albany from continuing to deprive our children of their right to a sound education.

Through Albany’s Gap Elimination Adjustment and blatantly unfair funding formulas, the lawsuit estimates that Albany has funded our schools $5.7 billion less than is Constitutionally required. It’s time for Albany to fix the problem, and perhaps the recent $3 billion BNP Paribas bank settlement  with the State can be used to end Albany’s bad budgeting practices.

Liam J. McLaughlin is the president of the Yonkers City Council.

eHeziThe Comptroller’s Report: Commentary by President LIAM J. McLAUGHLIN

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  1. Lets not forget that Lam-o Mc Douche Bag was the deciding vote for Ridge Hill.

    He went against the Re-pukes for what? I do not know.

    But be rest assured that where there is Al (I’m a crook) Del Bello, there is Carrot Top fronting for him. Hey Liam, still working for Al?

    Another nice “Perk” is for Nick (I’m a felon) Spano and Al (I’m a Felon, too) Pirro both OWN THE PARKING GARAGE UP AT RIDGE HILL.

    No, there’s no connecting the dots here………………….

    Nothing to see here folks. Move along……..Move along!

  2. What a bag of shit!

    Can’t stand that Red Head!

    A two faced liar.

    Him and the whole Brady Bunch in Shitty Haul……..

  3. Ah a lawyer feeding other lawyers work. Nothing to look at here move on. Let’s not forget Lame and his republican buddies, voted to increase property taxes, income taxes, fees water taxes. This was done to plug the imaginary education budget hole, another gimmick, one shot call it WTF.

    This is being done to make it look like he cares. It is also a big distraction the week property taxes are due. Who the $uck voted for this idiot a 4th time. The public are also the idiots.

  4. Spano is the greatest at forming a clearly bias coalition that has a LIMITED timeframe to bring about very little to making YO move forward. Hotel at cross county, traffic camera tax, grand opening of dollar stores…..simply pathetic.
    How ’bout reopening Empire city agreement… oh, that’s right bro. nick is getting his yearly stipend on the down low….can’t touch that.
    Let’s build more retail stores and medical care clinics…wow what a future.

  5. On the city’s payroll !!
    Just take a look at the names on the city’s payroll. Nepotism, Cronyism, Family, and Friends on the Police-Fire Dept’s-and D.P.W.
    None of these names have lived in Yonkers for generations if ever at all ! Talk about SCAMS !!!!!
    There are no back round checks either medically or criminally done for these, clown’s descendants, who come here to defraud our city. (Members of The Wink and Nod Society)
    It is not even a secret but a standing joke amongst the players. Anything written about this comment, saying that it is not true, will be written by a player
    whose life line depends on defrauding the Yonkers Tax Payers !!!!!!
    I will ask around and get names and site examples !!!! All you have to do is buy them a drink
    It will pour and flow out like the mighty Niagara………

    Sit Tight “Players” Sit Tight……….

    1. And the same players are in ALL municipalities and school districts….take a look at Ardsley, Pelham, Rye school rosters and you’d be surprised of the similarities of names and connections!

  6. If yonkers want`s to save money someone should look at there payroll and see how many Spanos,Manzo`s and a lot more friends and family are getting paid for favors

  7. Hey Liam, you and the 3 muskateers voted for the budget and you have never not voted for a budget, so please shut yer beak. Always trawling for more money instead of being a fiscal conservative that the GOP pretend to be.

    1. McLaughlin is about as republican as the kitty turds that occupy my cat’s litter box. His 10 years on the cty counsel showed how he loves to spend tax payer money.

  8. We spend approximately $26,000 on each student annually, and its not enough? I think Liam must be smoking some of that funny grass.

  9. Really….a politician publicly speaking out against Cuomo’s regime. I guess Liam has a difference of opinion then Spano. Liam will not get a thank you job from Cuomo, like the present mayor, if he speaks out again.

    1. Latest stats for Yonkers Graduates is that roughly 7.1 % are ready either for college or the job market-in essence what we are producing are functional illiterates at $26,000 a pop.

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